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Monster Puzzle 3D MMORPG 3.10.3
BRAND NEW! Monster Puzzle 3D MMORPG is about to shatter what youknow about match puzzle games. CHALLENGING GAMEPLAY has never beenseen in our 3d match puzzle adventure game with SUPER COOL classicmonster collecting RPG elements! Already known for being one of theBEST RPG PUZZLE games in the United States on SlideDB.com, our 3Dpuzzle matching game brings the FUN in AD-FUN-TURE! Fall into thismysterious world and follow the Goddess Athena into battle in thismultiplayer MMO and PVP game that lets you make friends in-game,recruit your friends, or exchange ID codes with real-life friendsor online players to enlist their help in raiding dungeons! Defeatthe enemy Hades, Ruler of the Underworld, and win the ultimate warfor the realm with the help of allies in Monster Puzzle 3DMMORPG!Monster Puzzle 3D MMORPG Features:※ Solve Simple andEngaging Match 3 Puzzles!- Match 3 or more elemental orbs of thesame color to attack your enemies. You can freely move the orbs asfar as you want to match it so you can add more strategy to yourattacks! Aim for the biggest combos to defeat your enemies and snagthe dungeon's loot. - Each match will give your team of monsterspower for their skills. If your team has built up enough energy,tap their monster image and unleash their ultimate skill orattack!- From casual match-3 puzzle to mid-core RPG tactics; Thereis something for everyone! ※ Assemble Your Team of Monsters!-Collect and summon over 300 unique monsters to aid you on yourquest to raid dungeons! - Strategically build your team with alimitless number of team combinations. You can try and match themall to build the most awesome monster team! ※ Power Up and Evolveyour Monsters!- Level up your monsters and make them evenstronger!- Unlock skills that will help you decide the fate of eachbattle!- Evolve your monsters into powerful beasts! Even cute babydragons and monsters can turn into devastating forces to bereckoned with!※ Different Play Modes for Dungeon Raids!- 3Different Challenging Quest Modes: Olympus (Normal), Hero(Intermediate), Hades (Expert)- Raid dungeons with friends onlineto explore this MMO world and help save the realm!- Battle yourfriends online in intense PVP battles and gain reputation as thebest monster team!※ Form Online Alliances for RPG Action andAdventure Fun!- Build alliances with a huge thriving community thathosts users from all around the world and get Ally Points for everyfriend that helps you on your adventure!- Use Ally Points to gainaccess to the Ally and Super Ally Machina to add rare monsters toyour team or use them to power-up your team!Fortune favors thebold! Will you go for glory or let the enemy gods take over therealm? Raid dungeons, battle epic bosses, collect, enhance, andevolve a team of epic monsters to help you become victorious inthis battle between good and evil!**Please Note that Monster Puzzle3D MMORPG only works when you're connected to a strong internetconnection**