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Tra cuu phat nguoi 3
The theo nguyen vong cua dong dao nguoi su dung, trong phien banmoi nay tac gia da them tinh nang tat bat quang cao tranh quang caophien phuc cho nguoi su dung, chac han nguoi dung se hai long.Tinhnang chinh cua ung dung la cho phep nguoi dung tra cuu phat nguoitoan quoc thong qua he thong dang kiem xe o to cua cuc dang kiemViet Nam, nhung dac biet ho tro nhap lieu thong minh, tu dong goi ybien so va ma xac nhan, tao thuan tien toi da nhat cho nguoi sudung, ban se khong thay ung dung nao ho tro cho ban tinh te nhuvay.Ung dung cung tu dong luu lai thong tin bien so da tim kiem,giup ban khong phai vat va nhap lai du lieu.Dac biet o hai thanhpho la TP Ho Chi Minh va Da Nang, ban co the tim kiem ma khong cansu dung mang Internet voi co so du lieu phat nguoi duoc cap nhatden thang 10 nam 2017 va duoc tu dong cap nhat thuong xuyen. Voi TPDa Nang ban tham chi con co the xem duoc hinh anh vi pham cua minh(neu co)Ngoai ra ban cung co the tra cuu chu xe o to neu nhu phuongtien do duoc mua bang cach "Vay tien ngan hang", thong tin rat daydu va chi tiet tu co so du lieu cua Cuc dang ky quoc gia giao dichbao dam.Tinh nang thu vi khac dang duoc hoan thien la thong bao chonguoi dung khi vi pham phat nguoi thong qua phan mem de nguoi dungbiet, sap toi se ra mat trong phien ban tiep theo!Hi vong ban vanguoi than se khong nam trong danh sach phat nguoi nay va yen tamdua xe iu cua minh di dang kiem ban nhe!!!
WMA Music Player 4.4.46
Do you looking for an app to play WMA music files on yourphone?There are a lot of music apps on Google Play Store now, butalmost of them not support WMA file format, many users are veryunderestimated and rate them very low stars.With the aim of helpingmusic lovers get the most out of their WMA music files, we havelaunched the "WMA Music Player" app.WMA Music Player for Android isa simple but very powerful app for playing WMA audio files.WMAMusic Player not only based on artist or album, but also on folderstructure and many other criteria.Main Features:* Play your musicby song, album, playlist, folder, artist, genre.* Show play /pause, album artwork, skip forward on lock-screen or status bar*All popular music file formats are supported: flac, m4a, wma, mp3,..... Even common video file format are supported.* Equalizer:Dance, Pop, Country, Flat, Loudless, Hip hop, Rock, Jazz etc.*Headset support.* Easy to search.* Customize your Playlist.*Bluetooth / Headset control.* Set the background for the playerscreen.* Shuffle your music.* Open WMA music from the urlThank youfor using, please rate if you like it!
X Home Button 1.0
"X home Button - X Home Bar Gesture" addsaniPhone X look like home bar at the bottom of your screen.This new home button is very simple. Just swipe up, left or righttolaunch a selected action.The available actions you can setup:* Home button* Recent apps* Back button* Pull down notification panel* Pull down quick settings* Select app to lauch* Open quick settings* Open Power options* Take screenshot* Lock the screen/device* Set split screen* Start multi task 2 times* Open Google Assistant* Open last appAnd many more action, you can see more in appNote: If your device has a navigation bar (Home, Back andRecentapps buttons) on the screen, the button will be abovethenavigation bar!Permission :- Read Phone State => Needed (and only used) to loadapplicationslist because of some manufacturers limitations.- Write Internal Storage => Save screenshots in thedevice.This app uses your mobile Accessibility services.- Accessibility services are used to start several actions(startmulti-task, pull down notification panel, pull down quicksettings,open power menu, simulate back). These actions can helppeople thatneed to use their phone with only one hand to startactions thatare not easy to do with only one hand (for example pulldownnotifications). Accessibility services are only used totheseactions.- It's 100% FREE!Please Rate 5 star if you like it and support this App.ThanksIf you have some suggestions, please contact us and if you likeitdont forget to rate it and share for your friends to useit!!
SnapSaver for Snapchat 1.0.1
With SnapSaver, you can download everything on your Snapchateasier.DISCLAIMER:This app is not an official app. Just a tool forusers save their media. All logos and trademarks displayed on thisapp are property of Snapchat.Download photos & videos fromsnapchat to your Android phone!Snap Video downloader allows you toeasily download any photos and videos from snap to your medialibraryOpen snapchat and click on the record button, then click onthe snap that you would like to record...its as simple asthatFeatures of snap download:Snapchat Recorder is a free easy touse screen recording app to record and capture your mobile screenin video formats with or without front camera.★ HD Quality★ Candownload snapchat stories★ Simply use, just 2 STEPS to download★This is the FREE app without any restriction to record and captureyour mobile screen. You can record unlimited mobile screenrecordings totally free without any restriction★ Home screennavigation shortcuts allows you to easily start recording andcapturing screen★ You can also take the image/ picture screenshotswith this tool.★ Easy & Fast access to screen recordingcontrols from Notification bar to ensure the screen recording isfast and quick for users.★ Snapchat Saver app can be used as SnapSave to your mobile app. You can do all your Chat recordings orcapture Chat rec with this snapchat video downloader app in imageor video format★ Snapchat video downloader can also be used tovideo save the messages in Snap Chat to record the messages beforethese messages get snapped.This app allow you to take screenshotsand screen recordings anonymously.
Recscreen - BEST rec hd screen recorder 2.0.1
Today, many Android users want to save their work ontheirsmartphone screen, tablet to review or share with friends.Screenrecording is a necessity for a variety of purposes, suchasproviding hands-on guidance, recording a stressful game inyourfavorite game. Screen recorder are also of particular interestforsoftware developers for introducing their mostintuitiveapplication to the user community. Starting from AndroidLollipop,Google has officially supported the user to record thescreenwithout need root your phone.HD Screen Recorder is a BEST rechdscreen recorder >= Lollipop. It has a pretty simple design,nofrills but can work well on all devices running Android 5.0orhigher withour rooting your Android.HD Screen Recorder isdesignedto be simple and easy to use for everyone. This is one offew appthat allows users to edit post-production moments, such astrim,effects,...Users can set screen size, frame rate, bitrate,orientation, time-lapse recording, ... Unlimited ScreenRecorder isultimate app in the best app store screen on Android.This is atotally free application that does not have any hiddenplay featurebut can save unlimited video and many features. Itworks verysimply, just touch once on the screen and start the saveoperation.In addition, the app has customizations to enhance theuserexperience.The advantage of HD Screen Recorder is that it'sfreeand allows you to shoot and edit video directly from thescreen,with a wide range of support: from 240p to 1080p 60fps,plusEnabling both front-facing cameras can help embed your imageintothe video screen, making it feel like you're actuallystreaming.Video editing is also very useful to allow users tofreely addbackground music, crop movies, intro crap, outro,embedded credits,watermark ... etc ... everything you can think ofwith acustomization software.This is a very powerfulvideo-recordingapplication that offers users the followingadvantages: unlimitedtime, no watermark, and most of all, it's veryeasy to use. HDScreen Recorder allows you to record video in HD andFullHDresolutions, along with a microphone that allows you torecord yourown audio into a live video, or allow you to grab aninterestingphoto. Which you suddenly find when you're recordingvideo to thedevice. This software also allows to open the frontcamera so thatusers can shoot both their portraits and embedded inthe video tofeel as if they are actually streaming. Finally, thereis a seriesof options that allow users to cut the video to make aperfectvideo.This is new screen recorder 2018 version, we hope youwilllike it, if you need anymore, please email for us to finishit!Thank youToday, many Android users want to save Their Work onTheirscreen smartphone, tablet to review or share withfriends.Screenrecording is a necessity for a variety of purposes,such asproviding hands-on guidance, the recording stressful game inyourfavorite game.Screen recorder are Also of particular interestforsoftware developers is Introducing Their most intuitiveapplicationto the user community.Starting from Android Lollipop,Google hasofficially supported the user to record the screenwithout needroot your phone.HD Screen Recorder is a screen recorderBEST rechd> = Lollipop.It has a pretty simple design, no frillsbut canwork well on all devices running Android 5.0 or higherwithourrooting your Android.HD Screen Recorder is designed to besimpleand easy to use for everyone.This is one of few app queAllowsusers to edit post-production moments, such as trim,effects,...Users can Sept. screen size, frame rate, bit rate,orientation,time-lapse recording, ...Unlimited Screen Recorder isthe ultimateapp store in the best screen on Android app.This is atotally freeapplication que does not have any hidden play featurebut can saveunlimited video and many features.It works very simply,just touchonce on the screen and start the save operation.Inaddition, theapp has customizations to Enhance the userexperience.The advantageof HD Screen Recorder is That It's free andAllows you to shoot andedit video directly from the screen, with awide range of support:from 240p to 1080p 60fps, plus Enabling BOTHfront-facing camerascan help embed your image into the videoscreen, making it feellike you're Actually stream. Video editing isAlso very useful toallow users to freely add background music, cropmovies, introcrap, other, embedded credits, watermark ... etc ...everything youcan think of with the software customization.This isa verypowerful video recording application offers users que TheFollowingadvantages: unlimited team, the watermark, and most ofall, it'svery easy to use.HD Screen Recorder Allows you to recordvideo inHD and FullHD resolutions, along with a microphone queAllows youto record your own audio into the live video, or allowyou to graban interesting photo.Which suddenly you find you WhenYou're to thevideo recording device. This Also Allows to open thefront cameraso users can shoot que software BOTH Their portraitsand embeddedin the video to feel if the Actually They arestreaming. Finally,there is a series of que options allow users tocut the video tomake a perfect video.This is new screen recorder2018 version, wehope you will like it, if you need anymore, pleaseemail for us tofinish it! Thank you