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Battle Stick Warrios: Tournament Legend 3.9
Addictive game z fighting, Battle Stickman: Tournament Legendtrained on their ability to destroy enemies with lightning attacksand powerful SSJ stick attacking z. Role-playing you will transforminto a super stick warrior character to fight the enemies. Ourattack methods are user-friendly, designed. The place where youkeep launching tactics to defeat the enemy. 【How to play battlestickman】 Battle stick dragon: Tournament Legend Tour has the mostbasic control ever! You just need to attack combos, ki powerup,dash, become extremely instinctive and destroy legend dragonenemies with your epic skills. Use super stick destructive power tofight against enemies. 【Features of battle stick dragon game】 -Over 57 characters, about 80 with different skills,with manydifferent stick levels. - Many super stick and strong enemies,diverse epic z skills, spectacular. - Diverse quest system andrewards - Upgrade to a strong super stickman: You start as anordinary person but you can upgrade to super dragon (2,3,4). -Challenging mission and achievement system - Great graphics, verysimple controls. - Many pack sale dragon warrior with gift greatdeals - Fight every day to become stronger. 【3 Game Modes 】 -Storymode: according to the plot, a total of 5 chapters with 80milestones for you to overcome. -Tower mode: Tower has 37 floors toturn you into dragon warriors to show their ability to fight.-Endless: Where you use all of your ability to play the role ofdragon warriors to fight with constant battles. Download the BattleStickman game for free.
Cooking Delicious: Crazy Chef Family Restaurant
🌈🌈🌈 A free cooking game and restaurant games! Let’s enjoythecooking crazy time with Cooking Delicious: Crazy ChefFamilyRestaurant. Be a real masterchef, create and servedelicioushamburgers, beefsteak and more 🍔🌭🍕🌮 ✨✨ You will befamiliarizedwith the steps to creating a complete tasty food todeliver to yourcustomers. Preparing the ingredients, cooking it anddelivering itto your customers! ✨✨ 🍽 Let’s experience the realcooking stylefrom how to choose ingredients, cook and serve it.Explore ourluxury restaurants and enjoy cooking adventures,discover andcreate truly classy dishes. More restaurants - morechallenges.Make your own cooking journey in a cooking city. Luxurykitchenspace with modern kitchen appliances for you to improveyourcooking skills. Upgrade your food and kitchen equipment tounlockmore delicious dishes and more luxurious kitchen appliances.Youhave to constantly create tasty dishes to serve yourhungrycustomers. Many cooking challenges are waiting for you.Completingit and receiving many gifts! 🔥🔥🔥Cooking Missions 🔥🔥🔥 -GoldEarning: Earn lots of gold and gems to pass the cookingchallenge.- Fastidious customers: Serve them with delicious dishes, don'tlet them leave on a hungry stomach. - Dishes target: servemore andmore tasty food for customer - More cooking challenge withtimelimited, cook and give food to customers as fast aspossible️🎉️🎉️🎉In addition, we bring to you:️🎉️🎉️🎉 - Lucky Spin:spin for alot of special items, gold and gems which is very usefulforcooking. - Daily challenge: complete daily target to claimvalueitems for happy cooking time. - Achievements on your chef'spath:record your achievement in cooking adventure - Daily loginrewards:join with us every day and receive useful rewards. -Moreover, it'scompletely free to play, where you can earn Diamondsby watchingvideos. 🍝🥗🍔 Start now! Discover cuisine paradise andhave happycooking in our cooking city. 👩‍🍳👩‍🍳👩‍🍳 Download CookingDelicious:Crazy Chef Family Restaurant now and be a master chef!
Stickman Ninja : Legends Warrior - Shadow Game RPG 1.2.3
Stickman Ninja : Legends Warrior Combat many enemies andmanylurking dangers. Ready to wipe out enemies – cruel monsterandtheir obstacles by epic skill and fighting experience in RPGgames.Collect accessory to upgrade equipment to increase powerforstickman shadow. Stickman Ninja : Legends Warrior deserves asoneof the best stickman warrior games best ever.***********BATTLELEGENDS - CHALLENGE*********** Stickman Ninja:Legends Warrior isAction RPG game with awesome skills. He will findand assassinatemonster, save Sigma village. Dangerous and brutalenemies,pitfallsand challenges are always lurking. You must usetactics incombination with epic skill to fight against enemies inbattle andunlock other maps. ***********MAP LEVEL SYSTEMDIVERSITY***********- 100+ levels with lots of ferocious enemies. -Diverse maps: hellmap, jungle map, cold map, night shadow map...***********INVENTORY- UPGRADE SYSTEM*********** - Diversifiedupgrade system: upgradeweapons, ATTR, auxiliary spells.Whenupgrading accessories, heroeswill be equipped with new stronger,more beautiful costumes.***********VIP SYSTEM*********** VIP systemhas 3levels:meika,daimyo,shogun Each vip level will have the titleandenjoy many different incentives.If really love the stickmanninja.Buy now!!! ***********LEADERBOARD*********** Competitiverankings,attracting all heroes to join the battle.Become thegreatestwarrior respected by all ***********NO INTERNET -NOPROBLEM*********** As an offline ARPG game, a fighting game,astrategy game,adventure game , Certainly will satisfy you withthetop battle, full of entertainment anywhere without theinternet.Link Fanpage:facebook.com/stickmanninjalegendsLinkGroup:facebook.com/groups/888581178210761 Enjoy Now!!!