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Neurology Now® 1.0.2
Neurology Now®, an official publication of the American Academy ofNeurology (AAN), features the latest news in neurology diagnosis,treatment, management, and research written specifically forpatients and caregivers. Articles provide in-depth perspectives anduseful tips on living with and managing a wide range of neurologicdisorders, including multiple sclerosis, Alzheimer’s disease,epilepsy, migraine, neuropathy, Parkinson’s disease, and stroke. Inaddition, Neurology Now includes inspiring stories by patients andtheir caregivers, as well as advice for making informed decisionsabout wellness and disease prevention. Articles include: -Ask theExperts: Answers from the experts to common questions -Eye onTherapy: A close look at a particular treatment -Speak Up:Inspiring essays about living with neurologic disorders -PennyWise: Expert advice on managing the cost of care -Living Well: Tipson managing your neurologic condition and general wellness -NewFrontiers: The latest research and promising treatments -ResourceCentral: Clinical trials, conferences, Web sites and books, and adirectory of patient advocacy organizations
Neurology® 1.0.5
As the leading clinical neurology journal worldwide, Neurology® isdirected to physicians concerned with diseases and conditions ofthe nervous system. Published 48 times per year, the journaldelivers original articles of high scientific interest, as well asClinical/Scientific notes, Views & Reviews, NeuroImages,Humanities, selected videos, calendar listings, and position papersfrom the American Academy of Neurology.
PAIN® 1.0.30
PAIN is IASP’s official journal, presenting original research onthe nature, mechanisms, and treatment of pain. It provides a forumfor the dissemination of multidisciplinary research in the basicand clinical sciences.
Neurology® Clinical Practice 1.0.8
Neurology® Clinical Practice publishes peer-reviewed, timelyupdates in clinical neurology, with a focus on the practicingneurologist's day-to-day concerns. In each issue you’ll find:approaches to the patient with a variety of neurologic conditions;case-based articles on ethical issues; “Five New Things” updates ondiseases and disorders; office-based issues and practice managementtips; and important discussions of health policy.
Continuum® 1.0.11
Each bimonthly issue of ​Continuum: Lifelong Learning in Neurology®provides neurologists with a thorough, authoritative review of anarea important to their practice. The clinical, pathophysiologic,diagnostic, treatment, and management issues of single topics inneurology are explored. Six issues are published each year on coreneurology topics such as movement disorders, stroke, headache,multiple sclerosis, epilepsy, dementia, and critical care. Includedare: -Clinical applications of the latest research -Up-to-dateinformation about diagnosis, treatment, and management -Ethicalcase discussions -Practice tools -Coding information -Key points-Continuing medical education activities including Self-AssessmentQuestions and Patient Management Problems Enjoy limited-timecomplimentary access to download and view journal content. Sign inis not required during this open period.
Neurology® Genetics 1.0.1
Neurology® Genetics As an open access, online-only publication,Neurology® Genetics publishes high quality original contributionsthat elucidate the role of genetic and epigenetic variations indiseases and biological traits of the central and peripheralnervous system. Key features: - Easy-to-read full-text articles -Adjustable text sizing with “pinch and zoom” - Engaging multimedia- Speedy issue-browsing capability via Quick View - Backgrounddownloading allows issues to continue to download when you exit theapp
Neurology Today® 1.0.2
Neurology Today® is an official publication of the AAN. Publishedtwice a month, Neurology Today brings you breaking news, issues,and trends in the practice and science of neurology. It deliversup-to-the-minute, balanced reporting and commentary for today'sbusy neurology practitioners. Neurology Today keeps you updated onthe practical issues surrounding stroke, Alzheimer disease,epilepsy, Parkinson disease, sleep disorders, multiple sclerosis,and other disorders of the brain and nervous system. Readers enjoyregular features such as "Inside the American Academy of NeurologySections" (highlights of emerging issues in neurology specialtiesand subspecialties); "In Practice" (strategies to improve neurologypractices in different settings); "Legal-Ease" (analyses ofmedical-legal issues affecting neurologists); and "Policy Watch"(insights into regulatory and health care policy developments).
Neurology® Neuroimm Neuroinfla 1.0.9
Neurology® Neuroimmunology & Neuroinflammation, the AmericanAcademy of Neurology's first online–only, open–access journal inthe Neurology® family of journals. Neurology: NN providesneurologists and translationally-minded scientists withpeer-reviewed articles, editorials, and reviews to enhance patientcare, education and clinical & translational research. Topicscovered include multiple sclerosis, NMO, Guillian- Barré,myasthenia and inflammatory muscle disease, inflammatory aspects ofstroke and neurogenetic disease, paraneoplastic syndrome, andinfectious disease.