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Carb Manager - Keto & Low Carb Diet Tracker 1.3.3
Big congrats to user Erin C. who lost 61 pounds with Carb Manager.Her story moved and inspired us. Way to go, Erin! Carb Manager isthe world's easiest and most comprehensive low carb tracker andmacros counter for anyone on a low carb diet or keto diet. We'vecompiled nearly 1 million verified foods in our database, includingbrand name products, Atkins diet products, and restaurant fare, andcreated an indispensable resource for thriving with your low carbdiet lifestyle. As a net carbohydrate calculator, Carb Manager isunsurpassed. With a few taps, you can search our fast and extensivefood database, which includes easy to find common foods,supermarket foods, and restaurant dishes. Use the barcode scannerto quickly count carbs. You can also input your own custom foods,or bundle foods in low carb recipes and meals. Additionally, we'veincluded 350,000 healthy recipes with instructions and nutritioninfo, all ready to add to your food diary. This diet trackerincludes state-of-the-art ways to log foods via search, camera, andvoice. Scan a barcode to log nutrition info. Snap a picture of yourplate to quickly calculate the carbs. Even use your device'smicrophone to say what you ate, and we'll instantly add it to yourfood log. But even more than a carb calculator, Carb Manager isyour one-stop destination for living a healthy low carb high fatdiet (LCHF) lifestyle. We've bundled low carb diet articles,forums, recipes, a meal planner, an e-book, and much more. Whetheryou are on a keto or ketogenic, Paleo, Atkins, Whole30, or otherlow carb diet, Carb Manager can help you stay motivated and awareof your health. Carb Manager also can track all of your macros,including protein, fat, and calories, so you can properly balanceyour diet. Carb Manager is also used by thousands of diabetics forcarb counting to control carb intake. Track blood sugar, ketones,and net carbs to get a overview of your health and help manage yourdiabetes. HOW IT WORKS Define your net carbs or total carbs andweight loss goals Search nearly 1 million verified carb counts Useour accurate search engine, or scan a product barcode Snap a pic ofyour food to log it instantly* Use natural language and voicelogging to enter foods. Just describe your meal, like "Today, I atea low carb tortilla and cheese for lunch" and we'll add itautomatically.* Over 350,000 low carbohydrate and Paleo recipeswith photos and instructions. Add them to your daily log with onetap.* View and track nutrition, including total carbs, net carbs,fat, calories, protein, fiber, sugar, water, and 30+ nutrientsVisualize your macros each day and over time Easily track yourwater intake Calculate your ideal macros ratio based on what % ofcalories you want for each Keep measure of your weight, BMI, andmore with beautiful charts Track intermittent fasting, ketones,blood glucose, and GKI* Exercise matters! Pick from hundreds ofcommon exercises to log Voice log your exercises. For example,"Today I ran three miles and did 20 minutes of yoga"* Connect withfriends and the Carb Manager community for support, tips, andmotivation THE PERFECT ASSISTANT FOR LOW CARB DIETS Track total andnet carbs in Carb Manager Read exclusive content by low carbexperts - stay up to date on the latest keto diet news * Somefeatures require a Premium subscription for unlimited access. BONUSFEATURES For the ultimate carb management solution, upgrade toPremium Access all your data on our full-featured web siteUnlimited voice logging and natural language input Unlimited snap apic food logging Unlimited low carb recipes searches Import recipesfor web sites Use the meal planner to generate weekly meal plansand shopping lists Get the KetoGenius Diet Plan, a comprehensiveketo diet kickstart diet guide Enable full health tracking - chartand set goals for 30+ nutrients and health vitals
Macros Manager - Calorie and Macros Counter 1.0.0
Lose weight and feel amazing withMacrosManager -- the ultimate resource for tracking yourmacronutrients.With a single app, you can now count calories, plustrack carbs,fat, and protein. It's the perfect tool for the If ItFits YourMacros (IIFYM) diet or any calorie counting or macrostrackingdiet.With this macronutrient tracker, you can set goals forcalories,carbs, fat, and protein, then log foods from our databaseof nearly1 million foods. With our unique progress wheel, you canvisualizehow many macros you've eaten for the day to help keepwithin yourtargets.As a calorie counter, Macros Manager makes sticking to a lowcalorieor low fat diet simple. Search our food database, scan abarcode, orsnap a picture of your meal to quickly add foods toyour daily log.You can even use the voice recognition tool to saywhat you ate --it's the easiest way to log foods.The macros food tracker feature breaks down a food's nutritiontoshow the percentage of calories for each macronutrient. Usethemacro goals calculator to determine your ideal ratios, thenmeasureyour progress each day.This app is the ultimate calorie counter for weight loss, sinceitenables you to measure both your net calories (calories consumedvscalories burned) and the macronutrient source of yourcalories.Lose weight and keep it off with a healthy diet.Macros Manager works with many existing diets, including theketodiet, IIFYM diet, and Atkins diet. If you are on a standardlowcalorie diet or low carb diet, you can also use the fooddiaryfeature in this app to manage your nutrition.MACROS MANAGER FEATURES✓ Search our database of nearly 1 million foods,includingrestaurant and packaged / supermarket products.✓ Scan a barcode to quickly lookup nutrition values✓ Snap a picture to get instant food suggestions✓ Use our voice logging feature to say what you ate and quicklyaddit to you food diary✓ Speed up your logging with quick entry, favorites, customfoods,recent, and frequent lists✓ Create recipes and meals by combining your foods, thencalculatetheir macros and calories✓ Track exercise -- pick from hundreds of cardio andweightliftingworkouts, or add your own✓ Connect your Fitbit to import steps and caloriesburned(Premium)✓ Track your weight, water intake, and dozens ofothermeasurements✓ Advanced reporting tools, including beautiful progress chartsandprintable reports✓ Instant syncing across all of your connected devices andtheweb✓ Thousands of recipes, including instructions, all readytoinstantly log* Some features require a Premium subscription for unlimitedaccess.Food logging is limited to 9 per day in the free app, butcan bemade unlimited with a one-time purchase.Get started today with Macros Manager, the easiest andmostcomprehensive way to lose weight by tracking your macrosandcalories!