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Anatomyka - 3D Human Anatomy Atlas 2.3.1
Explore the general anatomy, the entire skeletal system for FREE,with over 4500 landmarks on display. If you want to learn abouteach organ, structure or anatomy system in even greater detail, tryour 5-day free trial or subscribe! *** ENDOCRINE and SENSORYSYSTEMS The endocrine and sensory systems are still in developmentand aren’t yet complete. We’ll continue to keep you updated withnew releases as they arrive. FOR FREE *** Skeletal system - A Listof Landmarks is pinned directly to the corresponding bones withdescription, visualized foramina, correct audio pronunciation, andclassification. You can also view them by hierarchy. InteractiveI/O map for every bone. *** General anatomy - Discover the anatomyplanes, axis locations, and directions that comprise the humanbody. Explore more than 80 body parts and regions, all of whichhave been clearly labelled and sorted according to their correctmedical hierarchies. *** ANATOMYKA TOP FEATURES *** LEARNING MODE Avivid, color coded 3D map allows users to view high-resolutiontextures accompanied by informative descriptions from comprehensivetextbook ‘Memorix Anatomy’. These are arranged into a properanatomical hierarchy, meaning learning is structured and easy tounderstand. STYLES Choose from different themes for a better visualexperience, including classic atlas, dark atlas, dark space andcartoon style. COLORIZE Set your own color for organs, structuresor systems for more effective memorizing LABELS Create labels andpin them to different parts of the body. Labels automaticallyhighlight the name and color of the organ and are great forcreating anatomical posters. - User-friendly interface: Zoom,rotate, scale, colorize, isolate, select, hide, and fade allanatomical structures - Multiple selection: Select multiple organsand structures at once - Draw and add images: Customize visuals bydrawing or inserting images - Search: Look up terms in theAnatomyka ‘terms library’ - Share: Share your artwork without UIEvery anatomical system is accompanied by detailed informationabout its structure , including organ information, clinical notesand a general description. Anatomyka was made for you with love.Any ideas, comments, and constructive criticism are more thanwelcome :) Feel free to contact us at info@anatomyka.com
Anatomyka Skeleton 1.1.0
Learning about the human skeleton has never been more interactive!Utilising cutting-edge 3D modelling, our app allows you to get upclose with human skeleton anatomy in all its breathtakingcomplexity. Explore the skeletal system with descriptions, clinicalnotes, and general information about bones with over 4000 parts,surfaces and foramina including proper organisational hierarchies,and use all of the interactive tools for free. A List of Landmarksis pinned directly to the corresponding bones with description,visualized foramens and classification. You can also view them byhierarchy. ANATOMICAL LANDMARKS Explore for FREE human skeletalsystem with 4500 landmarks (parts, surfaces, margins &foramina) with detailed descriptions, hierarchies andclassifications in 3D. ANATOMYKA Skeleton TOP FEATURES *** Learningmode: A vivid, color coded 3D map allows users to viewhigh-resolution textures accompanied by informative descriptionsfrom comprehensive textbook ‘Memorix Anatomy’. These are arrangedinto a proper anatomical hierarchy, meaning learning is structuredand easy to understand. *** Colorize: Set your own color fororgans, structures or systems for more effective memorizing ***User-friendly interface: Zoom, rotate, scale, colorize, isolate,select, hide, and fade all anatomical structures *** Multipleselection & Hierarchy: Select multiple organs at once in propermedical hierarchy *** Search: Look up terms in the Anatomyka ‘termslibrary’ With medically accurate descriptions accompanying eachorgan and anatomical structure, this software is perfect forstudents, professions, or anyone with a casual interest in thehuman body. Alongside each organ and structure are descriptivelabels, taken from revolutionary anatomical resource ‘MemorixAnatomy’, which are both easy to understand and provide anexcellent educational tool.