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Klondike is a patience game (solitaire card game). In the U.S. andCanada, Klondike is known as solitaire, being one of the betterknown of the family of patience games. The game rose to fame in thelate 19th century, being named "Klondike" after the Canadian regionwhere a gold rush happened. It is rumored that the game was eithercreated or popularized by the prospectors in Klondike. Klondike isplayed with a standard 52-card deck, without Jokers. Aftershuffling, seven piles of cards are laid from left to right. Eachpile begins with one upturned card. From left to right, each pilecontains one more card than the last. The first and left-most pilecontains a single upturned card, the second pile contains two cards(one downturned, one upturned), the third contains three (twodownturned, one upturned), and so on, until the seventh pile whichcontains seven cards (six downturned, one upturned). The pilesshould look like the figure to the right at the beginning of everygame. The four foundations (light rectangles in the upper right ofthe figure) are built up by suit from Ace (low in this game) toKing, and the tableau piles can be built down by alternate colors,and partial or complete piles can be moved if they are built downby alternate colors also. Any empty piles can be filled with a Kingor a pile of cards with a King. The aim of the game is to build upa stack of cards starting with two and ending with King, all of thesame suit. Once this is accomplished, the goal is to move this to afoundation, where the player has previously placed the Ace of thatsuit. Once the player has done this, they will have "finished" thatsuit, the goal being to finish all suits, at which time the playerwould have won. There are different ways of dealing the remainderof the deck: Turning only one card at a time, but placing no limiton passes through the deck. Turning three cards at once to thewaste with no limit on passes through the deck, but allowing theplayer to switch once to a single pass through the deck one card ata time; after that single pass, however, the player cannot go backto turning three cards at a time and can turn over no more cardsfrom the waste.
This is the original sliding block Traffic The Car puzzle. MAINFEATURES: + Four difficulty levels – easy, medium, hard, expert +Measures your score against your Personal Best and the PerfectScore + Solve button to see how it’s done + Quick and easy Tutorial+ Keeps history of "Solved" and "Perfectly Solved" challenges
Real-Time Weather Forecast provides you accurate weatherinformation instantly no matter where you are. MAIN FEATURES: ★Accurate Weather Condition Timely and accurate overall weathercondition: real-time temperature, weather, temperature range, etc.★ 24 Hours Forecast Provide 24-hour forecast about temperature andweather. ★ 10 Days Forecast Provide an overview of the next 10days' forecast about temperature range and weather. ★ MoreInformation Sunrise time, sunset time, humidity, precipitationprobability, visibility, wind speed, sensible temperature, etc.Forecasts snow, ice, rain, wind,thunderstorms, sun,fog,cloudy andso on. ★ Worldwide Coverage Covers tens of thousands of cities andtowns all over the world. ★ Accurate Location Automatically locateyour position, exact street address or GPS location. ★ CustomNotification Make you aware of the weather of the place youconcern. ★ Weather Widget 40 kinds of beautiful weather widgets foryou. ★ Clear UI and intuitive navigation. NOTES: ► Swipe up anddown for more information ► Swipe left and right to switch location► Add more location with the button on the left top corner ► Changethe unit in settings(metric unit/English unit) Weather Forecast,your personal weather steward! Download it for free and enjoy theamazing weather forecasting.
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Word Connect is an exciting puzzle game for TRUE WORD geniuses!Find hidden words in mixed letters. It starts out very easy butgets challenging quickly. It even challenges the real word expert!You will have fun sharping your mind and improving your spellingskills. Your brain will thank you for the workout! HOW TO PLAY? -Correct swipe the letters horizontally, vertically, diagonally,forwards or backwards to form a specific hidden word. -Find as manywords as possible to unlock levels and earn extra bonus coins.-Fill in every block with a word! Earn coins when you discover starwords. - Have difficulty coming up with the word cookie? You canuse coins to buy a hint to help sovle the level. FEATURES: - Dailybonus rewards - 40+ packs, 800+ levels, - Free 300 coins at thefirst game. - Difficulty increases along with levels. Easy to play,but hard to beat! - Feel achievement with increased leaves of theword tree. -You can also get more coins purchasing or watchingadvertising videos - Play OFFLINE in anytime and anywhere. - Allgrids are double-checked to make sure they are solvable! -Applicable to Any Ages! • FREE Update! This is a perfect word gamesfor word connect fans,Download it, and make the word cookies! Playthe game now, you will find it so addictive and just can't put yourphone down. We really value your feedback, you can say what's onyour mind when you rate the game. Your comments will be readcarefully. Thanks for playing! Good times in the Word Games!