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Word Game LIVE - Play Now Exclusive To Android! 1.1.8
No more waiting for turns! Play your favourite word game LIVE withplayers from all over the world! You get 8 letters to make wordswith on a 15x15 board. The board has premium squares that give youextra points, so use them wisely! Both players get 10 minutes eachto make as many words as possible. If your timer runs out, you losethe game regardless of your score being higher than your opponents.This is to prevent people from playing a very high scoring word andthen just sitting. The game can also end if there are no more tilesleft with you or, your opponent. In such case, the person with thehighest final score wins. Final score is calculated as follows: -Your final score = (Your score) less (your rack tile score) add(your opponent rack tile score) - Opponent final score = (Opponentscore) less (opponent rack tile score) add (your rack tile score)The game can also end if one of the players resigns giving theopponent an instant win. The game is quick and INSANELY addictive!There are thousands of players signed in, so as soon as you tap onQUICK PLAY, you'll be paired with a random opponent. And if youhave your Google+ friends online, you can start playing games withthem easily! Just invite, wait for them to accept, and you're goodto go. Plus, you get access to your statistics, head to headresults, and lots of achievements to unlock! This game uses thelatest Google Play Multiplayer Game Services. Play Word Game LIVEnow - it's free, and the fastest and most addictive word game ever!
Wordosaur Top Rated Word Game 1.0.38
A super cool and fun word building game. Ideal for crossword loversand people who enjoy solving word puzzles. You can play Wordosaurin solo mode, match players from around the world and of coursesetup a competitive game with your friends! The word game rules arevery simply. There are a fixed number of letter tiles in each game.Using these letters you need to create words on a predefined grid(board). Each time you create a word, the letters in your hand getreplenished until the game is over. Generally it takes up to 10moves per player for the game to finish. To make the gamechallenging, the board has premium squares. On these colouredsquares when you place your letters and create words, you get extrapoints! You also get an additional bonus of 50 points for creatingwords that are 8 letters or longer in length. Some additionalfeatures of the game include: - Quickly match your friends usingthe Global ID or, Facebook option. - Play in solitaire mode orchallenge the Artificial Intelligence in the app in three differentlevels of gaming difficulty. - You can improve your vocabulary bylooking up words in the game specific English dictionary. Forsuggestions or feedback write to us at wordosaur@wallabros.com.NOTE: Wordosaur does not promote the use of word builders orexternal dictionaries without the knowledge of your friends. Thisis a word game that requires skill and we appreciate players whoget better at it with experience. Play fair, and have fun!
Word Search 2.75
Love word search games? You'll be impressed with our app! Find morethan 12,000 words by solving theme based puzzles. Get bonus pointsfor finding words with only their first letter revealed! You'llneed to solve the easy levels first to unlock the tougher ones. Thethemes are what makes this app interesting, instead of autogenerated word search levels. You can spend countless hours findingwords! It's perfect with your daily cup of coffee. We are sure youwill love the option of asking friends for help if you are stuck.The tough levels are challenging! ★ Features + Find more than150,000 words by solving 1000+ word search puzzles + Play inmultiple languages - English, French and Italian. + The app and ALLlevels are free. No nag screens / constant offers to purchase coinsetc. + Brilliant new interface works wonderfully well on allAndroid phones and tablets + If you're stuck, easily tap on thehint button to ask your friends on Facebook. Also see word meanings+ App is super fast, uses 42% less memory, and little to no data! ★Now with Bonus words ★ + Bonus words are theme related words thatonly show you the starting letter and the word length. For example,a bonus word clue may be C(6), and in a Business related theme, theword could be CLIENT. Finding these hidden words gives you extrapoints to unlock tougher word search levels quickly. ★ Feedback Gotsuggestions or just want to say "Hi"? We would love to hear fromyou! Please send in your comments to support@thewordsearchapp.com -and we will get back within 24 hours. Happy solving!
Lexulous Word Game 5.5.79
This is the best word game for all ages. Beat players at the easierlevels first and then get a go at the toughest word game players inthe world! Compete with more than 7 million crossword gamers acrossthe world. Play against the computer at multiple difficulty levels.★★ Features ★★ - Unlimited free to play mode with chat. Its a funway to stay in touch with family and friends! - Global challengemode that lets you make new friends from other countries. -Built-in dictionary to help improve your English vocabulary andanagram skills. - Comprehensive stats like Avg. Move & Gamescores, along with total Wins, Bingos played etc. - Now optimisedto consume 60% less data! Play your moves, on the move. - Availablein Italian & French too! ★★ Game Description ★★ Make words on a15 x 15 board and use the 4 types of premium squares wisely toscore BIG. Match your friends or play with random opponents fromaround the world. You can also play in the Solitaire Word Game modeagainst 10 difficulty levels of the computer or try to beat yourown best score. Lexulous is like yoga for your brain - you'll learnnew words everyday while playing this cool game! - Connect and playfree games with friends from all over the world through Facebook.Lexulous is one of the most popular Facebook games. - Practice modeallows you to play solo or against the PC ★ DOWNLOAD NOW! ★ Why areyou missing out on this fun game? ★ Analyser Mode ★ - Analyserallows you to see the best possible moves after a game is complete.It's a great way to learn new words and to improve your skills!Lexulous is the ONLY word game app that offers this option. Seewhich words you missed and play like the pros! ★ Feedback ★ Gotsuggestions or just want to say "Hi"? We would love to hear fromyou! Please send in your comments to admin@lexulous.com - and wewill get back within 24 hours. Happy gaming! NOTE: Lexulous doesnot promote the use of word builders, anagram builders, externaldictionaries or word association games without the knowledge ofyour friends and opponents. This is a free to play word game thatrequires skill and we appreciate players who get better at it withexperience. Play fair, and have fun! Visit us athttp://www.lexulous.com - you can also play this word game via yourdesktop browser.
Hangman Word Puzzle Game 2.8
A classic word finding game that works in solitaire mode. There areover 12,000 word puzzles organised by our game editors into Themesand further divided in 4 difficulty levels. You start by findingthe easy words and keep moving up the levels until you solve thetoughest ones! ★ GAME PLAY In each word puzzle game, your goal isto find out the word pre-selected by our editors. So if thepre-selected word is DICTIONARY, you shall be presented with 10dashes each dash representing one letter of the word. _________ Younow have to guess the word one letter at a time. You can make alimited number of mistakes in each level. If you take too manyguesses, you might lose out on that level! So guess the wordswisely, because if you take too many turns in the game you end upbehind bars :) ★ RECOMMENDATION We are sure you will love this wordgame and it will provide you with hours of entertainment. ★ GAMEFEATURES + Anytime Play - on the bus, train, while waiting ... justanytime you want to kill some time and have fun. + Words organizedinto themes, kind of like a thesaurus. This gets your brain workingharder. + Fantastic built-in dictionary. + Kid friendly, childsafe. Use it as an educational word game for your children! ★DOWNLOAD NOW! It's free and millions are already having fun playinggames from RJS. You would add more fun! ★ FEEDBACK You may reach usfor suggestions/bug reports at support@playhangmangame.com. Wegenerally respond within 24 hours. Happy gaming!
Word Blox - Ultimate Puzzle 1.11
Word Blox is a new game from the makers of SYFYB "Some Yoga ForYour Brain!" and it's great for a daily mental workout. Find asmany words as possible using the letters on the screen. Allpossible words are indicated by empty blocks below your tiles, sokeep filling them up! ★ Features ★ + Test yourself by making asmany words as possible using the letter set + Play at your ownpace! + The app and ALL levels are free. No nag screens / offers tobuy coins etc. + Our new UI works wonderfully well on all Androidphones and tablets + Improve your vocabulary by checking out wordmeanings in the built in dictionary + App is super fast, uses 76%less memory, and little almost no 3G data! ★ DOWNLOAD NOW! ★ Morethan 200,000 players can't be wrong! ★ Now with unlimited puzzles ★+ You'll never run out of a new set of letters to play ★ Feedback ★Got suggestions or just want to say "Hi"? We would love to hearfrom you! Please send in your comments tosupport@thewordsearchapp.com - and we will get back within 24hours. Happy solving!
Jumble Word Game - Brain Yoga 1.8
SYFYB (si-fee-bee) or Some Yoga For Your Brain is a word gamedesigned to help you improve your vocabulary, help you learn lotsof new word meanings and to keep your brain active in a fun andhealthy way! In our flagship game, you have to find ALL the jumbledwords (3 to 9 letters in length) at your own pace. This word listcontains over 150,000 words and is used in multiple gametournaments. Playing SYFYB will allow to improve your vocabularyand get better at all word games!The in-built dictionary lets yousearch for word meanings for all new words that you come across.It's a really cool and much appreciated feature.★ Reviews★APPRAINBOW: "Learning new words has never been so muchfun!"RJSTECH: "You'll be amazed how much you learn from thisapp."WALLABROS: "The little progress bars motivate you to keepchallenging yourself!"MARIETTA G: "I've always enjoyed word gamesand I feel SYFYB is one of the best word games!"★ Features ★ ☺ Findmore than 100,000 words by solving 3-9 letter word levels.☺ Play inmultiple languages - English, French (coming soon) and Italian(coming soon).☺ The app and ALL levels are free. No nag screens /constant offers to purchase coins etc.☺ Brilliantly designed newinterface with HD graphics works superbly on all Android phones andtablets.☺ App is slick, fast, energy efficient (no draining outyour battery), and little to no Internet data!★ DOWNLOAD NOW! ★Thisis a must have app for:☺ People who love Word Games.☺ Students ofthe English language.★ Now with VOCAB+ ★ ☺ Vocab+ is an extremelyinnovative tool that keeps track of new words you've learnt byplaying SYFYB. As you look up word meanings, you'll improve yourvocabulary and these points will accumulate over time. You'll besurprised how much you learn!★ Feedback ★ Please email yourquestions/comments to support@syfyb.com. Happy solving!
Word Search Game - Battle Mode 2.0.5
Find all the words in a grid before your opponent to win the game!Play unlimited rounds. Free coins given at the end of each day.Weekly leaderboards for you to keep track of your skill level!Asyou win games, you'll unlock access to new cities from all over theworld and enter the realm of High Stakes word search battles!★Features ★ - Easy puzzles to give you a feel for the game! Progressto tougher word game levels as you gain experience.- Find as manyhidden words as you can before your opponent to win the round.- Allgames are timed! No waiting for turns or trouble with abandonedgames.- Beautiful design. Smooth animations. A real pleasure on anyAndroid device.- Dozens of high stakes cities to choose from as youlevel up and earn lots of coins defeating other word game players!-App is super fast and uses limited data!★ Feedback ★ Please send inyour comments to support@wordsearchbattles.com - and we will getback within 24 hours. Good luck with the games!
Word Search Advanced Puzzle 1.30
An advanced Word Search - the tough classical puzzle game. Searchfor a set of words and letter combinations in a grid. Find all thewords to complete the board. Two months of archived puzzles arefree in the game. Unlimited pack can be purchased for a nominalfee. One new word search is added daily. A quick overview offeatures: - Enable Bonus Words in settings to make the gametougher! - Friendly letter font for easy reading. - Game works inoffline and online mode. - Soothing colors, minimal UI. - Replaymode. - Automatic notifications about new puzzles. - In-gamedictionary for you to discover new words and meanings.
Airtel Run For Education 2016 1.12
Race Day is on 27-Nov-2016. ARE YOU READY?!Download this game andtry your hand at the Runner's Quiz. Find out how good is yourgeneral knowledge about running!After the race is over, you willget updated on the race timings of the Bib Numbers you aretracking.Train Hard, Train Well.Run with your heart, not yourlegs.Good Luck!About Airtel RFE:Airtel - Run For Education 2016 -Kolkata, is organised by Round Table India in pursuit of educatingunderprivileged children.About RTI:We believe that true freedom foran individual comes only through education. Over the last fewyears, Round Tables in India have really put in a lot of effort toprovide infrastructure in schools. By now, RTI has been successfulin building over 1200 schools at a cost of over Rs. 80 croresbenefiting over 7 lakh children.About This Game:Developed by RJS -www.rjs.in - a leading game development studio in Kolkata.
word.search.puzzle.game 1.71
A word game which is fun, enthralling and highly addictive! 😃 SuperWord Search is definitely a joy of getting addicted! Become a wordsleuth. Pick up your choice from thousands of theme. Find therelevant words from the maze effectively. We are bringing you thewidest range of themes ranging from films to fashion, books to theanimal kingdom and much more. Super Word Search gives you a chanceto immerse yourself in the wide world of words.🤓 Pick up theletters from the maze to complete the incomplete words and stories.Grab the Hints, and get rid of all your confusions. Decode thehidden words in wordfinder from the board below and mark it outfrom the maze. Earn loads and loads of points to become the sole‘expert of words’. Available in fourteen international languagesmaking it a global-favorite addictive game! Games in English!🎮Wordplay in quickest possible time, quintessential German!😀 Boardsand design presented in French elegance!💃 Search the words in yourvery own Portuguese!👯‍♀️ A game board as delightful as Bengalicuisines.😘 Challenge your brain with Hindi words.🤩 Conquer all thegames like the Spanish naval fleet!👩‍✈️ Refined Italian wordsgiving you enhanced knowledge!🤴 Step up your word mania with Danishsymphonies!🎙 Earn stars shiny as famous Finnish glassware!🌠 SmartIndonesian levels to bring the best word specialist out of you. 🔮Now also available in the jewel of Scandinavia - Norwegian.🚢 Dip inthe delightful beauty of Swedish words.🧚‍♂️ Pleasant depths ofIrish musical words.🎼 Designs and crisp interface that will takeyour interest in language a notch higher. Race with the time,search your words faster to win more and more gold stars. We areconstantly updating the dictionaries and integrating new languagesin the word maze. 🎭 Sharing is the ultimate joy! Share the gamewith your friends and let them know about the fun they are actuallymissing! Unscramble the anagrams together and earn more and morepoints. Arrange a tournament 🏆and get together with Super WordSearch, an ideal activity adding color to your brain! With multiplelanguages, we bet you won’t find another word game that embracesthe world with such magnanimity. For every word enthusiast! Anaddiction too good to let go! Super Word Search is truly one of thebest puzzle games in the arena of word game! 🎲
com.vedary.app 1.3.18
Get a taste of holistic wellness with Vedary. An app specificallydesigned to meet all your requirements, ranging from fixing up theappointment to the preparation of delectable dish for your dietchart. Vedary app is an innovative amalgamation of natural medicalpractice and modern treatment method. This app has been designed tokeep an effective eye upon your health plans after you visit yourMedic and before your next appointment. An ambitious project by thegroup of natural practitioners, take a quick glance at Vedary appto make your life easier: Easy Login: Always had a tough time indeciphering hieroglyphic-like prescriptions? Ditch the hard copyprescription and get a more comprehensive chart cum-prescriptionready in your smartphone. Log in with your username and passwordand get access to your very own portal of the holistic treatmentplan. Diet Planner: No more forgetting your food habits! Have yourdaily and hourly diet plan at your fingertips. Meticulouslyprepared personalized diet chart laden with nutrition now availableto you anytime. Treatment: Skipping your appointment is not a goodthing. Your Vedary account will be well prepared with the dates andschedules of your next doctor visit. Syncing with your phonecalendar, it will set up a reminder prior to your appointment dateso that you never miss your checkup. Tracking your activity: Fillup the daily feedback form on your everyday activities and data(weight, sugar level, and other metabolic info) helping your doctorto give personalized details of your regular regime. Aiming toimprovise your treatment to a whole new level. Chat: No phonecalls, no confusions. Integrated chatbox always keeps you connectedwith your doctor anytime and anywhere. Ask your doctor about anyissue or immediate ailment that is creeping up and get instantsolution. Also, schedule appointments and emergency visits bydropping a message. Records your daily visit: Keep a track to yourearlier visits and the upcoming visits divided into categories inaccordance with the purpose of visit. Recipe Section: Preparedexclusively by a team of dieticians, you will get hold of each andevery recipe with organic and natural ingredients preloaded intoyour account. These recipes are totally healthy with no trace ofingredients that have been prohibited to you medically.
Mega Word Game - 100 Puzzle Edition 0.5.2
Welcome to the adventure island of Mega Word Game!This game issetin the mysterious island which is inhabited by it's host, Kong.Toexplore the island, you have to solve different puzzlesandriddles. In the first edition we are providing you with100levels.You are provided with different forms of word puzzlestosolve and enjoy including:- Word Search Puzzles in which youneedto locate a given set of words in a grid of jumbledletters.-Crosswords where you are given a set of clues and need tofill upthe empty spaces in a grid with the answers.- Find The Wordinwhich a clue is given along with all the letters that may beusedin the answer. For example if the clue is "The villain inHarryPotter" then the set of letters given would be DELMOORRTV.-Zig ZagWords where you are given a grid of letters and have tocreate asmany words as possible from that set.Once you finish agame, youcan earn stars that help you track your progress and alsolet youcompare your results with those of your friends! The gamecanplayed on multiple devices and inviting your friends helps youearnmore bananas! Before you go bananas trying to solve thelevels,remember you can also feed them to Kong and get some hintsinreturn!This game has a clean interface with vibrant colours andfunmusic. Suitable for all ages. So, enjoy exploring the islandwithKong to keep you company! We shall be adding more levels soon!
Veda AI - Health Assistant 1.56
Veda AI is a new age interactive AI assistant foreffectivemonitoring of your health. This app has been designedformonitoring the following aspects of your life for two weeks:SleepActivity Water Poop Get started with your personal healthguidethrough a simple chat. After collecting your dailymonitoredactivity twice a day, this app will generate a detailedreportafter fourteen days. Incorporate all the life-changingsuggestionsmentioned in the report and experience a positivedifference inyour physical and mental health with Veda. Vedaautomaticallysuggests answers to questions based on data recordedby your deviceusing Apple's HealthKit. This frees you from thehassle of enteringyour data manually and helps you get a moreaccurate analysis! Goodluck and healthy living!