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Beat Em Up Wrestling Rumble: Underworld Revenge 1.2
Real underworld fighting contest in criminals wrestling rumble3dsports action game. Eliminate all enemy wrestlers in thisgangsterswrestling competition and become boss of enemy wrestlingrumble tosurvive until last man standing. Eventually become theundisputedgangster city champion of beat em up wrestling rumblematch afterbeating all criminal boss wrestlers. It is a sportsaction game sodo not be hesitate to face your opponent. Beat em upwrestlingrumble game combines with action fights & realexperience likesuper slam wrestling revolution in one single game.2019’s worldmost famous criminal gangs wrestling game is nowavailable onandroid play store. Ranked Mode: Beat em up wrestlingrumble gamewill give you access to all criminal boss wrestlers inquick playranking mode against all underworld criminals. Becomefightingchampion of city wrestling contest after defeating allcriminalboss wrestlers. Now try to stand for top ranking in thismostexciting wrestling rumble-ranking mode ever. Revenge Mode:Realworld gangster’s boss will face real rage of revenge inthisaddictive town wrestling & criminal fighting game.Prepareyourself to take revenge in beat em up wrestling rumblebattleagainst criminals. Enjoy the real fighting vengeance toeliminateall wrestling rivals. Ring Mode: Beat Em up WrestlingRumble gameoffers multi wrestlers fighting experience in wrestlingring.Freestyle gangsters wrestling game lovers will find itmoreinteresting & real ring fighting mode. How to Play &Win:Easy gameplay and smooth controls. Eliminate allunderworldgangster bosses. Fight using a variety of revolutionarytricks suchas pins to gain, joint locks and close fighting, throwsandtakedowns city criminals. Upgrade your wrestler’s strength&unlock next match to defeat the dangerous criminal bossfighters byknockout victories. Beat Em Up Wrestling Rumble:Gangster BossRevenge Game Features: Huge variety of modernunderworld gangscharacters for selection Real enemy boss in actionwith extremefighting motions Face town criminal fighters ingangster’s revengemode Fight against toughest fighters and becomeunderworld bossTest your favorite fighting styles defeat yourrivals Each gamelevel will experience you Amazing fightingchallenge Play inrevenge mode and smash all city criminal fightersone by oneExtreme challenging contests will test your fightingskills Winfighting matches & get rewarded points to unlock nextmissionBackground music & sound effects will increase yourenergyEnjoy unlimited fun in this criminal boss fighting game
Street Gangster Fights: City Karate Fighting Games 1.2
Description: Let’s smash all gangster down and clean the city.Play& enjoy the street gangster fights 3D action game andlearnhand-to-hand & unarmed fighting techniques, using yourpunch,kick to block the opponent attacks. Now it time to use yourkaratefighting skills & smash all street gangster to clean thecity.In the sense of real self-defense & combat game. Playthetoughest real karate fighting game against world profightingchampions ever. Choose your fighter hero wisely and defeatthe townrivals in this gangster street fighting game. It is cityactiongame; so do not be hesitate to face your opponent. Beat emupfighting game combines with action fights & realexperiencelike super slam fighting revolution in one single game.2020’sworld most famous criminal gangs fighting game is nowavailable onandroid play store. Real underworld fighting contest incriminalsfighting gangster 3d sports action game. Eliminate allenemyfighters in this gangsters fighting competition and becomeboss ofenemy fighting gangs to survive until last man standing.Eventuallybecome the undisputed gangster city hero of beat em upfightingchallenge after beating all criminal boss fighters. How toSmashStreet Gangsters: Your rivals use diverse fighting stylesincludingtaekwondo, Muay Thai, kung Fu, boxing and other; show yourtoplevel fighting skills to overcome all of opponents with thepowerof karate style. In karate fighting, there are lot ofblockagetechniques to defend yourself from enemy attack. Keep aneye onevery move of your enemy that is fighting with you. Quicknessiskey to win the hand-to-hand fight. Opponents are ready forhardpunch and kick show. Use enemy power against himself. Usekick,super punch, super kick & flip kick against opponentfighterscleverly and defeat them badly. Advanced Gameplay &Objectives:Easy gameplay and smooth controls. Eliminate allunderworldgangster bosses. Endless kung fu fighting adventures inreal townstreet environment. Earn points to fight against powerfulrivalsand level up your street kung Fu fighting skills to gettop-levelranking. Upgrade your power, speed, and accuracy with newstrikesand fighting styles getting points for each winning match.Fightagainst powerful rivals, win over them and get points tounlock newranks of your progression. Trophies are for winners ofstreetkarate victors. Advanced animation and stunning 3D graphicsbringthe real street karate experience to your hand, whileintuitivetouchscreen controls make jab, hook, and uppercut feelnatural andfun. Street Gangster Fights: City Karate Fighting GamesFeatures: •Play in endless fighting mode and smash all citycriminal fightersone by one • Fight against toughest fighters andbecome underworldboss • Face town criminal fighters in gangster’srevenge mode •Huge variety of modern underworld gangs charactersfor selection •Test your favorite fighting styles defeat yourrivals • Each gamelevel will experience you Amazing fightingchallenge • Real enemyboss in action with extreme fighting motions• Extreme challengingcontests will test your fighting skills • Winfighting matches& get rewarded points to unlock next mission •Background music& sound effects will increase your energy •Enjoy unlimited funin this criminal boss fighting game
Dragon Hunting Attack 2019: World Survival Battle 1.1.4
Let’s enter the dragon’s world era, your town is under attackofflying dragons & these monsters will destroy the wholecity.Become a life savior help out your world and all theinnocentpeople scared because of this dragon. In this game, youwill haveto shoot down the dangerous dragons and protect the city.Beware ofthe angry dragons, in one of the best hunt games, dragongames 3d,dragon killing games and free animal hunting games withgun.Consider this shooting game as a mission of safeguarding acityfrom some life threatening creatures, which have the abilitytoturn even an entire city into ashes. Dragon hunting survivalGamefor those who likes to play shooting action games ofdeadlymonsters. Dragon Hunting Attack 2019: World Survival Battlegame isespecially made for passionate wild hunters. Dragon huntingis epichunting & sniper shooting action game, with amazinggraphicsand sound effects. Dragon hunting is a level basedchallenging gamewith 30 levels game play. Each level is tougher andmore thrillingthan previous. To play next level you have to unlockit bycompleting the previous level. While shooting thesedangerousanimals, make sure, you really aim at them, before pullingthetrigger. While shooting and killing dragons be careful theyarevery dangerous creature they will attack you and kill you. Itmightlooks similar to Dinosaur hunting or any android shooting gamebutin dragon hunting game dragons can throw fire flames and burnyou.Dragon Hunting Attack 2019: World Survival Battle is fullactionpack shooting, hunting and survival challenging game.Let’sdownload this top shooting & hunting game free andexperiencethe thrill of hunting the dangerous creature. DragonHunting Attack2019: World Survival Battle Game Features: Incredibledragonhunting game experience Find multiple enemies as you reachthehigher levels Enjoy the most terrifying levels being the wildfiredragon Find the target by using the gun sight. Tap theshootingicon on the right Shoot all dragons one by one by tappingthe gunshooting icon Beat the strong enemy dragons with epicweaponsInteresting mountainous 3d land environment Amazing HDgraphics& sound effects Easy, smooth and realistic shootinggamecontrols