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World Surf League 5.4.10
The World Surf League is the home of all the world’s best surferscompeting at exotic locations around the globe to become thisyear’s WSL champion. For the first time ever, you can now watch ourLIVE event broadcasts and keep up-to-date with your favoriteathletes anywhere, anytime. *** FEATURES *** LIVE BROADCASTS Watchthe latest Championship Tour and Big Wave events anytime, anywhere.EVENT ALERTS Never miss a wave, get notified when Championship Tourand Big Wave competitions start. DISCOVER SURFING Get the latestvideo highlights, wipeouts, news and more. Updated daily, this isthe place to stay in the loop with the world of surfing. FOLLOWATHLETES Build your own personalized “MY WSL” feed featuring thelatest videos, news and photos of all your favorite athletes. Goeven further and create athlete alerts, so you always know whenyour favorite surfers hit the water. WATCH IT LATER Save those wavehighlights, wipeouts and big wave rides for later. RANKINGS &EVENT SCHEDULE Stay up to date with the competition with our fulllisting of tour rankings and event schedule. PLAY FANTASY Thinkyou’ve got what it takes to build the ultimate Fantasy SurfingTeam? Pick your team and start competing against friends and othersurfing fans today. If you have any trouble with your app pleaseemail us at so we can help you out.