World War Strategy Apps

World War 3 III Euro Battles 1.0.10
World War III Euro Battles Commander, lead your soldiers to protectyour people and win the war !Lead your army to the Conquest ofEurope in World War 3. Enemies are invading our border.Get ready tofight the deadliest world war 3 battles of the 21st century inbases full of monstrous enemy military base. The rivalry forceshave attacked yor your people and base and your base with themilitary tanks, soldiers, Humvees and Rocket Tanks has turned itinto battlefield. The enemies are in the ferocious tanks that areloaded with explosive weapons. You being the general need todestroy the deadly beasts in the best way possible and captureenemy base by totally destroying their military forces.Save yourpeople form enemies attack. You will be battle in Norway, Finland,Sweden, Belgium, Holland, Italy, Germany, Spain, France, England,Turkey, Russia and eventually USA. So, General lead your army verycarefully and deploy them wherever you an destroy enemy groundforces. Enjoy this free epic world war 3 real time strategy game!How to play: Click on the left bottom to choose the soldier/armyunit, and then tap anywhere to deploy.Use the joystick on the rightto move the scene.But choose your strategy carefully,some solidersare accurate and have long attack distance,tanks can attack allunits in the area,robots are very powerful. Features: Many maps toplay.Deploy units anywhere you like. More than 12 different unitsall accurately researched and carefully modeled in amazingdetail.Including human infantry,robots and tanks. Almost infinitenumber of equipment combinations.
World War 3 Zombie Waves 1.0.11
World War 3 Zombie Waves Zombies are invading the world, as a youngcommander you must lead your Army ! Deploy army use your finger toanywhere you like.Choose from different units including humaninfantry, advanced robot and tanks.Decide your strategycarefully.Finally,destroy all the zombies and save the world.
Zombie War Dead World 2 Zombies are coming for you, world is atwar,you must fight ! Virus T infected almost all humanity and theybecame zombies. Save the world in this real time RTS war game.As asurvivor and a young commander, you must lead your army in the war,and win.You will battle all around the world.Your duty is todestroy their bases, headquarters and kill all zombies in allcities and countries. And war is not easy, you must take care. Howto play: Choose a soldier or robot or tank from menu. Tap anywhereto deploy the unit. Win all the levels. Good luck, Commander !
World War 2 European Battles II 1.0.2
World War 2 European Battles II Free sand box game you can play andsimulate WW2 battles.Lead your army to win. Become an Commando inthe greatest war of the history and perform very critic missionswhich will change the outcome of this World War 2. The world is outof order, enemy wants to win this war. The world needs a miracle toovercome this madness, and now you as a special force commando willtry to save the world. Choose your strategy carefully,deploy yourunits with caution,the battle result can be different.Every unithas it's special skill,fire power and shooting range. HOW TO PLAYChoose a unit,and touch anywhere between you and enemy to deploy.Use the joysticks to move the camera. Finish all the levels.
Holy Land Epic Wars 1.0.3
The enemy has entered our border. Cruel battles have begun. Chooseyour soldiers, the army, and join this battle. Be the commander ofthis army and fight for your glory. In this medieval battle, let'splay with your talents and save the holy land. All maps are free,deploy units arbitrarily. How To Play: Choose a unit, tap anywhereon the screen to deploy, if you have enough money. Finish all thelevels.
Animal Battle Simulator Forest Kingdom 1.0
Epic forest animal battle simulator.Many animal types,easy toplay,be the King.Glorious graphics, easy control,massivebattles.How toplay:Choose a type of forest animal.Tap anywhere todeploy.Win thebattle and complete 100 levels.
Epic Mummy Battles Clash Egypt 1.0.1
Under the Egyptian pyramids, the evil mummy has awakened andtheentire world is in danger. Take up the weapons in your handsandjoin this battle. Play the role of commander and use your talenttodirect this army and you will be able to save the world. Allmapsare free, deploy units arbitrarily. How To Play: Choose a unit,tapanywhere on the screen to deploy, if you have enough money.Finishall the levels.
world.war.strategy.dead.trip 1.0.0
During the secret experiment a dangerous vaccine has developedverypowerful virus which turns people into zombies. Thisvirusspreading all over the world and very few has left for surviveandyou are one of them. Shoot into the dead, stop theunkilledinvasion and save humanity.Clone an invincible army tobattle thesemassive zombies.Equip various vehicles. Easy to play.Stunninggraphics.