World of Cubes Apps

Craft Dino City Rampage 3D 1.0
Unleash the primal rage of ancient chthonicmonsters! Ravage the pixel streets and buildings, smash, crash anddestroy! Be a pixel nightmare of lost eons and have fun with CraftDino City Rampage 3D!Take a role of enormous pixel beast rampaging on pixel city blockswith a new app from World of Cubes! Choose your creature – giantcrocodile, giant sheep, and, of course, a large pixel dino – andwreck chaos at the pixel world! Stomp over cars, catch and eatsmall pixel humans, destroy skyscrapers and get fun! But beware oftanks and army helicopters – they can harm you if you wouldn’t becareful!Punch down buildings, smack down skyscrapers, bash houses to bits!Crash everything, wreck stuff, scare people – do what you want as apixel monster! Try to fill the ‘Rage’ bar of your monster tounleash even more destructive energy! Earn points to upgrade yourpixel creature and make it more dangerous and powerful.Take control of a giant Dino, Ape, Croc or Sheep - destroy blockystreets, hunt and do other crazy stuff! Hunt for the blocky Citycitizens, score points, destroy everything and do other funnythings! Plunge the Cube City into a total mess with Craft Dino CityRampage 3D!Craft Dino City Rampage 3D features:Unusual pixel city as your digital playgroundDifferent Monsters have different strength and skills, find yourfavourite!Crash points to make your blocky Dino more powerfulFill ‘’RAGE’ bar to make your monster more destructive anddangerousDestroy everything on your way!Be crazy enough to leave the Cube World in a total mess! Enjoy ournew Cube Dinosaur: Monster Mayhem simulator. Join this crazy blockyworld!
Cube Subway Train Simulator 3D 1.1
Do you like trains and railway? Take upyourdriving skill to a new level playing this unusual subwaysimulatorin 3D! Explore underground of strange cubical world – cuteand oddplace, full of the different abnormal feat like a flows oflava ormushroom groves! Transport passengers waiting for you onthestation, deliver cattle and start your own undergroundadventure!Maneuver through tunnels with dangerous stretches as areal traindriver, avoid accidents with cube goats or pigs and enjoyCubeSubway Train Simulator 3D game!Dive into the atmosphere of a funny cubic subway (crowdedwithfunny cubical passengers, of course!) working as a machinistinWorld of Cubes! Try Cube Subway Train Simulator 3D and startyourcareer as a subway driver! Passengers are usually in hurrycarryingtheir heavy cargo, but they are not the only ones whoshould bedelivered! This time your duties include transporting ofpixelcattle – pigs, goats and so on! Special platform is a part ofyourtrain, so you can easily take animals on board!Earn points transporting cubic passengers and pixel animals,buynew transporting platforms, wagons or even train itself!Improveyour train with cubical engineer’s innovations– more spaceforcargo, comfortable seats for passengers, powerful engines andevermore!Explore subway tunnels, stop at each metro station to pick upandtransport passengers! And don’t forget to open train doors toletpassengers in! Be careful – cubical animal can sleep on rails,soyou should scare them with loud signal to avoid accidents! Useallyour driving skills to become the best machinist in the WorldofCubes!Practice in driving with Cube Subway Train Simulator 3D –amazingtrain simulator for those who loves metro and railwaygames!Cube Subway Train Simulator 3D features:Unusual subway train simulator in 3D – be a cubical driver inacubical worldAbnormal underground tunnels and lines – from fairy forest togrimmedieval dungeonDetailed cabin for a machinist – and, of course, it’s wholly madeofcubes tooWide range of train upgrades – try to unlock and check allofitImprudent but funny cubical animals – transport it onspecialplatform and try not smash it at wildernessSmooth and easy controlsDo you like driving simulators, railway and metro games?DownloadCube Subway Train Simulator 3D right now! Be a cubicaltrain driverin a cubical world, transport passengers and cattleand havefun!Like us on Facebook -
Top Down Cube Island Survival 1.0
Choose your character and become asurvivaliston a lost desert island full of wild animals and otherdangers!Provide yourself with food and water, fight againstpredators andtry to survive at all costs playing Top Down CubeIsland Survivalin 3D!Something strange occurred, and six ordinary peoplefoundthemselves on this strange and unfriendly island! They shoulduseall their survival skills to stay alive in this harsh place…Butmost of them don’t know how to do it! You must help them withit!Choose one of the characters, and provide its survival! Feel asareal survivalist with Top Down Cube Island Survival game in3D!Cubical ocean, jungles, and mountains look nice, so explorethisvast land with this awesome survival simulator! Salvagesurvivaltools and weapons, to protect yourself, hunt or fightagainst wildanimals. Walk around that hostile and unfriendly islandtrying tofind something that could help you to get out of thisuninhabitedplace! Enter the wilderness, face dangers, meet wildanimals, hunt,fish and gather to stay alive playing Top Down CubeIslandSurvival!Mind indicators - health, energy, water and fullness. If oneofthese drops – no chance to survive in wild harsh conditions!Somesurvivor’s indicators are easy to fill - for example, therearemany sources of fresh water here. Find food is not as easy asitseems – you need to gather plant food or even battleagainstanimals to kill them! Build shelters to hide frompredators’attack, find or craft weapons, hunt, gather or fish toprovideyourself with wood. Earn experience points and upgradeanexploration, battling and survival skills of your charactertoprove your worth as a real survivor playing Top Down CubeIslandSurvival!It’s easy to control character playing Top Down CubeIslandSurvival! Use the joystick to walk around the island andpress«attack» to hunt or battle against wild animals. Keep yourweaponsalert - this pixel island is full of dangers! Find orcraftdifferent survival tools and weapons such an axe, the fishingrodthat could help you to protect yourself from predators andprovidewith food. Quarry resourses such as wood and stone tobuildshelters and try to find the way out from this strangeplace!Top Down Cube Island Survival features:Varies survival tools to find or craftDifferent characters to play – check all of them!Unusual pixel and cubical environmentAmazing crafting systemAwesome island survival simulator in 3DSpend time on uninhabited pixel island and fight for yourlifeliving in harsh conditions! Raise up your hunting, battlingandexploring skills playing Top Down Cube Island Survival! Findorcraft weapons and tools, build shelters to hide from the sunandaggressive predators and hunt other animals to get food. Diveintothe atmosphere of survival adventure and try to find your wayhome!Thrive in this hostile environment – lost cubical island!Like us on Facebook -
Cube Bad Pig City Rampage 3D 1.0
Be a crazy pixel pig, ravaging the city.Feellike a real blockhead animal – wreck havoc on city streets,annoycitizens and do crazy stuff with this bad pig simulator! Startamess in the Pixel City, destroy everything on your way! Explorethecity made of blocks and pixels, break stuff and push peoplewithCube Bad Pig City Rampage 3D!Enjoy the life of cubical pig – life without doubts andregrets!Run across the streets, crush and destroy! Unleash yourmadness onall what you can see – scare people, play football withdumps,break lawns and smash pixel cars. Be a real terror of cutePixelCity, have fun and make a mess!Cube Bad Pig City Rampage 3D features:Amazing 3D pixel city made of blocks and cubesUnusual protagonist – crazy little pigMassive destruction without real violence – just wreck havocandhave fun!Try this cube piglet simulator! Be crazy enough to leavethePixel World in a mess! Destroy stuff and have fun. Join thiscrazyblocky world! Enjoy our Cube Bad Pig City Rampage in 3D! It'atimeto unleash chaos on the pixel streets!More blocky games and cubics fun here -
Cube Stack Tower 3D 1.0
Do you love puzzle games? Or, ever dreamt‘boutbuilder’s career? Then, it’s time to make your dream real!Try CubeStack Tower 3D – great app ‘bout tower building!Stack up as many blocks, as you can to build the highesttower!Take various colored blocks, and place it above previousblocksjust tapping on them – seems simple, isn’t it? But , if youare notable to place the block properly, the size of the blockwilldecrease, making it harder to place the next block. Of course,itgives you a new challenge (and sometimes results look likeareal-world skyscrapers), but don’t be discouraged by failings–just stack up another tower, higher than previous!Build the highest tower that you can by stacking blocks -thehigher your tower, the higher your score. Earn points andcoloryour blocks in store, or buy boosters to ease your game andimproveyour results. Some of them would slow falling of blocks,some wouldraise your effectiveness – it’s all a purerandomness!Are you ready to ultimate tower building challenge? Do yourbestwith Cube Stack Tower 3D!Cube Stack Tower 3D features:• Easy and intuitive controls• Different boosters to ease your game and raiseeffectiveness• Changeable color and patterns of blocksBuild skyscrapers from colorful blocks and have fun withthisfunny puzzle game for all ages! Download Cube Stack Tower 3Dandlet your dreams come to live!Like us on Facebook -
Cube Garbage Truck Simulator 1.0
The streets of Pixel City filled with trash and garbage. This cityneeds a new hero… Your time has come! Launch your garbage truck,collect dumps and clean the pixel streets with Cube Garbage TruckSimulator!Do you like driving or car parking simulator? Check CubeGarbage Truck Simulator – great app for all ages! Clean the pixelstreets to keep cubical citizens healthy and have fun!Have funsitting behind the wheel of a huge powerful vehicle and upgradeyour driving, parking and transporting skills! Get unusual drivingexperience with our awesome garbage truck simulator game! Feel likea real cube driver who is driving a big trash truck! Completedifferent missions and earn money to upgrade your truck or even buya new one! The faster you drive and collect garbage - more moneyyou earn! Don't forget about the safety - avoid accidents toprotect your truck from damage!Get all your driving skills to workplaying Cube Garbage Truck Simulator!Cube Garbage Truck Simulatorfeatures:Awesome pixel city for driving, parking and picking up thegarbageLarge range of upgrades - earn money to buy new truck orupgrade the one you haveLimited time to pick up the garbageUltimatetruck driving simulator in 3DRaise up your driving, parking andtransporting skills! Earn money to upgrade your truck and get morespace for your goods or just drive faster! Save pixel citizens froma flood of trash playing Cube Garbage Truck Simulator in 3Dgame!Like us on Facebook -
Blocky Ninja Kung Fu Fighting 1.1
Play as a real combatant killing everyone hemeets with Blocky Ninja Kung Fu Fighting! Overcome your rivals deador alive! Explore different locations and use your karate power todestroy enemies.Enter the funny world of pixel martial arts and let the biggestfighting contest begin! Pixel monsters united against pixelhumanity, but there are many pixel warriors risked to face suchenemy! Beat all the assassin opponents and prove yourself as aMaster of karate, taekwondo and other fighting styles playing ourchallenging Blocky Ninja Kung Fu Fighting game! Could you win thisepic tournament and stop the war? Find out now!Explore several cool pixel locations such as cemetery, deadwood, sewage etc. Check contest and survival mode – fight againstenemies and kill them to earn points or survive on the ring as longas you can!Perform endless combinations of punches and strikes and showyour own best combo strike! Try different fighting styles includingKarate, Judo Taekwondo, MuayThai, Kung Fu, Boxing, WWE etc. Enjoybeing a real pixel assassin, fighting for freedom of your nation!Struggle through a variety of tournaments, including standardtournaments, weapon tournaments, survival tournaments and challengetournaments. Use all your strategy to grab your opponent from aboveand tackle him down, taking a life.Become the strongest fighter on the Pixel World playing BlockyNinja Kung Fu Fighting action game! Upgrade your power, speed, andaccuracy or unlock new strikes and fighting styles getting pointsfor each killed rival!Blocky Ninja Kung Fu Fighting features:Different strikes and fighting styles: Karate, Judo, Taekwondo,MuayThai, Kung Fu, Boxing, WWE and moreUnusual pixel environment!Opportunity to upgrade or customize your assassin’s skills:increase power, speed, and accuracy and try new strikes to overcomerivalsPowerful enemies to battle against and revengeContest and survival modes – kill your enemies to earn points orsurvive on the ringBlocky Ninja Kung Fu Fighting is your chance to gainunprecedented combat experience! Try different fighting styles likeKarate, Judo Taekwondo, MuayThai, Kung Fu, Boxing, WWE, beatenemies and prove you are the best warrior here!
Cube Battle: Tank Destroyer 1.1
Do you like old school dandy games? Let’s plunge into the childhoodand play a variation of the favorite game of 80s and 90s abouttanks battle — Cube Battle: Tank Destroyer!Cube Battle: TankDestroyer is not only known to all gameplay, but also an unusualhigh-quality cube graphics. Destroy enemy tanks, collect variousbonuses and protect your base from destruction!Plunge into theworld of tanks, imagine, that your cube city is under attack! Andthere is only one tank survivor of the battle – it’s your tank! Ofcourse, you are surrounded by the hordes of enemies, but it’s not abig deal. Use all your reaction and shooting skills and destroyaggressive enemies to protect your base!Cube Battle: Tank Destroyerfeatures:- Favorite game of 80s and 90s about tanks battle- Classicgameplay and unusual high-quality cube graphics- Many classiclevels and special bosses to fight with- Authentic sounds for fullimpression- Several types of your power tankDownload Cube Battle:Tank Destroyer right now, and try to protect the base with eagle!Beat your enemies using all your battling and aiming skills .Battle against cunning enemies and become the best tank fighterplaying Cube Battle: Tank Destroyer!
Block Tap Hurdles 1.0
Have you ever dream of having a fame ofthebest sportsmen? It’s your chance to begin the career ofaprofessional jumper… in the Cubical World! Run faster to getthebest results and surpass other participants to become apixelchampion with Block Tap Hurdles! Upgrade your running skillsandreach the best result at every trek!Run fast, jump high – do anything to win the contest!Allowyourself to feel like a professional pixel jumper with BlockTapHurdles! Choose the country and sportsman – and start anamazingathletic adventure! Norway, Austria, Poland, Italia – yourfunnypixel athlete can be a citizen of any country! Defeatotherathletes and climb the ranks to become a winner of theCubicalWorld Championship!Develop your athlete and equipment, and become theultimatemaster of jumping sports as you progress through yourathletecareer. Collect all gold medals and become the world’schampion!It's time to throw away all the boring runner simulatorsand startto enjoy Block Tap Hurdles!Block Tap Hurdles features:Unusual and cute pixel world as your playgroundFunny running & jumping contest for all the fans ofsportsIntuitive controls and realistic physicsWide range of treks, sportsmen, and equipmentChallenging and addictive gameplayAchieve the top of the tournament table, win the gold andbecomea Cube Champion with Block Tap Hurdles!
USA Blocky Shooter Survival 1.0
Become a silent city sniper which have never been seen by enemies!Join the civil war in the Cube City, wait in ambush and defeatenemies before they could defeat you! Be the best city soldier withUSA Blocky Shooter Survival!Feel as a real army sharpshooter withUSA Blocky Shooter Survival! Control the battlefield (cubical citystreets and block this time) as a real sniper, and shoot fast toslay many enemies at the small amount of time! Defeat enemies withyour gun to ensure the victory of your government at this bloodycivil war!Feel as a well-trained elite member of special forces!Try USA Blocky Shooter Survival – shoot and survive!Use wide gunarsenal, upgrade your fighting and shooting skills to destroyenemies! Enjoy endless customization as you perfect your weapons.Upgrade magazines, scopes, stocks, barrels and more! Try differentweapons besides your sniper rifle – assault rifle, sub-machine gun,mini-gun and much more!USA Blocky Shooter SurvivalFeatures:Ultimate sniper simulator – in the cubicalenvironmentEmerge into atmosphere of civil warCheck excellentconcrete jungle environment to fightTry wide gun arsenal to shootenemiesUse radar to help you out with enemy positionsJoin thebattlefield as a pro sniper, upgrade your gun, defeat enemies andenjoy USA Blocky Shooter Survival game!
Extreme Bottle Flipping 1.0
Flip the bottle over obstacles, avoidbreakingand have fun with Extreme Bottle Flipping!Crush your boredom with our great game! Take the bottle, rollitalong the wall over the bookshelves, avoiding books, figurines,andother small objects, flip it through the air from shelve toanothershelve, from another shelve to the TV set, from TV set tothe sofaand others! Avoid failings, but don’t be upset by it – justtrymore and more! Even if your bottle falls down, it’s onlypixels,not real glass!Earn points to unlock new bottles and new locations! Flipbottleseverywhere – inside your house, in the office, on thestreet orinside the supermarket! Have fun and make new recordsplayingExtreme Bottle Flipping!Extreme Bottle Flipping features:Funny cure of boredomUnusual pixel environmentDozens of unlockable bottlesDifferent locations to exploreDo your best to get the best results and have fun withExtremeBottle Flipping!
Rush Fighting: Cube World 1.0
Fight the hordes of blocky undead –zombies,ghosts and possessed humans with Rush Fighting: Cube Worldgame!Use your reaction to control the game - jump back! andshot!Fight against masses of enemies – skeletons, zombies, crazedmen,giant spiders or buzz-saws – and have fun! Earn money to buynewweapons like shotgun, machine gun, assault rifle and other!Feel like an action movie hero Rush Fighter – andstruggleagainst undead menace! Shoot and jump, kill or be killed,unlocknew levels and weapons and have fun with Rush Fighting:CubeWorld!Rush Fighting: Cube World features:- Ultimate blocky action game- Wide range of guns- Interesting missions- Crafty enemiesLove action games? Try yourself as a ninja or real rushfighterwith this new blocky game!
Girls Cube World Exploration 1.0
Welcome to the cute fantasy world! All things here make from brightcubes and blocks – even sky and clouds! Explore this beautifulplace, enjoy the atmosphere of fairy tale and have fun with GirlsCube World Exploration!Feel like a fairy from your childish dreams!Explore the world and build funny castkes in sandbox mode! Use yourmagic wand to quarry resources or create tools! Unravel all secretsof these cutie land and make it your home!Upgrade an exploration,battling, and survival skills and prove your worth as a realsurvivor playing in the survival mode! Mind your character’sindicators - health, energy, water and fullness. If one of thesedrops – no chance to survive in wild harsh conditions for long!Find food is not as easy as it seems – you need to gather plantfood or even battle against animals to kill them! Craft weapons andtools in your inventory bar or using special workshops - survivaltools such as an axe or fish rod would help you to stayalive!Explore this cubical land with our new awesome survivalsimulator! Salvage survival tools and weapons, to protect yourself,hunt or fight against wild animals and other inhabitants of DreamWorld. Quarry resources to build bridges and huts. Face dangers,meet wild animals and other ugly creatures, hunt, fish and gatherto stay alive playing Girls Cube World Exploration!Girls Cube WorldExploration features:Cute blocky and pixel survival – ultimategirlie game!Two game modes - survival mode and sandbox modeHealth,energy, water and fullness indicators – gather plant food, hunt orfish, find water and sleep well to mind it!Fantastic beasts,fairies, and fairy animals as inhabitants of this placeMagic wandfull of useful wondersAmazing crafting systemAre you ready to stayalive on this island of a dream? Dive into the atmosphere of funnysurvival adventure playing Girls Cube World Exploration!
Cube Gunner 3D: Global Battle 1.0
Pixel wars need new pixel warfare! Become an operator of a pixelturret, rule the battlefield and fight against surpassing waves ofpixel enemy army forces with Cube Gunner 3D: Global Battle!Thistime you’re not just ordinary infantry soldier - your task is tocontrol mighty six-barreled gun! Shoot out waves of enemy armyforces in jungles, city streets or military bases – defend atactical point from incoming enemies!Unleash your fury and rage onthe enemy soldiers with the lead rain of large-caliber pixelbullets! Earn points and upgrade your gun arsenal, shooting skillsand war tactics to defeat enemies once more! Upgrade your gun orbuy a new one, defeat enemies and ensure the victory of your side!Destroy enemies to save your soldiers’ lives!Aim, shoot and upgradeyour skills with Cube Gunner 3D: Global Battle action game! Feellike a war god of ancient times using modern high-tech weapons!CubeGunner 3D: Global Battle features:Ultimate shootingsimulatorOperate massive mounted gun and defeat enemies of yourlandUnlock varies gun turrets and add it to your arsenalFacemassive waves of enemies – try to defeat all of them!Feel no mercydefeating enemies with your gun - shoot first and don’t let enemysoldiers shoot back!
Mine Cart Racing Rush 1.1
Join a fun and exciting racing over therailsby your mine cart and have fun! Avoid obstacles, compete withotherminers and have fun with Mine Cart Racing Rush!Mines of the World of Cubes are filled not only with minersandore but with long tangled tunnels too, so a couple of minershaveorganized and unusual racing – Cube Mine Racing Tournament!Participate this funny racing contest, collect awards,earnpoints, enjoy views of underground and under mountain tunnelsanddo your best to become the best mine cart ever!Earn points for successive rides and use it to buy newracers,carts, and boosters – it could help you to get the bestresults!Feel like a real blocky or cubical racer with Mine CartRacingRush!Mine Cart Racing Rush features:Funny and cube blocky environmentUnusual racing simulatorVaries charactersWide range of mine carts to ride onUnlockable tracks and tunnelsBe the best mine cart racer ever! Ride through the rockytunnels,stretches and caves to get the cold pixel medal!
Cube Pizzeria: Six Days To Survive 1.0
Welcome to the Cube Animatronic Workshop – place, where all theseangry robot bears, tigers, chickens, bunnies, and foxes come tolife! Explore the cube robot production factory with Cube Pizzeria:Six Days To Survive!Here we test abilities of our animatronics – ofcourse, these robots are made to help in different Cube Pizzeriabranches, but something special is inside each of it, so, we shouldtest it, preventing the awakening of Ancient Evil and thebreakthrough of possessed robot on city streets! We have differenttesting rooms here, including the small copy of Cube Pizzeriaitself!Become a tester of robot animatronics, survive 5 nightssafeguarding yourself until the morning comes! Open or close thedoors and switch on the light not to let robots come in! This timewe’re testing new robots – the robot girls – so it would be evenmore thrilling and interesting!Watch their movement with camerasand try to survive! When you run out of power for the night - allcameras and light are off and cube robots are able to move! Useelectric shock to paralyze robots and prevent their attacks! Mindyour energy bar – if it ends, your life would end too. Watch the TVto restore energy and continue your activities as a tester!Are youafraid of the dark? Welcome to the Cube Pizzeria: Six Days ToSurvive – new game of famous horror series – and see the inner sideof Cube Nightmare!Cube Pizzeria: Six Days To Survive features:Newlocation for your horror – see the factory, manufacturing robotanimals!Absolutely new animatronics – fewer animals, more humanlike!Use electrical floor to stop robots!Test their abilities andhave fun!Don’t let cube robot monsters get close to your office!Spend five nights at Cube Pizzeria robot factory and stay alive!Finish your work safe after five scary and horrible nights withCube Pizzeria: Six Days To Survive!
Cube Walker Simulator 1.0
Enjoy this funny and realistic walking simulator!Choose yourcharacters – one of the unusual citizens of Cube City – and havefun to control his movement! Walk up and down the street, stepacross the cracks on the road, avoid failings and other citizens!Do your best controlling these funny cubical creatures with CubeWalker Simulator game!Try different persons as your protagonists!Earn points to buy new parts of a body and customize your walkingdummy as you want! Unlock and check all combinations with CubeWalker Simulator!Cube Walker Simulator features:Ultimate walkingsimulatorCharacter constructor – unlock different parts andcustomize your dummyFunny and interesting missionsCube City as yourplaygroundTired to walk alone? Go through with Cube WalkerSimulator!
Hovercraft Cube Simulator 1.1
Build your own cubical hovercraft vehicle,flyover the road and become the best out-of-road racer in the WorldofCubes!Welcome to the construction room! Here you can take thiscolorfulpixel blocks and compile them into flying craft of anyshape youwant! Combine different types of blocks to get differenteffects –turbo mode, engine longevity and so on. Tired ofscuffling withpixel blocks? Than, it’s time to test your creationin realconditions!Take your own hovercraft and ride on it across the streetsofpixel cities, avoid buildings and other crafts, and get thebestresults! Ride ahead through the city traffic, dodgecountervehicles and feel yourself as a racer and constructor thesametime! Create your own crafts with Hovercraft CubeSimulator!Be creative, but don’t forget ‘bout tactics – choose therightcombination of blocks’ colors to achieve the best result!Earncoins to enlarge your craft capacity and unlock power-up andnewtypes of blocks.Create the most impressive and fastest hovercraft in the WorldofCubes a become a champion of street racing!Hovercraft Cube Simulator features:Varies types of blocks – create different combinations andchoosethe best of themUnlimited crafting mode – your only limit is your imaginationInteresting and difficult treksPicturesque views of pixel cityUnlockable power-up and pixel blocks – collect all of themTired of usual street racing games? Try Hovercraft CubeSimulator– combination of racig and construction genres!Like us on Facebook-
Cube Dead Survival 1.1
Survive the zombie apocalypse in the Cube City! All dead bodiesleft their graves and roaming free on city streets. Be ready forovercoming enemies and avoid bites of dead, or they infect you andtransform into one of them! Buy guns and ammo, shoot zombies andhave fun!Hordes of hungry zombies attacking cubical world! Stop thezombie apocalypse and shoot all walking dead! Save the world formtransforming into the wasteland and don’t let your brain be eaten!Keep your weapons alert and beware – any dead body can become yourenemy!Control your pixel survivor with a joystick, explore pixelcity invaded by zombies, looks for weapons or craft your own onesusing resources you’ve quarried. Mind character indicators -health, energy, and fullness. If one of these drops – there’s nochance to survive! Some indicators are easy to fill - there aremany sources of fresh water here. Find food is not as easy – gatherplant food, hunt wild animals or go fishing instead. Quarryresources – wood, stone, iron or other to craft weapons and usefultools – fishing roads, hammers or axes. Zombie hordes areapproaching, so be ready, and city predators like stray dogs wouldchase you too! Use all your hunting, battling skills andexploration trying to stay alive playing this pixel zombie survivalsimulator in 3D!This is the last war in the pixel world. You wouldstop zombies – or the whole history of cube mankind would dissipateinto dust… Do your best to prevent this and to destroy all of theshambling hordes and stop the zombie apocalypse. Test your shootingskills on different types of opponents – ordinary zombies, fastzombies or large ravaging undead! Try to defeat all zombie bossesand become a world savior with Cube Dead Survival game!Cube DeadSurvival featuresSurvive at the pixel city attacked by masses ofwalking deadHunt, quarry resources and craft weaponsDifferent typesof zombies for you to shootComplex and interesting missions tocompleteExplore pixel ruins and try to return this wasteland itoriginal stateTired of usual island simulators? Try Cube DeadSurvival and feel like a lonely peaceful citizen chased by angrywalking dead!
Christmas Night: Cube Pizzeria 1.0
Welcome to the Cube nightmare once more! Christmas Night – veryspecial night, and the Cube Pizzeria at this night filled with evenmore horror and terror! This time angry robot bears, tigers,chickens, bunnies, and foxes wearing New Year decorations – butthey still want to defeat you! Spend seven nights during theChrismas week in the Cube Pizzeria!Open or close the doors andswitch on the light not to let cube monsters attack you! Use theflashlight to protect yourself from the attack! Safeguard yourselfuntil the morning comes with Christmas Night: Cube Pizzeria!Faceyour nightmare once again Christmas Night: Cube Pizzeria! Spend theworst nights in your life at Cube Pizza House hiding from angrycube robot animals! Enjoy the atmosphere of pixel horror withChristmas Night: Cube Pizzeria!Use a very limited amount ofelectricity per night to protect yourself from monsters attack!Stay in your security office, watch cube creatures with cameras andtry to survive! When you run out of power for the night - allcameras and light are off and cube fiends are able to move!Mindyour energy bar – if it ends, your life would end too. Watch the TVrestore energy and continue your activities as a security guard!Turn on your flashlight - it will scare away angry cube creaturesthat may be creeping at the far end of the hallways! Nevertheless,be careful! If any cube monster has crept too close, it will be theend of your security guard career… And your life too!You’d neverforget this Christmas Eve! Escape from your nightmare! Face cubemonsters with Christmas Night: Cube Pizzeria!Christmas Night: CubePizzeria features:Special Christmas Edition of famous horror gameseriesAll best features from other our games – with new holidayfeatures!New Cube Pizzeria locations to exploreUnusual 3denvironmentAre you afraid of cube monsters? Survive being apizzeria night security guard and escape from your nightmare!Finish your work safe after five scary and horrible nights withChristmas Night: Cube Pizzeria!
Locking Blocks Constructor 1.0
Use your skills and reflexes to createthedifferent absolutely random objects from scratch withLockingBlocks Constructor!Do you like puzzles or pixel games? Use all potential ofyourmental skills with our app – and have fun with eachwinning!Each object have varies size – 6, 10 or 20 elements. Tap atthecorrect time to lock the blocks in place until they create...Whatexactly? That you’ll have to find out for yourself! It could beapenguin, a polar bear, a cheerleader, a traffic light, an yacht,acactus and any other of at least thirty pixel objects!Can you unlock them all? Check it with Locking BlocksConstructor– and construct more blocky things than any of yourfriends!Locking Blocks Constructor features:Unusual pixel puzzle gameAbsolutely random-generated missionsVaries bonuses at the in-game storeSimple controlsAttractive gameplayConstruct pixel objects from pixel block by just tappingyourscreen and have fun with Locking Blocks Constructor game!
Blocky Highway: Avoid Commute 1.0
Ever wanted to control traffic by yourselfandavoid horrible accidents and awful traffic jams? Now you havethischance in our new strategic driving game Blocky Highway:AvoidCommute!It’s some kind of a temporal loop and nobody can say whathaveexactly happened here! We only know that now only you can fixthesituation and make the roads look impeccable! Launch differentcarsone by one, pave the way controlling them and make yourroadtraffic perfect! Think about your moves carefully and don’tforgetabout the previous route!Hurry up, because the time is limited for every level! Themorecars you’ll start up, the more difficult will situationappear!Traffic jams are not eradicated by the rules of drivinghere, so doyour best and use all your strategic skills to avoidaccidents andblockings! Be the master of this difficult roadsituation, thinkahead and have fun with Blocky Highway: AvoidCommute!Manage the way of school buses, emergency cars, trucks andothervehicles! Earn points for successively done missions, collectcoinsduring the level and buy some more time for each level tosolve theproblem with traffic!Blocky Highway: Avoid Commute features:• Strategic game about traffic• Variety of cars• Control the flow of city traffic• Enjoy funny pixel environment!How would you feel in this closed-circle situation? Do yourbestand become the lord of traffic with Blocky Highway:AvoidCommute!
Block City Construction Crew 1.0
Feel like an architect - change the faceofPixel City and have fun with Block City Construction Crew!Try different jobs as a builder working on a realisticconstructionsite! Operate heavy machines such as tower cranes,bulldozers, andexcavators, dig holes, mix concrete – do all partsof city’sconstruction! Complete various missions sitting behind thesteeringwheel of heavy construction vehicles –feel like a craneoperator ordrive a demolition machine crashing old houses!Maneuver cranes, trucks and excavators to gain ultimateexperienceof house building! Dig holes, move blocks, mix concreteand buildyour own city block made of small pixel houses – like allthingshere! Choose from a huge variety of pixel heavy vehicles,driveexcavator, crane, truck, bulldozer or demolition machine – itis upto you to decide!Feel like a professional pixel builder on duty with this funnybutrealistic construction simulator! Drive, build, park, loadandtransport goods - choose the machine you like and upgradeyourskills being a driver!Block City Construction Crew features:Funny pixel building simulatorPixel construction site for you to exploreDriving, parking, transporting and building missionsWide range of pixel heavy vehicles to driveGo through all the stages of building a house with BlockCityConstruction Crew and gain ultimate driving, parking andbuildingexperience!
Cube Hell: Neighbor Battle 3D 1.1.0
Something is really wrong with your cube neighbor and his house! Itmight seem quiet and nice, but some day you accidentally saw somestrange shadows through the window… You must find out the truthabout this evil person in Cube Hell: Neighbor Battle 3D!Get intothis scary cube house passing through the high fence and back door!Oh, you thought that there was nobody at home? Unfortunately that’snot true! Your cube neighbor is slowly walking down the rooms, andyou have no choice except hiding! Conduct a search of every room tofind the keys and solve this wild and horrifying mystery! It’s yourcivic duty! Reveal the secrets of this strange cube man and handhim and his criminal affairs over the police!Be attentive andcareful – there are other cube monsters in this house and they arewaiting for you! Do everything possible to survive, find the truthand escape successfully! Every room provides you various places tohide, so do your best and avoid your meeting with the brutalneighbor – otherwise you would be dead immediately! Find yourselfin a real trouble with Cube Hell: Neighbor Battle 3D!Don’t forgetto mind your map – there you will see your neighbor’s moves! Thinkahead and use your time wisely – you must survive and find a clue!This angry person will kill you right at the moment when he seesyou! Be attentive and careful!Cube Hell: Neighbor Battle 3Dfeatures:• Scary horror escape game• Different monsters and othermen in this awful house• Terrifying puzzle in every room• Variousplaces to hide• Amazing cube graphicsDo your best and discover thesecrets of this strange and awful man – your cube neighbor! Hidefrom his hatred, find the keys from mysterious rooms and reveal hismain secret in Cube Hell: Neighbor Battle 3D!
Blocky Troops Battle Simulator 1.1
Welcome to the biggest cube battlefield ever! Choose the army, useall your strategic and tactical skills, make a placement of yourtroops and join this epic battle of Blocky Troops Battle Simulatorgame! Learn how to properly control the army and become the bestcommander ever!This medieval world is in danger! Everything isruined because of the great war between the mightiest races! Whichside would you prefer to take? Would it be strong orks, bravehumans, dexterous elves or sneaky undeads? This choice is up toyou! Mind that every race has its own characteristically features,so be wise, think ahead and think over your strategy – the momentis precious!Improve not only your warriors’ skills, but also yourmagical spells! This world is full of wizards and fantasticalcreatures, but don’t be afraid of them – your army is reallypowerful, and you also have sorcerer units! Don’t forget to mindyour army’s indicators not to lose your magical hunters,counter-magic units, heavy weapon units and others! Become the bestcommander and restore the balance of this cruel war of BlockyTroops Battle Simulator!Check two game modes – skirmish mode, whereyou are going to control two different armies during all fight andwatch which is winning; and campaign mode, where you shouldcomplete missions with rising difficulty levels and defeat everyarmy of your rivals! Earn coins for each successfully passed battleand buy new interesting units, magical spells or other power-upsfor your super army!Blocky Troops Battle Simulator features:•Ultimate magic battlefield simulator• Wide range of different racewith their own characteristics• Chance to improve your tactics andstrategy• Colorful cube graphicsBecome the best magical armycommander ever! Prove that you’re worth the fame of a mightymilitary leader playing Blocky Troops Battle Simulator and havefun!Privacy Policy:
Cube Island Online Survival 3D 1.0
Choose your character and become a survivalist on a lost pixelisland full of wild animals and other dangers! Provide yourselfwith food and water, cooperate with other players, fight againstpredators and try to survive at all costs playing Cube IslandOnline Survival 3D!It’s easy to control your character playing CubeIsland Online Survival 3D! Use the joystick to walk around theisland and press «attack» to hunt or battle against wild animals.Keep your weapons alert - this pixel island is full of dangers!Findor craft different survival tools and weapons such an axe, thefishing rod that could help you to protect yourself from predatorsand provide with food. Quarry resources such as wood and stone tobuild shelters from bad weather or most aggressive predators.Chatwith other players to coordinate your actions! Build villages andemerge massive hunts, explore the island with friends, unravel itssecrets and have fun!Mind indicators - health, energy, water andfullness. If one of these drops – no chance to survive in wildharsh conditions! Some survivor’s indicators are easy to fill - forexample, there are many sources of fresh water here. Find food isnot as easy as it seems – you need to gather plant food or evenbattle against animals to defeat them! Build shelters to hide frompredators’ attack, find or craft weapons, hunt, gather or fish toprovide yourself with wood. Earn experience points and upgrade anexploration, battling and survival skills of your character toprove your worth as a real survivor playing Cube Island OnlineSurvival 3D!Explore this vast land with this awesome survivalsimulator! Swim at the cubical ocean, enjoy pixel landscape,salvage survival tools, and weapons, to protect yourself, hunt orfight against wild animals and cooperate with other players againstbosses – giant or just unusual powerful animals. Enter thewilderness, face dangers, meet wild animals, hunt, fish and gatherto stay alive playing Cube Island Online Survival 3D!Cube IslandOnline Survival 3D features:Unusual pixel and cubicalenvironmentMassive PvE battles!Different characters tochoose!All-new amazing crafting system craft system - craft variessurvival tools and weaponsHave fun with this awesome islandsurvival simulator in 3DDive into the atmosphere of survivaladventure! Raise up your hunting, battling and exploring skillsplaying Cube Island Online Survival 3D!Privacypolicy:
5 Night Pizzeria Block Shooter 1.0
Welcome to the horrible world of crazycubeanimatronics! You are blocked up with these terrifyingcreatures ina little pizzeria and your mission is to be alive aslong aspossible! Do your best and survive in 5 Nights PizzeriaBlockShooter game!Long time ago there was just a modern and interesting place toeatpizza. Such innovations like animatronics were amazing! Youcouldgo to a café and be served by these interesting animal robots…Butthen something went wrong. Their system was hacked and changedintothe really aggressive program! Be afraid of round-the-clockcafes,because thousands of animatronics are going to kill everyhumanbeing!Fight for your life against cruel animatronics! Stay aliveandprevent the expansion of these angry cube monsters! You arelockedwith them in a very enclosed space and they are legion!Usedifferent weapons you have to stop their endless attack!Rememberthat there are several types of enemies, so use differentweaponsand tactics to kill them! Enjoy this horrifying cubic worldandhave fun with 5 Nights Pizzeria Block Shooter!Earn points for each successively done mission and unlocknewweapons like shotgun, sniper rifle, machine-gun or evenflarepistol! Think ahead, be smarter that these stupidelectronicalboxes and destroy them all!5 Nights Pizzeria Block Shooter features:• Ultimate blocky action game• Wide range of weapons and animatronics• Interesting missions for more fun• Colorful cube graphicsCube nightmare never ends! Do your best and stay alive duringthishorrific animatronic attack! Fight for your life and shuttheserobots up forever! Take your gun and join 5 Nights PizzeriaBlockShooter game!Privacy policy:
Ultra Ninja Kung Fu Fighting 1.0.0
Feel like a real colorful ninja kung fu fighting tiger playing ouramazing Ultra Ninja Kung Fu Fighting game! Check your skills, learnthis exciting martial art with its kicks, punches and combo strikesand become the real fighting hero from some awesome legend!CHECKYOUR NINJA KUNG FU WARRIOR’S SKILLS IN THIS COLORFUL WAY• If youlike such martial arts as karate, taekwondo, wrestling, muay thai,capoeira, boxing, judo and other, this fantastic app is madeexactly for you;• Don’t lose your chance to choose your ownultimate ninja kung fu warrior with its own characteristics andstats and defeat all your opponents;• Learn these fantastic stunts,tricks and combo strikes of this amazing ninja kung fu fightingmartial art game;• Power your super ninja samurai character up tomake it fight really furious and become absolutelyunstoppable!EXPLORE FOUR FANTASTIC GAME MODES TO VARIATE YOUR GAME•Watch training game mode, which allows your amazing fury fightingtiger to show your powerful skills and mortal abilities;• Trysurvival game mode, where the main goal of your ninja master is tosurvive as long as it even possible;• Check ladder game mode, whereyour demon samurai should defeat every rival in series to win thegame;• Enjoy single game mode, where your kung fu fighter shouldpass three fights with one martial art opponent successfully towin!LET YOUR EYES RELAX IN THESE VIVIDLY COLORED FIGHTINGLOCATIONS• Watch fantastically colorful rings and street fightinglocations for all lovers of productive ninja kung fu fightingbattles;• Check this wonderfully addictive gameplay with simple andintuitive controls;• Choose your own character with its ownabilities, learn new interesting combat strikes and start yourultra-ninja fighting rush right now!Check how it is to become areal kung fu fighting tiger! Be the boss of the Ultra Ninja Kung FuFighting game and have fun!Privacypolicy:
5 Nights at Jumpscare Factory 1.0.0
Check your constructor skills, improve your speed level and becomethe employee of the month on this fantastic animatronics pixelfactory! Be as fast as you can to assemble more interesting modernrobots and try to guess, what would be next – Rabbit, Chicken, Fox,Clown or even UFO animatronics? Learn more playing 5 Nights atJumpscare Factory and have fun!Be quick, because this cubicconveyor works automatically! If you choose the wrong detail, youcan throw it out immediately, but remember: the money spent onthese object details can’t be returned! Keep an eye on the monitor,construct your creepy animatronics step by step, use all thenecessary details and become the employee of the month!Choose thepattern, buy all the necessary details and start to assemble! Earnpoints for successfully assembled animatronics and unlock new typesof patterns, colorful details or even difficulty levels! Enjoy themanagement of this wonderful pixel factory and become the bestconstructor ever with 5 Nights at Jumpscare Factory!This modernpixel factory is so amazing that you can’t even imagine what youwould assemble next! Watch the conveyor with various details ofinteresting robots, check with the pattern and start to construct!Create the best animatronics ever!5 Nights at Jumpscare Factoryfeatures:• Amazing animatronics factory simulator• Wide range ofinteresting animatronics to assemble• Three fantastic difficultylevels for more fun• Addictive gameplay with simple and intuitivecontrolsBecome really skillful animatronics constructor playing 5Nights at Jumpscare Factory and have fun!Your use of 5 Nights atJumpscare Factory is free of charge in exchange for safely usingsome of your device's resources (WiFi and very limited cellulardata), and only when you are not using your device. You may turnthis off from the settings menu. Please see our TOS for furtherinformation:
Cube Air Force Rocket Flight 1.0.0
Control the start and suborbital flight of your spaceshuttle,deliver satellites to the orbit or astronauts to the ISSand havefun with Cube Space Rocket Flight Simulator! Start amazingspacetrip leaving the Earth with this space simulator! Userealistictechnologies, dock to ISS and explore the solar systemwith thisspace flight simulator! Get realistic flight experience -watchplanet and asteroids through the window and avoid spacecrashes!Get your skills to a new level - bring satellites intoorbit, scanstructure of realistic spacecraft, space shuttle andeven an ISSwith its’ engines and moving parts! Explore infinitespace expanse!Control your spacecraft just tapping and tilting adevice andexplore a detailed solar system with all sorts ofspaceships - trydifferent ones and upgrade it with moderntechnologies! Be readyfor the best adventure of your life! with ournew spaceshipsimulator in 3D! Ever dreamed of becoming anastronaut? Launch yourshuttle from the spaceport, go into Earthorbit and finally dockthe ISS! Get into your space shuttle and havea good trip,astronaut! Enjoy the views of all planets from oursolar system andinfinite expanses of space with Cube Space RocketFlight Simulator!Cube Space Rocket Flight Simulator features:Ultimate space shuttlepilot simulator Picturesque views of SolarSystem – find allplanets there Detailed and realistic structures ofyour spaceshuttle, spaceship, and even the ISS Simulation of thewhole cycleof space shuttle launch and flight Different spaceshipsand rocketsfor your pleasure Feel like a real astronaut, controlspace shuttleand explore the infinity! Try Cube Space Rocket FlightSimulatorand gain unusual flight experience!Your use of Cube AirForceRocket Flight is free of charge in exchange for safely usingsomeof your device's resources (WiFi and very limited cellulardata),and only when you are not using your device. You may turnthis offfrom the settings menu. Please see our TOS for furtherinformation: