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Pikachu-2017 Animal Connect 1.0
Animal connect is an entertaining gameandstimulates brain for you.How to play onet connect animal:You have to find two icon tiles with same kind ***Pikachu 2016thatcan be connected within 3 lines to make them disappear.Each of the game started with a fixed time.Clear all screen to go next level.The faster you are,thehigherscore you have.Use the hints if you get stuck.Feature:3 game modes :Easy,Medium,Hard.★ Free and forever to use.★ Simple tap control & easy to play.★ Graphics adorable with cute animals.★ Effects animation smooth and rich sound.What're you waiting for?? Let's download and enjoy it.
Antivirus Clean Booster 2016 3
Why do you need an antivirus for mobilesecurity application installed on your smartphone? The mostimportant reason is that you need to protect all your data fromhackers.BT Antivirus, Clean & Speed Booster is a free antivirus 2016for every mobile use it.Every person who owns a smartphone like Android stores variousdetails like ATM details,banking details or some othercrucialinformation on their smartphone so when the device gets attacked,these data might get hacked.So that's the reason why you need to take a look at best Antivirusapps for smartphone and install to protect your data from variousthreats.Most of system built with 1 GB or 512 MB of RAM size with morethan 30% of RAM usage gone to system reserved apps and the resultwill be mobile device hangs or slowing down process.RAM Cleaner detects the background RAM usage apps and games andcleans all processing tools to boost the system performance.HOW TO USE Antivirus Virus APPLICATIONJust one click to scan for viruses and your speed up phoneClick "Scans" to detect viruses and antivirus in install files,pictures, videos and files system..Click "Speed" to speed up your phone. More than 80% of users oftenuse this feature to make them phones better.Feature "Cleaner" :scans and cleans up unnecessary junk and APKfiles of your phone easily.Click "App Manager" to easily manages the applicationsinstalled.Click "App Lock" to security lock your apps to protect yourprivacy.Feature of Cleaner-Booster free:-- Increase performance of your Mobile and tablet device RAM insingle auto Click-Fast and Secure RAM optimizer function-Auto Clean up RAM function-New RAM usage Meter- Find Total RAM memory of device- Best Cache cleaner app- Shows last cleaned information- Increases RAM memory space by reducing RAM usage- Optimize phone memory / RAM and phone CPU usage- Auto refreshes the active apps list in CPU running apps with CPUusage percentage- Select or swap to Kill running apps- Storage Analysis
Power Saver - Battery Doctor 1.0.1
BT Power Saver - SmartBatteryDoctor can help you save battery power at the touchof abutton.Battery Saver app helps you close all services consuming batteryonone screen. Or you can select the services you wish to closebyyour choice.Feature of Power Saver - Smart BatteryDoctor★ One-tap Battery OptimizerSaving your battery is just one tap away. Battery Saver willcloseyour background running apps and recommends you functions toturnoff in order to save even more.Battery saver is more than apoweroptimizer app, which does not need online connectivity toperformtasks. Works best on even non root Android phones.★ Memory Boost : One-tap memory cleaner andboosterwidget makes it easy to clean your phone directly from thehomescreen.Efficiently utilize your phone's memory and speed upyourdevices. Improve phone performance with one tapaccelerationbooster. Faster and better.★ Clean Junk Files : Device getting slowerandstorage gets lower? We clean all kinds of junk including appjunkand ads junk, making system as clean as new★ Phone Cooler: App to cool down my androidphoneby closing consuming background tasks CPU, Ram. It monitorsyourphone’s temperature in real time and analyzes which appsarecausing the overheating.If you have any questions about any of our services. Pleasecontactus via e-mail we will reply as soonaspossible and solve all problems.Thanks for using our app.Our privacy policy:
CPU Cooler - Phone Cooler 1.1.2
CPU Cooler - Phone Cooler isafree app for android phones to cool down your phone. CPUcoolermaster for android is a temperature monitoring andcontrolling appthat reduce your CPU usage and lower down phonetemperature.In addition, battery also using in time longer, you do notfeelannoyed while the battery drain fast. CPU Cooler -PhoneCooler will warn for phone over heating each time andcooloff the phone overheat.CPU Cooler Master has designed in friendly interface will bringstoyou interesting experience.Features of CPU Cooler - Phone Cooler* Real-time Temperature Monitoring* Analysis of CPU usage and detecting apps that useexcessiveCPU* Close the application overheating with single tap to minimizeCPUusage* Optimize Speed and Performance* Smart Battery Charger Mode!* Cool down mobile phones and tablets* Very easy to use to cool downEasily close apps with one tap and reduce CPU, RAM, andGPUconsumption from apps that cause your phone or tablet tooverheatwith CPU Cooler - Phone Cooler total free and thanksyourusing!Our policy: you have any questions about any of our services. Pleasecontactus via e-mail