Super Flat Hero 1.11
Enemy is chasing you. Are you smart enough todestroy your enemy and can survive for long?It's all about how long you survive. Be a Hero. Be a Super FlatHero.There are 40 levels you can play on. we put several hurdles formore fun while playing. laser walls and metal crusher will make ithard to survive for long.You can shoot laser bullets on enemy snake. it will destroysnake's tale when you fire on eggs snake lay when it tries to catchyou.Let snake chase you and keep him under your control. Now showwhether you can beat sanke in this speed racing.Be a leader on Leaderboard. Show your skills how you can bit allodds.To unlock level you'll have to earn coins. Let's spread theword.
Maze Mania Puzzle Game 1.0
Make strategy to finish puzzle ingiventime.You have to swipe as fast as you can in order to survive andfinishpuzzle.Play 100 stages. More are coming soon!Now let's play and test your reflexes.
Musical Chair Game Multiplayer 1.11
Play Funny Musical Chair game with yourfriendsand family!Back to your Childhood with the awesome musical chair game…..Musical chairs is an exciting game where people run aroundchairsone fewer than the number of players as long as the musicplays.One problem is that one person has to stay outside the game.Butthe biggest problem is that sooner or later the players willstartfeeling that the music stops always on purpose when they arein aposition where they cannot seat. When the music stops eachplayerattempts to sit down in one of the chairs. The player who isleftwithout a chair is eliminated from the game. One chair isthenremoved to ensure that there will always be one fewer chairthanthere are players. The music resumes and the cycle repeatsuntilthere is only one player left in the game, who is the winner.When the Music goes, sit quickly!Your agility will be tested!
Box Breaker Ultimate 1.1
Play amazing 32 stages with most intensegameplay.There are classic 3 game play mode like easy, normalandhard.There are 6 Power ups in game like classic split ball,slowmotion, fast roll and some twist like Magma fireball tobreakthrough all brick boxes. Super Giant ball to cover maximumarea andSuper ring to get unlimited fun!Variants of the boxes are like one time break, two timesbreak,power ups boxes, metal boxes for hurdles for more fun.Purchase power pack, upgrade power pack from store using inappcurrency.Let's play.