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Exterior Ballistics Calculator 2.1.57
The most comprehensive, accurate, and fully customizable exteriorballistics software available on mobile devices!Validated and inuse by professional snipers and hunters!Accuracy is basically onlylimited by the accuracy of user's input.This Ballistics calculatorcomputes accurate trajectories of any type of projectile, orbullets from airguns or firearms. * Easy computation of scope holdover, scope adjustments, Point Blank Range optimization, ... *Supports Skywatch Windoo and Weatherflow Wind Meter * Prediction ofGroup size, target hit rate, and Weapon Employment Zone (WEZ) *Gyroscopic Stability Analysis for reloaders * Special features forField Target shooters * Database with more than 2000 firearmbullets and more than 150 air gun pellets * Fully customizable andexportable range cards * Can use any standard (G1, G2, G5, G6, G7,G8) or custom drag functions as well as Lapua radar data * Zeroatmosphere support * Computes changes in air density along thebullet path * Includes Coriolis drift, gyroscopic drift and Magnuseffect * Quick adjustments for hunting applications * Can getatmospheric data directly from device sensors * More than 160 firstand second focal plane scopes and reticles supported such as: -Burris Ballistic MilDot, Ballistic Plex, Plex E1, G2B MilDot, XTRII Ballistic 5.56 Gen 3, Ballistic E1 FFP Varmint, SCR MIL, SCR MOA- Bushnell G2-DMR, DOA 600, BTR-1, BTR-MIL - EOTech 512, 552,EXPS3-4 - Falcon MilDot, B20 - Firefield MilDot - Hawke 1/2 MilDot,MAP 6A - Hensoldt - Horus Vision H27, H37 - Huskemaw 8 MOA -IOR/Valdada MP-8 Xtreme X1 MOA & MIL - Khales MIL 2, MIL 4, MSR- Leapers MilDot 6-dots, MilDot 9-dots - Leatherwood/Hi-Lux CMR -Leupold CMR-W 5.56 & 7.62, TMR, M-TMR, Mildot, Duplex, FineDuplex, LR Duplex, Wide Duplex, Varmint Hunters, Boone andCrockett, FireDot SPR, FireDot TMR, TMOA, Pig Plex - Lynx Plex -March MTR-1, MTR-3, MTR-4, MML - Millet Mil-Dotbar - NcSTAR P4Sniper - Nightforce NP-1, NP-1RR, NP-R1, NP-R2, NP-2DD, MOAR,MIL-R, MLR, Velocity 600 - Nikko Stirling MilDot, LRX - NikonNikoplex, BDC, BDC 150, BDC 200, BDC 600, BDC Predator, MilDot -Premier MOA-ER, Gen II MilDot - Primary Arms ACSS HUD DMR .308/.223- Redfield TAC-MOA, 4-Plex - Schmidt & Bender Mildot, P4L Fine,P4L Fine MOA - Sightron MilDot, MOA-2 - Simmons Truplex - SteinerG2B Mildot, Plex S1, SCR - Swarovski 4A-I, 4W, 4W-I - SWFA Mil-Quad- Trijicon ACOG Horseshoe Dot .223, ACOG Red Chevron .223, TA01NSN,TA01NSN-308, Accupoint Mildot - Vortex EBR-1 MOA, EBR-1 MRAD,EBR-2B MRAD, EBR-2B MOA, EBR-2C MOA, EBR-2C MRAD, EBR-3 MRAD,MilDot, VMR1 MOA, JM-1 BDC, XLR MOA, TMCQ MOA, V-Plex - WeaverGerman #4, TBX - Zeiss Rapid-Z 600, Rapid-Z 800, Rapid-Z 1000,Reticle 4, 60, 63 - ... more added regularly.Based on the numericalsolution of modified point mass trajectory equations.The mainfeatures are: - Solves modified point mass trajectory equationswith an efficient integration method. - No simplifying assumptionsfor best accuracy (doesn't resort to the usual flat fireassumption) - All data organized into savable profiles - Supportfor multiple ballistic coefficients at specified velocities -Atmospheric corrections: support Army Standard Metro (ASM) and ICAOstandard atmosphere models - Support variable wind profile betweenshooter and target - Includes Coriolis drift effect (Automaticlatitude and azimuth, using GPS and sensors) - Includes Spin Drifteffect (Gyroscopic drift) - Includes Aerodynamic jump effect -Displays hold-over in reticle view - Computes sight clicksadjustment for changing conditions (bullet, target distance, wind,...) - Computation of customizable drop tables - Ballisticcalibration (truing): auto adjust BC or muzzle velocity fromvelocity and/or drop measurements - Possible to export results as.png images or .csv files