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Gold Storm Casino - Asian Fishing Arcade Carnival
🎉 The most popular Asian casino game in 2020. Physical fishingarcades are perfectly moved online. Free gold coins are availableeveryday in order to help you score high and become an Oceanmillionaire. 🎉 【Game Features】 1.Elaborate Images ——There is muchmore beautiful graphics than real fishing arcades. Your gameexperience has been perfectly improved! 2.Wealth Surges —— 3 kindsof bet for each arcade serve your needs. Different special marineanimals bring you extraordinary wealth. 3.Ingenious Gameplay ——Withdifferent boss bonuses, there is always one making you abillionaire overnight! 4.Multiple Benefits —— Beginners start withat least 2,000,000 gold coins. Abundant and exclusive daily LuckyMoney are available every day! 5.Gorgeous Events —— Grab excellentgifts in the contests and big-money is waiting for YOU! 🎁 For morebenefits, please follow our Facebook account: www.facebook.com/GoldStormCasino 💌 If you have problems or suggestions, pleasecontact us: luckyfishing@xiexingyouxi.com 💖 We will check seriouslyand answer as soon as possible. 【Game Introduction】 1.Fascinatingprops: Drilling Cards, Laser Cards, SuperBomb Crab, Thunder Craband many other amazing brand new characters as well as gameplay!2.Different bosses are rampant! Unique gameplay allows you to win1000 times gold coins with just one shot and turn a billionaireimmediately! 3.Gold Storm Room bursts much more coins and materialsable to compose skill cards, providing intense and fabulous gameexperience! Win Jackpot! 4.Great props will be given and a bulk ofprizes wait to be won. Share to your friends and get rich together!※The game is intended for an adult audience for entertainmentpurposes only. ※Success at social casino gambling does not rewardreal money prizes, nor does it guarantee success at real moneygambling. Downloading this app means you accept our Terms ofService and Privacy Policyhttp://www.xiexingnet.com/en/privacypolicy.htmlhttp://www.xiexingnet.com/en/terms.html