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Tiny Rescuers 1.8
Xoot Games
Tiny Rescuers is a fast paced arcade game where you face off atreacherous villain and save as many innocent Tinies as youcan!Using simple one-tap controls, maneuver past hurtling obstaclesand carry the Tinies to safety! Unlock all the characters toexplore beautiful environments, from prehistoric Earth to afuturistic dystopia! Prove to your friends that are a true TinyRescuer!
Flame Runner 1.3
Xoot Games
High stakes action and comic hi-jinks await in this fun romp acrossthe world! You play as Prometheus, the Greek titan who stole firefrom Mount Olympus and gave it to mankind. Run through locationsaround the world, through hundreds of floors filled with dangerousenemies, keeping your stolen flame safe. Be quick - one misstepcould lead to disaster, and if the flame goes out, you'rehistory!Hot on your heels are a medley of monsters, ordered by theking of the Gods Zeus himself, to do anything they can to slow youdown! Find the easiest paths through over 300 levels, skirtingvenom spitting Medusae and murderous soldiers, to light the torchin every level before your flame runs out!EXCITING LOCATIONSVisitplaces as varied as the pyramids of Egypt and the castles of Japan!Traverse creepy crypts and massive jungles and face off against thefoes that await within!POWERFUL UPGRADESUpgrade your torch so itburns longer, giving you more time to navigate to the bottom ofeach level. Buy new stronger torches for even greater bonuses!