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Circle Pong 3.01
Do you love playing Ping Pong or Table Tennisgame? If yes, you will surely like the game play of the app “CirclePong”. Besides awesome dynamics of the circle pong play, the gamewill offer you plenty of sporty fun and addictive lure ofchallenge!How to play the game?It is extremely funny to learn the game plan but it is equallychallenging to master the control on the virtual ping pong ball andits striker’s movement coordination. As a player your ultimate aimis to keep the ball bouncing only within the circle perimeter. Ifyou miss your strike, the ball will move out of the circle and thegame will get over.Game features:Are you ready to download the challenging ball game? It’s allfree and the app will take few minutes time to get sync on yourandroid device! Before you start playing this addictive 360 pong,take a quick look at its lively features:• Uber-cool user interface: it is extremely easy to navigate thegame.• Once a game session gets over, you will get the display of yourscore, best score, and the stat of number of games played onscreen• You can play the game offline but for accessing leaderboard andachievement you need internet support on your device• Access leaderboard to know how other players are scoring and alsoget the privilege to compare your score with other players• You can access achievement to know how other online friends haveplayed the game,• You can share the game’s link to your favorite social networkingsites: let your friends know you are enjoying the game CirclePong!• Agar PhysicsThe interface will keep on changing its color in course of theplay; however, you will always feel vibrant and energetic whileplaying the game Circle Pong. It is a cool way to spend qualitytime on your android mobile/tablet
Tippy Tap 1.0
Tippy Tap is a new addicting game that is the ultimate test ofspeed and accuracy! Tap on the black tiles to reach your highscore, but NEVER tap the white ones.