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Temple Gran Run 1.0
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The latest addictive ultra-hit Temple Gran Runis out for Android! All your friends are playing this fun game -can you beat their high scores?!Explore the hidden dungeon and face the unknown dangers and fearahead you!Jump and dash to avoid the danger!!New One Touch control system and prolong phone battery!Many levels and games!!Super small game size!!Temple Gran Run is a free and super fun running game. Help UncleModi to discover the mysterious journey to find the castle. Don’tforget to collect coins in the game to beat your friend’s highscores!###Hidden levels and treasures are included; can you reach thereand find it? ###Download Temple Gran Run now as it is still FREE and starts youradventure discovery!
Subway Princess Run 1.1
YES Games
Subway Princess Run is the latestprincessrunning game! Help her to protect her castle and be thenewHERO!Princess Jessie is about to discover the mysterious in thesubwayrailway. You must face incoming trains and trolleys attack.Thesepowerful train can cause powerful impacts and areextremelydangerous, just tap and jump your way out. Dodge andescape them atall costs while collecting gold shinning coins tohelp complete allthe levels!!! Do not look back while you run….MakeJessie the bestsubway runner ever!Bonus and tips on playing Subway Princess Run :*Unlock new hidden levels*Beat your friend’s highscore*Ultra HD graphics*Brand new type of running gameReady to get hooked for hours? Download the new best rungame,and free Subway Princess Run right now!!!