YF Life Insurance International Ltd. Apps

萬通保險Connect 1.12.0
YF Life Connect – a communications platform enabling you tostayclosely connected with us YF Life is committed to creatingabrighter future for its customers by providing professionalandtechnology-enhanced one-stop risk- and wealth-managementconsultingservices, as well as MPF services. YF Life Connect isauser-friendly service and communications platform that enablesyouto stay closely connected with us, anytime, anywhere. 1. YFLifepolicyholders – download your ePolicyholder Card, which offerseasyaccess to an array of services for total peace of mind: •WorldwideEmergency Assistance Benefits • Home AssistanceServices(applicable only to Hong Kong) • Concierge Services(applicableonly to YF Life PLATINUM Concierge Card) 2. YF LifeEmployeeBenefits members (for selected clients only) • Retrievebenefitschedule • Check claim history & claim status •Submitelectronic claims (if applicable) • Search network doctor(ifapplicable) • Download forms 3. MASS MPF Scheme members •Viewaccount details, download benefit statement and change ofpersonalinformation via “Virtual Agent” • Submit change of fundallocationand fund switching in express way via “InvestmentInstructions” •View constituent fund details and latest fund pricevia“Constituent Fund” Some functions of “YF Life Connect” need tobeused together with “YF Life IM”. For more information,pleasecontact our financial consultants, call our CustomerServiceHotline at (852) 2533 5555 or visit www.yflife.com.
iFinance財務計算機 1.0.0
YF Life is committed to creating a brighter future for itscustomersby providing professional and technology-enhancedone-stop risk- andwealth-management consulting services. iFinanceis a user-friendlytool for calculating financial-planning needscovering differentlife stages. Simply input some basic info, andthis app will performa range of financial analyses for you.iFinance includes thefollowing calculators: - Be aMultimillionaire - Retirement -Education - Protection - MonthlyInvestments - Future Value YF Lifeis a member of publicly listedYunfeng Financial Group Limited. Formore information, pleasecontact our financial consultants, call ourCustomer ServiceHotline at (852) 2533 5555 or visit www.yflife.com.
萬通保險 IM 1.3.59
萬通保險 IM is a messaging app available for the sales force,customersof YF Life Insurance International Ltd, as well as thegeneralpublic. The app includes standard 1-1 chat, group chats, andchatwith Virtual Agent (Chatbot). With the help of Virtual Agent,youcould check your benefits by texting, submit claim withoutfillingform, and finding Clinics nearby by GPS.
萬通保險YFLink 1.7.2
YFLink – an info-service platform for you to stay closelyconnectedwith us YF Life is committed to helping you “own thefuture” withtechnology-enhanced one-stop risk- andwealth-management consultingservices. A user-friendly platform,YFLink enables you to manageyour policy and receive our latestnews, anytime, anywhere, whilebenefiting from professionalinsurance-service expertise. YF LifePolicyholders • Check policyinformation • Track progress ofapplications or policy changes •Submit application for policychanges • Contact designated financialconsultant General User •Browse product and company information •Receive latest news andcurrent YF Life promotions For moreinformation, please contact ourfinancial consultants, call ourCustomer Service Hotline at (852)2533 5555, or visitwww.yflife.com.
iWealth投資大計 1.0.0
YF Life is committed to creating a brighter future for itscustomersby providing professional and technology-enhancedone-stop risk- andwealth-management consulting services. iWealthis a fast andinteractive wealth-management tool, to help youmanage yourinvestments efficiently and realize your dreams.iWealth offers arange of useful features: - Advanced searching forinvestmentchoices - View calendar-year and cumulative performance- Accessdaily unit prices - Create personalized investment-choicewatch list- Portfolio Review Report - Fund switching - Globalmarket insightsYF Life is a member of publicly listed YunfengFinancial GroupLimited. For more information, please contact ourfinancialconsultants, call our Customer Service Hotline at (852)2533 5555 orvisit www.yflife.com.