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Poker 99 (Single player) 1.0.4
Introduction ========= Ninety-nine is a simple card game basedaround addition and reportedly popular among gypsies. The additionis so simple, so it is also suit for little children learning math.Features ======= Single player, no need to wait other. Multipletype NPC AI, we guarantee the NPCs never cheat. Voice reportnumbers, it is fun. Support both phone and tablet. The only one 99game in Google Play Store. How to play ========= At the beginningof the game, five cards are distributed to each player, andremainder cards are placed on desk with backside up. The game isstarting from human player and play in the count-clockwise order.After a player choose a card to play, the game will automaticallydraws a new card from desk for player, so the total cards inplayer's hand will not be changed. There is a running totaldisplayed on the left bottom corner with value 0 initially. Duringthe game play, the value of each card played is added to thisrunning total which is not allowed to exceed 99. A player whocannot play without causing this total to surpass 99 is consideredloser. Functional cards ============= K:value is 99 no matterprevious total value. Q:value is -20, or +20. J:value is 0, andcurrent player is skipped. (PASS) 10:value is -10, or +10. 5:valueis 0, and player can assign which player plays at next turn.4:value is 0 and the order of play is reversed. Other cards arenormal card, which add card value to running total. Strategy ======During each round of the game, the running total will eventuallyclimb to 99, and once it has, it is not likely to decrease verymuch before someone is unable to play. The game's strategy,therefore, revolves around cultivating a hand that can survive foras long as possible once ninety-nine is reached. This consists ofsaving more functional cards while playing cards of large value.Another strategy is to raise the total to 99 early by use of therequired card in the hopes of catching another player unprepared.Keywords: poker 99 addition subtract pass assign reverse AndEngineNote1: Poker 99 includes mobile platform advertisement, there is alittle network traffic during game playing. Note2: To help improvethe user experience, the game uses Google Analytics to collectanonymous information when the game is running, including: gameplaying time, the brand and model of mobile phone or tablet, theAndroid system version, the game crash reports, and user localelanguage setting information. We _absolutely not_ (and without therelevant permissions) to collect any user privacy information, suchas: Email account, address book contacts, name, phone number andother privacy information.
Scogger Guide 1.0.1
Scogger guide is an Android app to helpuserplaying the Scogger game when he/she is stuck at somelevels.When you are stuck at specific Scogger level, don't worry aboutit,let Scogger Guide help you.1. Open the editor scene.2. Touch the grid to place/remove leaves, and then you get thesamearrangement with the level you stuck at in Scogger game.3. Change the leaf/frog switch. (near top-right corner)4. Touch the leaf to place frog.5. Press calculate button, and let Scogger Guide show youtheanswer! ;-)Caution:I don't want to reduce the fun when you play the Scogger, sousethis app only when you really really really get stuck.Remark:Scogger is a simple puzzle game released on severalplatforms,including DS, PSP, Wii, GC, PS3, and of cause includingtheAndroid. See https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=it.scognito.scoggerFreefordetails.The goal of the Scogger game is to make the frog jump over alltheleaves. The only available direction the frog can move areforward,left and right (no diagonals or backward), with no jumpdistancelimit!
eLag slasher 1.5
Far Eastern chairman Douglas Hsu said, "Ifyouwant to pull out, then pull out. I want to ask how you wouldtakethe freeway after you drop out."After this kindly suggestion, there are many users dropping outofthe system everyday. As an employee, your job is servicingthedropping out users. First, click the "step forward" button tocallfor another waiting vehicle to the specified location, andthenswipe the knife down to remove the sticker. Prettysimple,huh?
eTag不爽裝,免儲值,一樣上國道 1.0.1
聽說『eTag不爽貼』的貼紙每次印出來,一下子就發光光了。為了讓不方便取得實體貼紙的網友們取得這張2014年最潮的貼紙,所以這個app誕生了。本app的目的只有一個:為執行Android系統的各種手機或平板電腦,提供一張最適合您裝置螢幕解析度的『eTag不爽貼』貼紙圖片。您可以隨身帶著此貼紙圖片,並於適合的時機拿出來使用,以表達您對現況的不滿意。如果您覺得圖片糊糊的不清晰,或是有任何建議,請email給開發者知道。☆★☆ 警告 ★☆★使用本app時,請隨身攜帶並保管好您的手機或平板。請勿將顯示本app內容的手機或平板電腦,放置或黏貼於汽車車體上,如有造成手機平板失竊或損壞情形,本app不負任何賠償責任。I heard "eTagunhappystickers" Every sticker printed, suddenly emitting thelight. Tomake inconvenient to get physical stickers netizens madethis in2014 the tide of stickers, so this app was born.The app is only one purpose: to perform a variety ofAndroidsystem phone or tablet to provide a device that best fitsyourscreen resolution "eTag unhappy stickers" sticker picture.You can carry this sticker pictures, and in the appropriatetimeto put to use to express your dissatisfaction of thepresentsituation.If you feel gooey picture is not clear, or have anysuggestions,please email to the developers know.☆ ★ ☆ ★ ☆ ★ warningWhen using this app, please carry and take good care of yourphoneor tablet. Do not display the contents of the app phone ortablet,placed or affixed to the vehicle body, causing the phone ifstolenor damaged flat case, the app assumes no liability.