Free Audio Books by Librivox 2.2.4
★ The App discovers best free audio books of all the time: Prideand Prejudice, Sherlock Holmes, Republic, Alice's Adventures inWonderland and so on ★ Free Audio Books by Librivox allows you tolisten to over 10,000 English audiobooks for free. ★ If you are anEnglish learner, you can read the textbook and listen to anaudiobook at the same time to improve your English listening. LearnEnglish by Audio Books includes list of popular books and a list ofshort books which suitable to expand your vocabulary and improveyour English listening. ★ You can download the books so you canlisten whenever you want. Librivox is an extensive collection ofclassic audiobooks read by volunteers; the goal is to record everybook in the public domain. Librivox is audible for anyone to listento on your iPhone, Android, computers or to burn onto a CD.Features * More than 3000 free audio books including text book fromGutenberg. * Stream or free download to listening/reading offline.* Choose day, night reading modes, select font size. * Pick upright where you left off. * Share your classic audiobooks onFacebook. See what your friends are reading. * Chapter navigation,bookmarking. * Browse by genre or search for specific keywords. Topmonth free audible books Pride and Prejudice, Adventures of TomSawyer, Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, Sherlock Holmes, Tale ofTwo Cities, Picture of Dorian Gray, The Iliad, Emma and so on TopLearn English audiobooks Andersen's Fairy Tales, Grimms' FairyTales, Adventures of Pinocchio, English Fairy Tales, New ArabianNights, Book of a Thousand Nights and a Night, Frog Prince andOther Stories and so on Top categories Fiction, Romance, Fantasy,Adventure, Science fiction, Christmas, Short stories, Love stories,History, Poems, Poetry, Travel, Detective, and many more! ★ Getstarted listening and reading English audiobooks today! ★ We wouldlike to thank all volunteers on the Project free Audio BooksLibrivox and Project Gutenberg for their amazing work. ★ If youhave any questions or would like more information about ouraudiobooks App, please do not hesitate to contact us via email(support@yobimi.com)
English Speaking Practice & Vocabulary 3.0.4
More than 2 million learners are learning English through thisapplication. Let’s enjoy! English Speaking Practice &Vocabulary is the free application to improve your English speakingskill naturally and easily with dictionary. It will help you speakEnglish fluently. Just listen, repeat and compare. ENGLISH SPEAKINGPRACTICE - Each English lesson is based on a real worldconversation between the user and a native speaker. Users are putin a variety of real world situations and take part inconversations using the most frequently used vocabulary andgrammar. You will improve English speaking practice skill with it,listening every day and speak repeat. - There is a tremendousemphasis put on English pronunciation. Users have access to normaland slow playback speeds for each conversation, sentence, and word.Place your cursor over any word in the program and it will bepronounced slowly by our instructor, not by a computer generatedvoice. - 2500 common vocabulary and phrase items. REMEMBER ENGLISHVOCABULARY - You can bookmark anything word that you want to learnand remember. - And you can play game vocabulary to remember words,there are two games to play. FEATURES - 100 English conversations -1500 Most Common Words from basic to advance. - 1000 Most CommonPhrases. - Speak English pronunciation with list of vowels andconsonants. - Game Practice. - Huge amount of audio content. -Normal and slow playback speeds. - Analysis features pronunciation,literal translation, meaning,and characters. Learn English SpeakingPractice daily to improve all of your English skills: EnglishListening, English Speaking and English Grammar right now! ★ Moreinformation: Website: http://learnenglish.yobimi.com/ ★ Follow usand Learn English even more: Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/learningenglish.yobimi/ G +:https://plus.google.com/u/0/+YobimiLearningEnglish Support:support@yobimi.com
English Pronunciation 2.2.0
★ Pronunciation is one of the important steps to speak Englishbasically. This App will help learners, especially beginners. whohave difficulties or questions on how to pronounce words properlyand how to distinguish the various English sounds. ★ EnglishPronunciation plans for all levels of learner with a variety ofbasic lessons, advanced lessons and pronunciation tips. With ourapp, you will have a great time to learn about English phoneticsand sounds. You also practice pronunciation skills by word orsentences together with listening and speaking skills. FEATURE ★Various lessons: step by step pronunciation lessons with basiclevel (vowel sounds, diphthong sounds and consonant sounds),advanced level (linking word, stress and intonation) and manyinteresting pronunciation tips. ★ You can listen and practice bothBritish accent & American accent ★ Easy to practicepronunciation exercises: - Pronounce English and voice recording tocompare - Listening and writing Words - Writing English phonetic -Writing English words with English phonetics ★ Interactive PhonemicChart with high quality audio. Just install English PronunciationPractice app to enjoy, pronounce Words and improve your Englishcommunication. ★ More information: Website:http://learnenglish.yobimi.com/ ★ Follow us and Learn English evenmore: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/learningenglish.yobimi/Twitter: https://twitter.com/YobimiE G +:https://plus.google.com/u/0/+YobimiLearningEnglish Support:support@yobimi.com
Learn English Speaking with Anna 1.0.8
What's the secret to speak English better and make yourconversation naturally?How to speak English fluently in the fastestway and enhance your vocabulary source?It's mastery of those trickyvocabulary and phrases that are so common in English dailyconversation. Hear American English as it's really spoken fromnative speakers. Record yourself reading the dialogues and playthem back. Compare yourself with native speakers. Improving yourEnglish speaking has never been so much fun!This app brings you: •Over 300 of today's most common American English vocabulary &phrases. • Over 50 daily English conversations with variouscategories. • Dozens of interactive exercises to reinforce thematerial. • Role-playing helps you remember your Englishconversation in dept. • Listen & Record – a great way toimprove your pronunciation! • Speak & Compare – a good way tocorrect your pronunciation mistakes.In this app, you’ll join anAmerican group of the woman called Anna as they go about theirday-to-day lives. Along the way, you will master over 300 oftoday's most common English vocabulary and speaking! And learningthese English vocabulary and phrases will not only help you speakEnglish better, it'll help you understand American Englishbetter.Let's speak English like an American! This american Englishspeaking app is easy for beginners to learn English everyday andinteresting for people who want to discover American life. Figureout more useful knowledge with Anna until now.★ MoreinformationWebsite: http://learnenglish.yobimi.com/★ Follow us andlearn English even more:Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/learningenglish.yobimi/Twitter:https://twitter.com/YobimiEG +:https://plus.google.com/u/0/+YobimiLearningEnglishSupport:support@yobimi.com
English Grammar Test 2.1.1
Hi! Here is the English Grammar test and tutorial for those whowant to start learning English fast and free of charge. ★ This appcovers 5000+ English grammar test questions, using simpleexplanations, many examples, and fun quizzes. ★ Whether you are anEnglish language learner, or a native English speaker, this Englishgrammar practice app will help you with the structure of English.By improving your English grammar, your writing and speaking willboth improve. FEATURES - 2 levels, 20 lessons & over 5000English grammar test questions - Clear explanations for eachanswers - English Grammar practice with many types of questions -English Grammar test through illustration - Auto updates newquestions and tests - Can be used offline ★ This App is the bestchoice for beginners and easiest way to master English Grammar. Theentire app is completely free and everything is unlocked. Go aheadand install this free app and start learning now! ★ Moreinformation Website: http://learnenglish.yobimi.com/ ★ Follow usand learn English even more: Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/learningenglish.yobimi/ Twitter:https://twitter.com/YobimiE G +:https://plus.google.com/u/0/+YobimiLearningEnglish Support:support@yobimi.com
Classic Books for Free - Read & Listen 2.0.1
★ This reading app discovers best classic books to read: Grimm’sFairy Tales – The Brothers Grimm, Alice's Adventures in Wonderland,Dracula, Sherlock Holmes, Pride and Prejudice, etc ★ Reading Appallows you read & listen thousands of free books fromGutenberg. Project Gutenberg offers over 57,000 free eBooks. Chooseamong free EPUB books, free kindle books, download them or readthem online. You will find the world's great literature here, withfocus on older works for which copyright has expired. ★ Supportrich book library with many languages: English, French, Spanish,Portuguese, Italian, German...But the most books are English booksso if you are English learners, this app also the choice forimproving English reading skill, English listening skill and extendVocabulary, Grammar structure ★ With our Ebook reader, you can readfree books, novels both online & offline and have great readingexperiences with rich features: - Reading apps will be suitable forall - EPUB Reader: easy to use - Support both reading &listening 50.000+ classic books, stories, novels - 2 reading mode:moon - day - Change reading speed - Change text front & size -Highlight to bookmarks ebooks - Login to review books - Supportdictionary, copy & share books - Update free books everyday ★Top good books, novels to read: Moby Dick; Or, The Whale, Heart ofDarkness, The Adventures of Tom Sawyer, War and Peace, A Tale ofTwo Cities, Grimms' Fairy Tales, Peter, Emma, etc ★ Top authorswith famous novels: Homter, Plato, Jane Austen, Victor Hugo, MarkTaiwan, William Shakespeare, Charlotte Brontë, Voltaire, etc ★ Topcategories: Animal, Children's Bookshelf, Countries Bookshelf,Crime Bookshelf, Education Bookshelf, Classic books ect ★ Getstarted listening and reading classic books today! ★ If you haveany questions or would like more information about our App, pleasedo not hesitate to contact us via email (support@yobimi.com)