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Hello there! Welcome to YourQuote, the only writing app you'll everneed. Made in India in 2016, YourQuote is currently used by over 4million writers worldwide in 12+ languages and hosts over 100million original posts on the platform. With thousands of beautifulwallpapers to broadcast your poems, stories & quotes, YourQuoteis an app that's designed to make you fall in love with writing allover again. If you are starting out as a writer, YourQuotehandholds you like a friend and helps you find the writer withinyou. If you already are a writer, it helps you unlock all thesecrets of writing and makes you practise daily. YourQuote helpsyou go professional with your writing journey with the Paid Storiesfeature: you can price your post and get your followers andwell-wishers to either purchase or subscribe to you for anaffordable fee per month. And last but not the least, once you areready with 48 posts, YourQuote provides you an option to publish:you become a published author with us and we deliver your freshlyprinted book at your doorstep, helping you earn royalty from itssales. Basically, we take care of your entire writing journey. Withthe mission to make the world write, YourQuote makes sure that you:1. WRITE EVERYDAY: Yes, that's it. YourQuote will inspire you towrite daily, teaching you techniques to become better and unleashthe most honest voice within you. 2. GET PAID FOR WRITING:YourQuote lets your publish Paid Stories and have your readerssupport your writing by purchasing them individually or subscribeto you monthly. You can withdraw the royalty in your bank account.3. BECOME A BETTER WRITER WITH TIME: Meet the YourQuote Baba andhis family of writer-makers! With daily creative writing tips,masterclasses and prompts, it makes writing fun and easy for thosegetting started, and fulfilling for those eager to take it to thenext level. From writing a poem to writing a novel, we have got youcovered about every form of writing. 4. PUBLISH YOUR BOOK &EARN REAL-TIME ROYALTY: Once you cross 48 posts, YourQuote unlockspublishing for you. Publish on YQ Bookstore, get a physical copydelivered to your doorstep and earn real-time royalty. Get notifiedevery time someone buys your books and connect with buyers rightaway. We have short-circuited the publishing process for the world.5. MAKE YOUR QUOTES GOOGLE SEARCHABLE: Ever searched for AlbertEinstein or Mother Teresa quotes on Google? Ever wondered why onlyfamous people's quotes are up on Google? Now no more. YourQuoteturns your own quotes up on Google search within two months. Google"Your Name Quotes" after posting 20+ quotes & see how magichappens! 6. FIND WRITER FRIENDS & FOLLOWERS: Befriend a writerand you shall never die, someone wise once said. Imagine a worldfilled with brilliant writers to follow and make friends with!YourQuote turns your imagination into reality, giving you an accessto the finest creative minds at your fingertips. Try the fun collabfeature to collaborate with your favourites. 7. WRITE ON PHOTOS& CREATE A PICTORIAL PORTFOLIO OF YOUR ORIGINAL WORKS: Writeabout anything under the sun (& even above it!): from quotes,stories, love poems, terribly tiny tales, shayari, ghazal, jokes,haikus to memes. YourQuote creates a stunning pictorial portfolioof your original literary work. 8. LET YOUR WORDS TRAVEL THE WORLD& EARN CREDIT: Posting is boasting! :) Share across Facebook,Instagram, Twitter, WhatsApp & Twitter at the click of abutton. 9. WRITE IN ANY LANGUAGE: We care for your mother-tongue.Our team speaks 20 languages, you know. YourQuote supports alllanguages & has millions of writers posting their originalworks in English, Hindi, Odia, Kannada, Malayalam, Bangla, Tamil,Telugu, Urdu, Marathi, Gujarati, Assamese among others. Join &start this extremely fulfilling journey with words. It's never toolate to start writing. Happy discovering yourself on YourQuote! :)