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aboshady.id 2.0.1
التطبيق الرسمي للدكتور خالد أبوشادي ويحتوي على القرآن الكريم كاملا،وأهم تغريداته، ومقاطعه المصورة، وكتبه.The official application toDr. Khalid Aboushady contains whole Quran, and the most importantNgredath, and the District of comic, and his books.
LiveHealthy 2.2
Livehealthy is a full fledge Medical Platform that aims to helpeveryone get the level of medical service and healthcare theydeserve and need in a timely efficient mannerLivehealthy Helpspatients:Search for and Book their medical appointments and remindsthem on the same daySearch for nearby Pharmacies and easily requesttheir medications delivered to their door stepFind Labs &Radiology Centers for their medical tests and analysisHome CarePatients are at the core of our Focus as we provide Physician andNurse Home Visits as well as Lab & Radiology Examinations atthe comfort of their homesLiveHealthy allows Patients to buildtheir medical file which enables the Physician to analyze and dealwith the case better--------Major updates and added features withthis versionNow you can search and Book for the best doctors basedon location, rating, price and many other filter criteria and enjoyspecial discounts offered by doctors exclusively for LiveHealthyusersNot only that but we have extended our House Visit network tocover all Greater Cairo for nurses and doctorsAND … yes, you canorder your medication through our application and leverage ourpartnership with Misr Pharmacies serving our users through theirwidely spread chainYou can create a medical profile for your familyand manage their doctor appointments and house visits as wellYouwill never miss your medicine dose again, Just Add your medicationsand we will remind you of itComplete your medical profile and getcustomized medical information and tips on the goOur fullyintegrated medical platform is at your fingertipsDon’t forget tolet us know your feedbackWe promise you increased and improved carefrom day one and as we go so keep your feedback coming and makesure you always have the latest application version for moresurprises :)
Integral 3.2
Integral Building Solutions is an app that designed to facilitatethe communication between the company and the clients , and to givea preview n the company products.
LiveHealthy Sales 1.3
LiveHealthy Sales app is targeted for LIveHealthy Sales staff tohelp them with completing the physicians on boarding processMedicalAffairs executives can create doctors offline and sync when aconnection is availableMedical affairs Executives can manage allphysicians as well as clinics data on the go in an easy andefficient way