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Yandex.Toloka 0.4.12
Yandex.Toloka gives you the opportunity toearn money in the internet. Here you can perform simple tasks andget rewarded. No special knowledge is required, only thewillingness to analyze web pages content or complete missions inthe field. Perform tasks when it’s convenient and earn money makingthe internet a better place.Yandex.Toloka offers:Tasks to choose fromYou can perform the tasks paid better or just those you like more.For example, some prefer to compare texts or images, other - verifyorganizations.Money withdrawalsMoney will be transferred to your Yandex.Toloka account as soon asthe task is accepted by its customer. The funds can be withdrawn toPayPal and Yandex.Money wallets. Users from Ukraine can also usethe Privatbank cards.User ProfileYou can check your tasks and the account balance in "Profile"section. Your rating and skills will be listed there as well: thehigher they are, the more tasks you can get.Before installing the application, please read our licenseagreement:
Yandex.Toloka 1.16.1
New Yandex.Toloka app for you! It’s easy to earn money in theinternet with Yandex.Toloka: complete simple tasks and getrewarded. No special knowledge is required, just download the appand start completing missions in the field or analyzing web pagescontent. Perform tasks when it’s convenient for you! For example onthe way to work, while returning from classes or just taking awalk. Pick tasks paid higher or those you like more and earn moneymaking the internet a better place. Money will be transferred toyour Yandex.Toloka account as soon as the task is accepted by itscustomer. The funds can be withdrawn to Skrill, PayPal andYandex.Money wallets. We’ll be glad to receive your feedback on theapp. Leave your comments from the app or write Your feedback will help the app becomebetter and more convenient. Please note – this app is intended forusers over the age of 18. Before installing the application, pleaseread our license agreement:
Zen: personalized stories feed 4.1.0
Yandex Zen is an infinite feed of stories, images, videos,articles, features and many more, sourced for you by artificialintelligence, based on your personal interests and preferences.Enjoy a limitless stream of content to tickle your fancy, right atyour fingertips. Download Yandex Zen to discover something newevery day! No fees or subscription charges. Yandex Zen is availablein English, as well as Hindi, Bengali, Telugu and Tamil, among 50other languages. Highlighted features: ENJOY CONTENT FROM OVER 1000SOURCES Enjoy one of the largest collections of stories from morethan 1,000 trusted sources covering everything from sports tocelebrities, and from business to technology. Bollywood, cricket orhoroscopes – discover something interesting personally for you. GETZEN TO KNOW YOU Fine-tune your personal feed by liking or dislikingarticles to see more of similar content or less of it. Each of yourlikes or dislikes counts. The more you use Yandex Zen, the more itlearns about your individual interests, the better content it willbe offering you. THINK GLOBAL, ACT LOCAL Adjust your Yandex Zen toyour personal perspective by liking more global articles or morelocal articles, or disliking them, to see more of similar contentor less of it in your feed. SEE WHAT HAPPENS ABROAD Discover newinteresting stories popular in other countries simply by changingyour source country in Settings. READ STORIES IN YOUR PREFERREDLANGUAGE Enjoy content in your preferred language regardless ofyour location – be it your mother tongue or an acquired language.Simply choose the language you prefer in Settings. PICK YOURSOURCES Add your favourite content sources to the feed in Settingsand view more articles from your favourite media, or simply blockthose sources that fail to entertain you. CHOOSE WHERE TO VIEW YOURFEED Install the app’s widget on any screen of your smartphone andenjoy your personal content feed where you want it. KEEP UP WITHWHAT’S NEW View snapshots of the latest additions to your personalfeed right in Notifications. VIEW CONTENT RIGHT IN ZEN Readstories, view images or watch video right in Yandex Zen. Enablethis function in Settings and save time by viewing content withoutopening your browser. UPDATE YOUR FEED WHENEVER YOU WANT Simplyswipe down from the top to see more stories. Your content feedupdates automatically, but you can always update it yourself. Getin touch with us with your comments, requests or suggestions at .