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Magic Square Game 1.0
Magic Square is a fun mathematical game template that has neverbeen there neither on the Play Store, nor on CodeCanyon. It is aneasy looking game but actually not that simple to win, so one mustbe very smart to win the fun game!Magic Square is a funmathematical game template did has never been there neither on thePlay Store, nor on Code Canyon. It is an easy game but lookingActually not that simple to win, so one must be very smart to winthe game fun!
Social Network - by Codelight 1.0
Preview app for SocialNetworkonCodeCanyon.Preview app forSocialNetwork on Code Canyon.
Social Network - CodeCanyon Preview 2.5
Have you ever wanted to create your own social network likeInstagram or Facebook? Launching a project that can accumulatethousands of users in one place?The Social Network TemplateComplete App is the best solution you can find in the market tomake your own Social Network.Photo posting featureYou will findevery main feature a social network should have in this project,even a photo crop functionality so that your photos always fitperfectly into the feed.Built-in Follower-system If you want toknow where your friends are and what they are doing, just followthem, so you can see magical photos from their adventures, nomatter where you are.Push notifications and custom feedsWith theactivity system, you don’t miss anything because you get notifiedof every like and comment on your post. And in case you absolutelywant to show a photo to your friend or simply want to answer to acomment, you can mention your friends, just as you’re used toit.Here is a download link for the demo available in thePlayStore:https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.codelight.yannickerpelding.savethedot
Re:Lor 1.0
Re:Lor ReactionGame is a fun reaction game template that hasneverbeen there neither on the Play Store, nor on CodeCanyon. It isaneasy looking game but if you want to beat the highest scores,youwill have to be very fast! It can be played but not onlyadults,but it will also fit very well on a kids phone!