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com.yasapets.xmas 1.1
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Yasa Pets Christmas is a fully interactive dollhouse where you willfind the magic and excitement of Christmas morning every time youvisit. Join these adorable kittens as they celebrate with theirfamily and have a wonderful time! Yasa Pets Christmas is totallyFREE with NO in app purchases !! Features include: * Play withthree generations of this adorable family! * Share in theexcitement of xmas morning! * Check the Christmas stockings to finddelicious surprises! * Open a lot of presents under the Christmastree! * Discover a variety of toys and outfits to play with. *Welcome Grandma and Grandpa with mince pies and warm milk! * Helpset the dining table and serve up a delicious meal. * Get ready forxmas dinner by getting dressed up! * Enjoy a festive dinner withthe whole family. * Have fun with the whole family sitting by thefireplace. * Get ready for bedtime with a nice warm bubble bath! *Say goodnight to Gran and Grandpa before bedtime. * Change ourtired kittens into nightgowns and pyjamas. * Put them to bed aftera busy day! The house includes: LIVING ROOM : In the lounge there’sa cosy fireplace next to the magical xmas tree filled with loads ofpresents that can be opened and played with! KITCHEN : A fullyworking kitchen with a fridge full of food for all our dolls toeat. Including their favourites like milk and ice-creams! DININGROOM : The whole family can gather round the dinning table to enjoya festive dinner filled with traditional foods! 2 BEDROOMS : Kidsand parents bedrooms provide dolls with restful sleep after a longday of play and opening presents! BATHROOM : With a working bathand sink these kittens can have a nice warm bath and brush theirteeth before bedtime! OUTSIDE : Get wrapped up and go outside toplay in the snow! *** Enjoy playing Yasa Pets Christmas? Leave us areview, we love hearing from you. For any other issues send us anemail at support@yasapets.com Privacy is an issue that we take veryseriously. To learn more, please read our privacy policy :https://www.yasapets.com/privacy-policy/ www.facebook.com/YasaPetswww.instagram.com/yasapets
Yasa Pets Village 1.0.3
Yasa Ltd
Welcome to Yasa Pets Village, a fully interactive world of fun! Thefirst location in the village is now open and ready for you tovisit … an adorable family of bunny rabbits is waiting for you todrop by and play with them in their home! Yasa Pets Village istotally FREE with NO in app purchases !! **** Available Now: TheBunny House! **** Features include: * Explore two floors of thisfully featured play house! * Play with three generations of thisadorable family! * Collect hidden stars to get special prizes! *Answer the door to receive fun deliveries! * Discover a variety oftoys and outfits to play with! * Enjoy a family meal fresh from thefully interactive kitchen! * All of the bunnies love trying on newoutfits! * Get our friends ready for bedtime with a nice warmbubble bath! * Sleepy bunnies can be put to bed after a busy day!LIVING ROOM : In the lounge there’s a comfy sofa to sink into whilewatching television and eating carrots with the whole family!KITCHEN : A fully working kitchen with a fridge full of food forall our friends to eat. Including their favourites like fruit,ice-creams and especially carrots! Make delicious hot apple pies inthe oven. ENTRANCE HALL : This is where everyone goes when thedoorbell chimes … what will it be? A present from the postman? Sometasty food from the grocery store? Or maybe a delicious pizza toshare? LAUNDRY ROOM : Here our family stack the dirty laundry upbeside the washing machine! They also store extra presents from thedeliveries they receive! BATHROOM : Upstairs the bunnies can relaxin a hot soapy bubble bath or brush their teeth before bedtime. 2BEDROOMS : Sleepy bunnies love curling up in their warm beds aftera busy day eating carrots and watching TV!! Coming Soon: * More funlocations to visit! * Lots of adorable new animals to play with! *Tons of new foods to feed your friends! * Extra costumes, toys,activities and much, much more!! *** Enjoy playing Yasa PetsVillage? Leave us a review, we love hearing from you. For any otherissues send us an email at support@yasapets.com Privacy is an issuethat we take very seriously. To learn more, please read our privacypolicy : https://www.yasapets.com/privacy-policy/www.facebook.com/YasaPets www.instagram.com/yasapets
Yasa Pets Hotel 1.2
Yasa Ltd
It’s time for a vacation … take a trip to a world of holiday fun!Check in to the Yasa Pets Hotel and eat everything in the minibar.Then float in the pool with an ice-cream, play tennis and visit asecret tropical island! Yasa Pets Hotel is totally FREE with NO inapp purchases !! Features include: * Explore a luxury hotel full offun holiday activities! * Two families of guests to play with …cute bunnies and adorable kitties! * The hotel is fully staffedwith maids, waiters, bellboys, concierge and more! * Enjoydelicious foods in the restaurant and on the terrace! * Fullystacked mini-bar! * Try on new holiday outfits! * Play tennis withfriends and family! * Take a dip in the pool! * Unlock the secretisland by collecting stars! * Join the staff and make sure guestshave a lovely stay! **** Remember to connect to the internet tocollect the stars **** SECRET ISLAND : Collect 6 stars to get aboat ride to a secret tropical island full of exotic birds and raresea shells. Try out loads of exotic fruits and drinks. Enjoyrelaxing on the beach and going for a swim. RECEPTION : Friendlystaff are always happy to help a new family check in to the hotel …once they have their room key, the bellboy will help them taketheir luggage up to their room! HOTEL ROOMS : Our families ofbunnies and kittens can choose between two luxury suites, each ofwhich has two bedrooms, a bathroom and a balcony with a beautifulview! RESTAURANT : When it’s time for a delicious afternoon tea,with cake, cupcakes sandwiches and a fresh pot of tea, there isonly one place to go … the restaurant also has a full buffet ofdrinks and sandwiches for everyone to enjoy! TENNIS COURT : Aftertrying on the stylish tennis costumes in the sports shop, it’s timeto play a friendly match … maybe children against parents? Or girlsagainst boys? POOL : On a hot summers day nothing is better than acool refreshing dip in the pool. Relax and float peacefully in oneof the inflatable rings or see who can do the best dive from thediving board! The pool attendant is always happy to provide afluffy new towel to dry off afterwards. TERRACE : Spend qualitytime with family and friends on the hotel terrace where the onlydecision is whether to have an amazing fruit smoothie or anice-cream sundae! 

 STAFF AREA : The hotel staff work hard so thatall the guests have a wonderful stay. There’s always lots oflaundry to wash and iron after cleaning the rooms. Luckily hotelemployees also have a room where they can relax after a long dayand take a much deserved break. *** Enjoy playing Yasa Pets Hotel?Leave us a review, we love hearing from you. For any other issuessend us an email at support@yasapets.com Privacy is an issue thatwe take very seriously. To learn more, please read our privacypolicy : https://www.yasapets.com/privacy-policy/www.facebook.com/YasaPets www.instagram.com/yasapets
Yasa Pets School 1.0.2
Yasa Ltd
It’s time for school … Pick a locker and sit next to your friendsin class! Win the sports competition and celebrate with a pizzaparty. Then graduate with a diploma and go to the Prom! Yasa PetsSchool is totally FREE with NO in app purchases !! Featuresinclude: * Explore a new school full of fun activities! * Help theteachers give fun lessons to their students! * Lots of cute bunniesand adorable kitties to play with! * Eat lunch in the schoolcafeteria sitting beside all of your friends! * Try fun experimentsin the school laboratory! * Collect lots of outfits for school andsports! * Play on the school basketball and football teams! *Compete in the gymnastics competition! * Visit the principal’soffice! Or visit the nurse’s office! * Unlock the HIGH SCHOOLGRADUATION by collecting STARS !!!! * Graduate with a diploma andgo to the photo studio! * Get dressed up and go to prom to partywith your whole class!! * Then go home and have a sleepover withfriends! **** Remember to connect to the internet to collect thestars **** HIGH SCHOOL GRADUATION : Collect 6 stars to see thewhole class graduate from high school!! All of the students get adiploma and a special gown!! Hand out awards at the prizegiving!!HIGH SCHOOL PROM : Take a family portrait in the photographystudio!! Students get to dress in prom dresses and tuxedos fortheir special night! They will never forget their high school prom!CLASSROOM : When the bell rings students must be at their desksbefore the grumpy teacher arrives! Make sure Kitties and Bunnieshave done their homework and are ready for the test! SCIENCELABORATORY : Students dress in special lab coats and safety goggleswhen carrying out crazy experiments!! Use the cool scientificequipment!! Examine the amazing bugs in the specimen jars!! SCHOOLCAFETERIA : After lots of studying, students line up for adelicious lunch. The dinner lady has warm tasty meals for hungrychildren! Choose between pizza, roast chicken or fish with lots ofhealthy vegetables and delicious cup cakes for desert! SCHOOL NURSE: When a student has a tummy ache or bumps their head the schoolnurse will look after them in her office! The nurse has lots ofmedicines and puts plasters on wounds! She might even let studentsrest in the bed and watch some TV instead of going back to class!SCHOOL PRINCIPAL’S OFFICE : Naughty students get sent to see theheadmaster!! The headmaster is always in his office to make surethat everyone behaves well and learns their lessons. Better not getcaught running in the corridor or you’ll find yourself indetention!! SCHOOL GYM : The students love sports!! The school gymhas lots of fun games for everyone to play … choose betweenBasketball, Football and Gymnastics!! There are lots of uniformsand plenty of sports equipment to use! After the game have a hotshower in the locker room!! Give trophies and medals to thewinners!! 
HOME : After school have a sleepover with friends fromschool!! Order pizza or burgers and ice-cream to be delivered!!Play computer games, watch TV and feed the parrots in a fancyapartment. Then get ready for school in the morning … there is abig day of learning ahead!
 *** Enjoy playing Yasa Pets School?Leave us a review, we love hearing from you. For any other issuessend us an email at support@yasapets.com Privacy is an issue thatwe take very seriously. To learn more, please read our privacypolicy : https://www.yasapets.com/privacy-policy/www.youtube.com/c/YasaPets www.facebook.com/YasaPetswww.instagram.com/yasapets
Yasa Pets Halloween 1.0
Yasa Ltd
It’s Halloween … Explore a fully interactive haunted house!!Findthe perfect costume in the fancy dress shop!! GoTrick-Or-Treatingfor candy!! Yasa Pets Halloween is totally FREE toplay !! Featuresinclude: * Explore a haunted house full of spookyfun! * Collectover 100 halloween costumes to wear! * Lots of cutebunnies andadorable kitties to play with! * Enjoy a halloween feastin thecreepy dining hall! * Find and unlock all the treats in thestoreroom and the kitchen! * Play hide and seek in the dustycoffins! *Visit a fortune teller and learn about the future! * Mixspells inthe witches cauldron with spooky ingredients! * Drinkmagic potionsto transform the bunnies and kittens! * Activate thelaser beam inthe Mad Science laboratory! * Unlock the SPOOKY TOWNby collectingSTARS !!!! * Try on lots of costumes at the fancydress CostumeShop! * Then go TRICK-OR-TREATING for candy withfriends! * Watch amagic show at the halloween party! * Have asleepover with friendsat the scary Haunted House! **** Collect 6stars to go to theSPOOKY TOWN **** **** Remember to connect to theinternet tocollect the stars **** FANCY DRESS SHOP : Try on all thecostumesat the fancy dress shop before going trick or treating !!Who willbe the mermaid? Or the pumpkin? Or the scary witch? Youdecide, butremember, the best costume gets the most candy !!TRICK-OR-TREATING: Have fun going from house to house ringingdoorbells and shouting‘Trick or Treat!’ … there’s lots of candyjust waiting to becollected from friendly neighbors! HALLOWEENPARTY : Go to amoonlit halloween costume party! Enjoy pizza andcandy whilewatching the Magic Show! Try ‘Bobbing For Apples’!! Whowill winthe prize for best costume? MAD SCIENTIST LABORATORY : Makesure toput on a protective costume before going into the laboratoryof amad scientist! Activate the magic laser beam! See thestrangeeffect it has on kitties and bunnies! Don’t forget to have asafetyshower before leaving the spooky lab! WITCHES LAIR : Try outloadsof different witch outfits!! Add strange ingredients to thewitchescauldron to make magic potions! What effect will they haveon thebunnies and the kitties playing in the haunted house? Don’tworry,they’re perfectly safe! Try the potions and find out.FORTUNETELLER: Visit a fortune teller and learn about the future!Don’tforget to feed the owls by the cauldron. CREEPY KITCHEN:Makedinner in an old fashioned kitchen with the help of theCook.Discover a big pantry full of fruits and candy that can beservedfor dessert by the Butler. HAUNTED DINNING ROOM: Enjoy aheartydinner served at the table by the grandfathers clock. It’sone ofthe kitties favourite: fish with mash potatoes!!MYSTERIOUSLIBRARY: Pick a spell book to read and sit by the cosyfireplace!Have fun playing with grandparents next to a collectionof oldbooks and trophies ! SPOOKY BATHROOM: Have a hot soapy bathfull ofgreen bubbles and don’t forget to brush your teeth beforebedtime.HAUNTED HOUSE BEDROOMS: Try out loads of different costumesandaccessories including lovely headbands, hats and glasses. Afterabusy day of playing dress up and eating candy, curl up in awarmbed! *** Enjoy playing Yasa Pets Halloween? Leave us a review,welove hearing from you. For any other issues send us an emailatsupport@yasapets.com Privacy is an issue that we takeveryseriously. To learn more, please read our privacy policy:https://www.yasapets.com/privacy-policy/www.youtube.com/c/YasaPetswww.facebook.com/YasaPetswww.instagram.com/yasapets
Yasa Pets Hospital 1.0
Yasa Ltd
In the hospital new moms give birth to baby bunnys and babykittens! Visitors bring gift baskets and flowers to their lovedones. Sick patients arrive in the ambulance and have X-Rays andtake medicine. Yasa Pets Hospital is totally FREE with NO in apppurchases !! Features include: * Explore a fully functioninghospital full of doctors and nurses! * Take a number and wait foryour appointment in the waiting room! * Register at the receptionwhen you arrive at the hospital! * Be there when baby bunnys andkittens are born! * Treat patients who arrive in the ambulance! *Run tests in the laboratory to diagnose illnesses! * Make bunnysand kittens sick by giving them the green bottles to drink! * Visitthe Pharmacy to get the correct medications! * Perform x-rays onpatients and put them in casts! * Give pregnant bunnys and kittysultrasound exams! * Buy presents and flowers in the gift shop! *Have dinner in the restaurant with staff and visitors! * Unlock theNEW BABY PARTY by collecting STARS !!!! * Exchange gifts and haveafternoon tea at the garden party! * Introduce the baby kittens andbunnys to their new home and put them to bed. **** Remember toconnect to the internet to collect the stars **** RECEPTION :Patients must check in at the reception and then wait for theirnumber to be called before they are given a checkup in the doctor’soffice. Some patients then go upstairs to private rooms on thedifferent wards where they are looked after and given tasty meals!TOP FLOOR : This is where baby bunnys and baby kittens are born!It’s so important for pregnant mamas to get regular check ups! Anultrasound exam is a great way to make sure that everyone ishealthy! Friends and family can visit and see the newborn babiessleeping in the nursery!! SECOND FLOOR : This is the section of thehospital where patients recover from falls and broken bones. TheX-Ray machine can let the doctors know how bad an injury is and thecast machine provides the bandages needed to get better! EMERGENCYROOM: Patients who are brought to the hospital in the ambulanceneed urgent care in the emergency room. Doctors and nurses arealways ready for these high priority patients and often givesurgery. MEDICAL LAB : When patients are sick the scientists in thelaboratory test samples to find out what is wrong with them. Theycan also make special medicines which are available in the pharmacyfor patients who need them. PHARMACY : The hospital pharmacy hasall the medicines needed to cure any patient who is not well. Butbe careful … the green bottles might make the bunnys and kittenssick all over again !! VISITORS RESTAURANT : Friends and family ofpatients need something nice to eat after a long visit with theirloved ones … luckily there is a restaurant serving warm tastymeals! Visitors can choose between pizza, roast chicken or fishwith lots of healthy vegetables and delicious cup cakes for desert!GIFT SHOP : Everyone likes to get presents - especially whenthey’re not feeling well! The hospital gift shop is filled withtoys, gift baskets and beautiful bouquets of flowers. Don’t forgetto include a get well card! HOSPITAL STAFF AREA : Tired doctors andnurses have a rest area where they can relax and have snacks aftera busy day helping patients. HOME : The new parents celebrate thebirth of their adorable babies with a garden party for all of theirfamily and friends. Everyone brings presents and enjoys tea andcakes in the garden before it is time to wash the new babies andput them to sleep in their cribs!
 *** Enjoy playing Yasa PetsHospital? Leave us a review, we love hearing from you. For anyother issues send us an email at support@yasapets.com Privacy is anissue that we take very seriously. To learn more, please read ourprivacy policy : https://www.yasapets.com/privacy-policy/www.youtube.com/c/YasaPets www.facebook.com/YasaPetswww.instagram.com/yasapets
com.yasapets.tower 1.0
Yasa Ltd
The Puppies are here !!! Visit the coolest building in the worldandexplore 7 floors of fun! Choose an apartment and meettheneighbours! Spend the day at the office then relax in therooftoppool! Yasa Pets Tower is totally FREE with NO in apppurchases !!Features include: * ADORABLE PUPPIES !!! Meet the newPuppies thathave joined Yasa Pets!! * Visit a skyscraper full offun! There are7 floors to explore! * Choose which apartment to stayin … thereare 4 to choose from!! * Have a meeting in the office andgetpromoted to boss! * Drop off the kids at daycare! * Get moneyatthe bank or start a new job as a bank manager! * Hang outwithfriends at the coffee shop … or take your coffee to go!! * Pickupfresh vegetables and beautiful flowers in the park! * Goshoppingand try on all the new fashions! * Have an amazing meal atthesushi bar … or try delicious Chinese dumplings! *CelebrateChristmas at the office and exchange gifts! * Unlock theROOFTOPPOOL by collecting STARS !!!! * Then party on the roof withallyour friends! **** Remember to connect to the internet tocollectthe stars **** ENTRANCE : Enter the lobby and find out allaboutthe tower from the receptionist! Hang out in the coffee shopwherethey have delicious treats and coffees! 1ST FLOOR : Thevegetablemarket has the freshest fruit and vegetables … drop intothe bankif you need extra cash from the machine … while you’rethere whynot talk to the bank manager about opening a new account?Or take ajob behind the counter … they’re hiring !!! 2nd FLOOR :Time to goto work !! Celebrate all the hard work with an officeparty!! Havelunch with other staff in the canteen !! Get promotedto boss andsit in the luxurious corner office !! At Christmas thewhole flooris decorated to celebrate the holidays !! 3rd FLOOR : Goshoppingfor the most fashionable outfits !! Choose something smartfor theoffice or elegant for a romantic dinner at the restaurant …thereare stylish accessories like handbags and sunglasses!! DAYCARE:Drop off the kids at daycare … they love playing with theirfriendsand feeding the parrot ! After lunch they get tired and theteacherwill put them to bed for a nap! 4th FLOOR : Time to decidebetweentwo amazing restaurants !!!! The Japanese restaurant hasanincredible sushi bar and serves delicious bowls of noodle soup…while at the Chinese restaurant enjoy fantastic fried riceandyummy dumplings and even birthday cake !! 5th FLOOR APARTMENT 1:This is a dream home for anyone who loves pink!! Enjoy soakinginthe huge bathtub with a view over the city then play dress upwithall the outfits in the huge closet. Hang out with friends intheunicorn room !!! 5th FLOOR APARTMENT 2 : A sporty person’sperfecthome … this apartment is full of trophies and sportsequipment.Hang out with friends in the unique football room thenplay videogames!! There are lots of sports outfits to try on beforegoingout!! 6th FLOOR APARTMENT 1 : This stylish and modernapartment isperfect for a young family to welcome a new baby. Enjoyamazingviews of the city from the terrace after a hard day in theoffice.6th FLOOR APARTMENT 2 : A luxury home with a classic style …enjoyhaving milk and cookies by the fireplace or have friends overfordinner. The baby sleeps soundly next to it’s parents bed inthisbeautiful family home.
 7th FLOOR : Visit the exclusivemembersclub filled with celebrities on the roof !!! Afterbeingphotographed on arrival change into a bathing suit and hangout bythe pool with friends !! Then go to a party with a DJ anddance thenight away! *** Enjoy playing Yasa Pets Tower? Leave us areview,we love hearing from you. Privacy is an issue that we takeveryseriously. To learn more, please read our privacy policy:https://www.yasapets.com/privacy-policy/www.youtube.com/c/YasaPetswww.facebook.com/YasaPetswww.instagram.com/yasapets
Yasa Pets Mall 1.0
Yasa Ltd
Time to go shopping !! The Mall is finally open and it’s fullofthings to do! Buy a new outfit then drop by the salon for anewhairstyle! Go bowling then watch a movie in the cinema! YasaPetsMall is totally FREE with NO in app purchases !! Featuresinclude:* Jump in the car and drive to the mall !! * Visit the hairsalonfor a new hairstyle !! * Choose a new color for that newhairstyle!* Pick up some food for dinner in the supermarket! * Dropoff thekids at daycare ! * Try all the amazing food in the FoodCourt !Maybe pizza or sushi !! * Have a barbecue in the garden ! *Goshopping and try on all the new fashions! * Sing in atalentcontest ! * Play in the video game arcade! * Visit the cinematowatch a movie and eat popcorn! * Go bowling and win a trophy !*Party in the retro cafe with all your friends! **** Remembertoconnect to the internet to collect the stars **** SUPERMARKET:Every trip to the mall starts with shopping for food andhouseholditems in the big supermarket. Stock up on groceries likefreshvegetables and ice-cream, pick out a new shampoo or perfume,treatthe kids to some candy from the candy station! SALON : Makeanappointment to see a stylist at the salon! As soon as youarrivethe pampering begins! Choose from lots of differenthairstyles,maybe something glamorous? Then pick the perfect haircolor tomatch your look. CLOTHES SHOPS : You’ll find all thelatestfashions at the mall! Try on a variety of stylish outfits andpickyour favourite! And don’t forget to choose a hat and a bagtocomplete the look. DAYCARE : Drop off the kids at daycare …theylove playing with their friends! After lunch they get tired andtheteacher will put them to bed for a nap! BOWLING ALLEY :EveryoneLOVES BOWLING !!!! Change into your bowling team outfit andcompetewith friends for the trophy! Have a delicious snack in thecafewhen you feel like taking a break. CINEMA : Watch all thelatestmovies in the cinema! Get your tickets at the ticket deskthenchoose your popcorn, candy and drink! Make sure to find aseatbeside your friends and enjoy the film! ARCADE : Play all thevideogames in the arcade and enjoy a fun bounce in the bouncycastle!Did you know you can win toy ducks in one of the machines?FOODCOURT : Everyone gets hungry when they go to the mall … thenit’stime to visit the yummy food stalls in the food court. Haveadelicious slice of pizza and an ice-cream, or maybe a burgerandfries. Don’t forget to check out the sushi counter ! HOME :After along day of shopping and having fun at the mall it’s time tojumpin the car and go home. Relax in the garden and invitefriendsround for a barbecue! *** Enjoy playing Yasa Pets Mall?Leave us areview, we love hearing from you. Privacy is an issuethat we takevery seriously. To learn more, please read our privacypolicy :https://www.yasapets.com/privacy-policy/www.youtube.com/c/YasaPetswww.facebook.com/YasaPetswww.instagram.com/yasapets