Yaya Apps

The Line Z 1.0
The Line Z is a fun, addictive andsimplearcade game that challenges your reflexes.You still dart and weave through a procedurally generatedworldwhile avoiding the green shapes and use friendly blue shapestoyour advantage but be careful because sometimes they can get intheway!How to play:Playing The Line Z is simple. Touch anywhere on the screenanddrag left or right to move the ball. Avoid the green obstaclesoryour character will explode and the game will be over!
Switch Color 2 1.0
Welcome to Switch Color 2 a simpleaddictivegameplay. You will be moving very fast and have to switchquicklyto go far.
Switch Color Dotz 1.0
Tap your dot to jump and navigate yourwaythrough the designated color in which your dot is.★★★ Switch Color Dotz Features ★★★- Free.- Easy to play.- Impressive color patterns.