Yogesh Korke Apps

Take My Card 1.0
Yogesh Korke
" Take My Card " is business card sharing app designed for salespeople, business developers or marketing experts who exchange theirbusiness contact card for quick contact, but sometimes they lost itor it becomes difficult to carry bunch of cards wherever they go.So for the solution of this problem I made this App that can helpbusiness people to share their business card with others for quickcontact. The App have features to create card with contact detailslike • Name of business • Post/designation • Business services thatare provided • Contact number • Email • Website URL • Officeaddress • Update, view, share and receive card from senders by justscanning QR code within sender app. • User can contact to person byjust clicking the icon provided to right of contact detail likecall within app, send email using email client and visit websiteusing browser. Note: Both sender and receiver must have appinstalled to share card and store in their devices.
Restaurant Finder - My Meals 1.0
Yogesh Korke
My Meals helps to find Restaurants,Cafe,Hotels, Bar/Pub.You can search for Restaurants by variousfilterslike• Prominence (Popularity)• Near By (Nearest to furthest)• Cuisine type• Rating• Show on Map• Set Location (by City, address, landmark)You can view information about the restaurant such as• List of Restaurants including Name, Rating, distance fromyourcurrent location, address etc.• Call Restaurant, Check Status (Open or Closed), Food Pricelevel,Visit website• View top 5 reviews• View all reviews and write review through Google+• Get Map direction to restaurant from your location• Share with your friends using Email and WhatsApp• View PhotosMy Meals uses your current GPS location and DataNetwork(Internet connection) to displays a list of restaurants sopleasemake sure your location services and Data Networkareenabled.All the information is displayed from Google places database.Someinformation may be missing will be shown as " -NA ".If you findanybugs/errors then please mail me at yogesh.korke@yahoo.in
Explore Me - Find Everything Near Me 1.0
Yogesh Korke
Explore Me helps you to discover great places of your interestlikeATM, Bakery, Bank, Book store, Bus stop, Cafe, Garage,Church,Clothes store, Dentist, Doctor, Electrician, ElectronicStore, Firestation, Gym, Gas station, Hardware, Temple, Hospital,Movietheatre, Parking, Pharmacy, Plumber, Police, Post office,Pub,Restaurant & Hotel, Spa and Salon, School, Grocery shop&Supermarket, Shoes store, Taxi stand, Railway station,Travelagencies and many more . You can view information about theplacessuch as • Search for place using keyword and name • Sortlistaccording to distance and popularity • Shows List ofplacesincluding Name, Rating, photo, distance from your currentlocation,address etc. • Call on contact number, View Status (OpenorClosed), Visit website. • View top 5 reviews • Get Map directiontoplace from your location • View Photos Disclaimer: Find NearMeuses Google Maps™ and Places API to find and plot locationsandhence relies on the accuracy of the data provided by GoogleMaps™The developer makes no assurance on the accuracy, relevancyorcorrectness of the data provided by the application. Google™andGoogle Maps™ are registered trademarks of Google Inc.