Yogroup Studio Apps

Ephoto 360 - Photo Effects 1.4.97
Ephoto360 is the photo editing application, develop Yogroup withmany features attractive such as stitching on the frame, addingstickers to photos, edit photos, write text on photos, cover fullname lol minister, avatar games are Editorial LOL there are manythreads are waiting to be explored. Ephoto360 app is designed verysimple, for people to easily use and creative with effects for yourphotos. Some unique features of the applications - ephoto360 makeusers can not be ignored: - The effect of writing, writing wisheson birthday cake, birthday photo frame, collage on birthday cake -The impressive effects: Love photo frames, Love greeting card -Utilities calligraphy online with as many nice feng shuicalligraphy, calligraphy couplets written, ... - Warehouse Artframes effects extremely impressive and constantly updated -Effects of lead paint, turn photos into paintings .... - There'salso a lot of effects such as love photo frames, crystal ball,galaxy text effects, art text graffiti ... - Photo Frame andChristmas effect 2018, Christmas card 2018, New Year picture frame,New Year greeting card 2018 - Create a game cover: cover full namelol minister, avatar games are Editorial LOL.. - Editor Tool:Stiker manager : Sticker World Cup 2018, stiker Tatto, stickerface...
Ephoto 360 Pro 1.4.13
Ephoto360 Pro app is designed very simple,forpeople to easily use and creative with effects foryourphotos.Some unique features of the applications - ephoto360 pro makeuserscan not be ignored:- The effect of writing, writing wishes on birthday cake,birthdayphoto frame, collage on birthday cake- The impressive effects: Love photo frames, Lovegreetingcard- Utilities calligraphy online with as many nice fengshuicalligraphy, calligraphy couplets written, ...- Warehouse Art frames effects extremely impressive andconstantlyupdated- Effects of lead paint, turn photos into paintings ....- There's also a lot of effects such as love photo frames,crystalball, galaxy text effects, art text graffiti ...
Birthday Cake With Name 1.4.97_birthday
Birthday cake is the next application developed by YOGroup, withapplications birthday cake help you send them meaningful word tofriends and family of their birthday. The application includes thefollowing functions: + Write your name, birthday wishes pear cake,Birthday Cake With Name edit + Assembling and printed on birthdaycake and quick bread and put their name to the most simple + Creategreeting cards with our samples being updated + Create birthdayinvitations to invite your friends to attend the birthday of familymembers or your birthday + Birthday cards with themes Holidays: NewYear's day, women, wedding anniversary, the association orcorporation Invite you to experience and discover, contribute tothe constructive comments we develop better products
Text Effects Pro - Text on photo 1.4.97_texteffect
Text Effects Pro Application - The next product of Yogroup thatspecializes in art effect, create facebook avatars and avatar gamesor mood status, quotes or ... Main functions of the application: +Create art words: write galaxy, gold, water and light text effects,name art... + Metal avatar collection is extremely special: withtopics related to the game icon, story and your favorite movie:dragon badge, avatar LOl, Headshot words, lion letters + The effectof many beautiful light letters + Create typography: Text on photo,write status and sentence or There are also many new effectswaiting for you to learn
Oto Vui - Tra cứu thông tin lỗi phạt nguội 1.3
Ứng dựng OTO Vui giúp bạn tra cứu phạt nguội xe vi phạm ở TP HCM vàĐà Nẵng, Hà Nội và các tỉnh thành phố khác...Ngoài ra ứng dụng đangphát triển thêm chức năng báo lỗi vi phạm tự động , thông tin vềluật giao thông, tin tức lên quan đến xeCác chức năng chính: + Tralỗi phạt nguội ở TP HCM và Đà Nẵng chi tiết hình ảnh lỗi phạt (nếucó ). Tra cứu lỗi xe ở Hà Nội và tỉnh thành khác Có hay Không trướckhi đi đăng kiểm ..+ Thông tin đơn vị liên hệ xử lý + Tra cứu thôngtin đăng kiểm ..+ Chức năng báo lỗi hàng ngày cho chủ xe.. Các chứcnăng khác đang được phát triển Ứng dụng đang cập nhật phát triển,các ý kiến đóng góp vui lòng email về : camnangxe@gmail.comwebsite:camnangxe.comOTO application Please help look cool vehicleviolation fines in Ho Chi Minh City and Da Nang, Hanoi and othercities ...Also applications are growing more functional automaticviolation error, information about traffic rules, up to carnewsMain fuction:+ Reply to cool himself in HCMC and Danangdetailed images penalty error (if any). Vehicle lookup errors inHanoi and other provinces Yes or No before the registration ..+Information contact processing unit+ Look up the registrationinformation ..+ Function daily error for vehicle owners.. The otherfunctions are being developedApplication developers are updating,the comments please email: camnangxe@gmail.comwebsite:camnangxe.com
Christmas &New year frame 2020 1.4.93_christmas
New Year's Photo & Christmas Photo Frames with ChristmasFrames: Christmas Globe, Santa Claus Greeting Card, and otherChristmas Photo Frames. There are also many Christmas effects andcreate beautiful Christmas cards so you can wish your friends andrelatives friends.
Love Frame 2018 1.4.30_valentine
The application helps you to pair love photo with beautiful photoframe, heart photo frame helps you to settle the love photo frame,the love card beautiful and meaningful.Main functions:+ Combinelove photo with beautiful photo frame you choose the bestCreateValentine's Day Cards, Valentine's Day Cards, Valentines Day Cards+Other photo frames: Nature photo frames, artistic effects ...
New Year greeting card 2020 1.4.93_newyear
Our New Year's greetings, including beautiful New Year's framephotos, New Year's greetings, beautiful textures for you to exploreMain functions + Beautiful New Year Frames, New Year Photo Collage2020, New Year Cards + Image Processing Toolkit: cut colorcorrection, add stickers, write text on image 2020.