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THIS IS A WRAPPER FOR FACEBOOK'S MOBILE SITE, IF SOMETHING BREAKSON THE SITE, THERE ISN'T MUCH I CAN DO.**Tinfoil for Facebook isfor those users that require a Tinfoil Hat when logging in toFacebook. It creates a sandbox for Facebook's mobile site in orderto protect your privacy and to avoid the ability others to trackyour browsing history.Requires INTERNET permissions.Feel free tocheck the source code here:https://github.com/velazcod/Tinfoil-FacebookIt also requires the"COARSE_LOCATION" permission. This is not used unless you enable"Allow Check-ins" on the preferences, otherwise Check-ins won'twork. This option is disabled by default.If you have issues, pleaseremember that Tinfoil is just a wrapper for the Facebook mobilesite. Some things break on the site and there isn't much we can doto fix some issues. Sometimes forcing the user-agent helps(Preferences -> Mobile/desktop site -> Force mobile). If youfind an issue and are completely it's a problem with Tinfoil pleaseopen a issue in the Github tracker:https://github.com/velazcod/Tinfoil-Facebook/issues