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Cooking Panna Cotta Jelly 1.0.0
Yoopy Media
First of all this is a super-awesomecookinggame that will show you how to cook three simple dessertsandimpress your friends with you latest cooking skills!Start learning how to prepare some delicious andunbelievablyeasy desserts, exquisite-tasting sweet desserts thatspeak forthemselves! We come up with 3 spectacular dessert recipesthat arequick and easy to make and play: Raspberry Parfait, CitrusJelly,and the worldwide famous dessert Italian Panna Cotta whichissweetened cream thickened with gelatin and molded. A carefreewayto impress someone special is a rich and creamy RaspberryParfaitthat is guaranteed to dazzle them.GAME FEATURES:• Attractive and colorful themes and toppings• Creativity skills for girls and boys• Easy cooking recipes from scratch with real ingredients• Dazzling and easy to make desserts• Simple and fun gameplay.Become a star in making delicious, great-looking dessertsforyour family and friends!How To Play:- Choose your favorite dessert recipe- Pick out the best ingredients- Cook refreshing sweet desserts following simpleinstructions- Decorate your yummy sweet desserts- Take your time, try it over and over again!Enjoy Cooking!
Pie Maker Cooking Games 1.0.0
Yoopy Media
Sweet and savory pies, dangerously delicious. That is what you willbe having today! From flaky crusts to fruity centers, these pierecipes promise a sweet ending to any meal. Use these yummy pierecipes for cooking dessert because they are perfect for anyoccasion! A great twist on two classics, fusing together pizza andpie and this game will show you some fabulous recipes!Yummy!Sharpen your cooking skills and become a master chef atbaking pies with this great cooking games collection. The resultwill be so tasty and delicious that you will not be able to believeyou made it all by yourself. PIE RECIPES:★ Chocolate Hazelnut Pie★Peaches Cream Pie★ Pizza PieFEATURES:★ Educational game by teachingchildren cooking skills★ 3 real life recipes that children can cookfrom scratch together with their family★ Fun and easy to bakerecipes★ FREE app and SAFE to use!★ Also delicious!You MUST trythem all right now! Please RATE Pie Maker and feel free to SHARE itwith your best friends!
Donuts Maker Cooking Games 1.0.0
Yoopy Media
Learn how to make the most delicious doughnuts ever withingredients you probably have in your pantry! Take a good look atthese divine doughnuts recipes and choose your favorite one! Thesedelicious doughnuts are crispy and creamy with vanilla or chocolatetopping and they are either baked in the oven or fried in vegetableoil.Homemade donuts are a bit of a project that will be more funand motivating if it's made with a friend or parent. Makingdoughnuts is less work than you might think, and the result is atruly great, hot, crisp doughnut. Once you’ve mastered the basicrecipe for a fluffy donut, you can do pretty much anything you likein terms of glazes, toppings and fillings.Our Doughnuts Recipes foryou:• Crispy and Creamy Donuts• Fluffy Cake Donuts• ChocolateDonutsFEATURES:• step-by-step instructions so fun for kids of allages and even parents• each recipe features unique and deliciousgameplay mechanics• 3 different doughnuts recipes with savorydecorations• amazing recipes with real ingredients and cookingutensils• simple touch controlWhich one is your favorite?Don'tforget to write us a review!
Pasta Maker 1.0.0
Yoopy Media
Learn how to cook the most delicious Italian pasta dishes playingPasta Maker! Pasta is a great ingredient for quick and deliciousdishes and we propose you 3 great recipes for you to enjoy cookingyour favorite pasta meal on your phone or tablet!The game willpresent you 3 different pasta recipes: Chicken Spaghetti, World’sBest Lasagna and Cheese Macaroni! For each recipe you need togather your ingredients from the local store and then start thecooking process following some simple instructions. At the enddecorate your dish and be proud of your chef skills!Game Features:-Great worldwide famous pasta recipes- Easy and fun cookinggameplay- Amazing graphic and enjoyable musicHow To Play:- Chooseyour favorite pasta recipe- Pick out the best ingredients- CookItalian pasta dish following the instructions- Decorate your yummypasta food - Take your time, try it over and over again!HappyCooking!
Cake Maker Cooking Games 1.0.0
Yoopy Media
Run your own sweet virtual bakery by creating 3 exquisite cakesfrom scratch! Become a professional baker who specializes in makingand decorating cakes for all occasions. Design cakes and transformvision into spectacular sugar paste! Get ready for an amazingcooking experience and learn how to make not one, but 3 gorgeouscakes with easy to make filling, beautiful frosting, absolutelystunning looking cakes! Share your creations with friends and haveyour own cake party!Find the perfect solution to your sugarcravings with our collection of delicious homemade cakerecipes.Come on and join us, we look forward to seeing you masterthe kitchen!COOKING RECIPES:★ Raspberry Cake★ Black Forest Cake★Rainbow CakeFeatures:★ beautiful high quality HD graphics★intuitive, easy to use interface★ 3 different cake recipes withsavory decorations★ amazing recipes with real ingredients andcooking utensils★ perfect for kids who love to play in thekitchenPlease RATE this app and feel free to SHARE your creationswith friends and have your own CAKE PARTY! ♡♡♡ Enjoy! ♡♡♡
Breakfast Maker Cooking Games 1.0.0
Yoopy Media
Wake up and prepare the ultimate breakfast! Breakfast is the mostimportant meal of the day, so make it special. The experts say thatbreakfast is energy, is a complex of vitamins and minerals, it’sthe fuel that keeps you active and fresh the entire day!BreakfastMaker is a simple cooking game that will propose you 3 breakfastrecipes for you to learn how to make them anytime you need adelicious breakfast! The secret for a delicious dish is to usefresh fresh and good quality ingredients.Fruit Pancakes, Eggs WithBacon and Cereals Pudding are among the most popular breakfastrecipes around the world and now you need to make them by yourself!Start by gathering the needed ingredients, follow cookinginstructions and at the end decorate your breakfast with freshfruits and vegetables!Game Features:♥ Simple and easy to cookbreakfast recipes♥ awesome colorful graphics♥ funny and enjoyablemusic and sounds♥ suitable for the entire familyHappy Cooking!!!