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Counter 1.0.12934-bc210a5_qa
Be it YotaCover or YotaPanel, you will bealways aware of your last call, SMS, email or other importantnotifications. Even if you protected your personal space withYotaCover, you won’t miss a thing.
Organizer 1.0.13271-df9b6e4_master
Never miss a thing. Keep track of all yourmeetings and events on YotaPhone’s always-on screen. Add widgets ofcalendar or next event to your YotaPanel and be always aware ofyour schedule.
YotaCover 1.0.13163-dd8284b_master
Set images on the always-on display – fellfree to express yourself! You’ll still get useful notificationswhile your privacy is protected.
Widgets will show your local weather forecastfor the next hours and next days on your YotaPhone’s always-ondisplay. All you need is just a glance at the always-on screen tokeep up with the weather forecast.
YotaPhone2 Retail mode 1.0.12072-641b563_master
This application is intended solely for retaildemonstration of YotaPhone 2. The application will run continuouslyand will drain the battery.
Apps Launcher 1.0.12107-7eea13a_master
This application was developed to provide thebest performance of the popular services on the always-on screen ofYOTAPHONE be it books, maps or other.
YotaHub 1.0.8549
YotaHub is where you can set up your always-onscreen. Place a beautiful image on e-ink screen using YotaCover, alayer of privacy over your personal space. Or set up yourYotaPanel, a set of screens which display the information you’remost interested in.
Reader Collection 1.0.11127-f5c2fa4_qa
With YOTAPHONE you have more than 100 hours ofcomfortable reading experience. That means a lot of good books.Make your own collection and enjoy reading.
YotaReader widget 1.0.11083-7cec9ea_qa
Access the book you read quickly and see howmany pages left until you reach its end.
Music player 1.0.8043
You have amazing 69 hours of your favoritemusic on the always-on screen of YOTAPHONE. So why don’t enjoyit?
SportCaster 1.0.4296
New app Sportscaster, allows users to tracktheir favorite ice hockey, football or soccer team, includingplay-by-play text commentary streamed in real time to the always-ondisplay. Simply add future events to favorites and never miss agame with YotaPhone. Online text live stream is only available inRussian.
Finance 1.0.13252-377c33a_master
With the “Finance” widget on the always-ondisplay you can easily access recent stocks information and theexchange rates without even touching the phone.
Create notes, put down your plans and set timeand location reminders. To-do lists, photo and voice notes arealways on hand now – YotaNotes application and widgets give anopportunity to check all your notes on the always-on display.
Calculator 1.0.12022-8b37fc1_master
You can now use calculator on thealways-ondisplay of your YOTAPHONE.How to launch calculator on the always-on display:The first way:1. Open Calculator on the color screen2. Long tap on the Home button3. Swipe to the left4. Turn over the phone5. Look at the always-on displayThe second way:1. Open YotaHub2. Add new panel3. Add Apps Launcher widget4. Tap on the Apps Launcher widget Settings button5. Delete anyone application from the list (swipe to theleft)6. Tap on the “Tap to select app”7. Select “Calculator”8. Tap on the “Accept”9. Turn over the phone10. Tap on the CalculatorGreat job!
YotaTasks 1.0.12033-5731d0c_master
Track all your tasks, locations, events andcombine your notes into projects. Link tags, containing contactsand location with your notes for easier searching.
YotaTravel 1.0.13093-269c474_lollipop
Manage all your trips and use always-ondisplay to show your tickets and passes. Add any type of travelinformation: booking, car rental and much more.
Widget for Strelka 1.0.13134-2e80aed_master
Browse through the quotes by Strelka Pressonthe always-on display and share them in your social media.
Chess 1.0.13557-029db27_master
This game is ideal for the always-onscreen.You can think about your next move without draining thebattery,you can play even in the bright sunshine, your play isalways-onand just one glance away.
Checkers 1.0.13347-325fb7c_master
Entertaining game for always-on screen.
YotaNews 1.0.13702-ad55bec_lollipop
Add news sources in YotaNews application and follow the posts youare interested in. YotaNews widget provides instant access to yournews feed – the latest news is always on hand.
Widget for Questions 1.0.13024-1a3a813_master
Read The Questions on the always-on displayofYOTAPHONE. Interesting questions and answers every day. Sharethemwith your friends in the social media.
2048 1.0.13354-f4e63d7_master
2048 is played on a grid, with numberedtilesthat slide smoothly when a player moves. Every turn, a newtilewill randomly appear in an empty spot on the board with a valueofeither 2 or 4. Tiles slide as far as possible in thechosendirection until they are stopped by either another tile orthe edgeof the grid. If two tiles of the same number collide whilemoving,they will merge into a tile with the total value of the twotilesthat collided. The user's score starts at zero, and isincrementedwhenever two tiles combine, by the value of the newtile. The gameis won when a tile with a value of 2048 appears onthe board.
Control Panel 1.0.13064-7d9a201_master
“Control Panel” is an always-on app,whichprovides instant access to all necessary settings such asWi-Fi,Bluetooth and other. Take control of your YOTAPHONE in asimple andfast way on the always-on display!
Tower Clock 1.0.13019-e933f5a_master
Tower Clock will always show theexacttime.
Castle 1.0.13057-8962964_master
“Castle” wallpapers do not only decoratethealways-on display, but can give lots of information about thephonestatus as well. The flying height of the hot-air balloon andtheintensity of the waterfall tell about the battery level, onecandefine time by the soaring bird and the flags appear on the topofthe towers while charging.
Life Tree Widget 1.0.13061-d75283c_master
“Life Tree” dynamic wallpaper for thealways-ondisplay. A tree grows and withers away depending on timeofday.
David's face 1.0.13036-b1067fe_master
Beautiful dynamic wallpaper for thealways-ondisplay shows battery level – the thicker shadow on theface is theless battery life left.
Clock 1.0.13243-0a845fa_master
“Clock” widget for the always-on displayallowsyou to know what time it is. Just set the design you likeand youare good to go.
YotaPhone Clock Collection 0.1.4296
System app for YotaPhone, whichcontainsdifferent clock widgets for Wallpapers application.
YotaPhone Social Manager 0.0.4296
System app for YotaPhone, which isresponsiblefor social networks accounts management.
Contacts 1.0.13174-ab31ee9_master
Place all your favourite contacts onthealways-on display, and you will have instant access to themwithjust one glance. With the “Contacts” widget it wasn’t easiertocall your favorites: just one touch and YOTAPHONE isalreadydialing.
Widget for Gmail 1.0.13172-d6894ba_master
Check your Gmail inbox on thealways-ondisplay. Set widget in YotaHub application, selectaccounts youneed in widget’s settings and get only those updatesthat youneed.
YotaSports 1.0.13430-a2d92bc_master
YotaSports is an always-on sport app,whichmakes it easy to follow the sport events. Add future matchesto thefavorites and get live results on the always-ondisplay.
With this app you can update software of your phone withtheofficial support of the manufacturer or operator. TheAndroidupdates are so easy to install that you simply need todownload asoftware in your phone(firmware), this app include linkstodownload the latest android version in your smartphone.