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YouMail - Voicemail & Call Protection 4.5.5
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Our top rated spam call blocker, robo call blocker & visualvoicemail app will help you handle your phone calls better whileprotecting you against scams and robocalls. See for yourself whyYouMail has won over a hundred awards for voicemail and spamprotection and is trusted by over 10 million users to better answerbillions of calls. THE FREE BASIC SERVICE INCLUDES THE FOLLOWING ATNO CHARGE: * Any spam call or robo call hears 'Number Disconnected'which gets you removed from spam caller lists. * Other robo callblocker apps engage a spam call which might sound fun, but keepsyou on spam call lists and encourages more spam and robo calls! *As the top free visual voicemail app in the US, our robocallblocker will block a spam call or robo call faster than other appsto prevent that spam call or robocall. * Every second a new spamnumber or robo call number starts up. Our call blocker updatesmultiple times per day to block a new robo call number the secondit appears. * Not just a robocall blocker! Block any non robocallphone number using a personal blacklist. * A clean voicemail inbox.We either block the spam call or robo call or suspects are in yourspam folder. OUR AWARD-WINNING CALL HANDLING IS ALSO FREE: * Thehighest quality voicemail to text and voicemail to email. * Givecallers the experience they deserve with special personalizedvoicemail greetings only they hear. * Phone not on you? Checkvoicemail online or by email without your phone! * Save calls andvoicemail forever. * Search calls and voicemail from the app or anyweb browser. * Organize leads, projects, or follow-up calls intofolders. Save important voicemail forever. * Share voicemail,forward voicemail and reply to phone calls by email, SMS or adirect voicemail. We can provide our visual voicemail and robocallblocker for free as many users upgrade. PROFESSIONALS +ENTREPRENEURS LOVE OUR BUSINESS PHONE LINE SERVICE: * Need a secondphone number or second line? How about several? Pick a vanitynumber or a local number from nearby area codes for your business,side hustle or classified listing. * Add an auto attendant, virtualreceptionist or e-receptionist with menus so callers can press akey to connect their call to a partner, assistant or any otherphone number. * Add an after hours or weekend greeting on your mainphone number or second number to our auto attendant or virtualreceptionist. * Automated TXT replies make missed callers to yourmain phone or second number feel less ignored and less likely tocall a competitor. * Automatically forward unread messages to apartner, spouse or any email so important phone calls aren'tignored. * Host conference calls without a meeting ID or passcode -callers call your virtual conference number and they're in. *Trusted by 100,000 businesses: "like Google Voice with betterservice and Grasshopper with a better app!" YOUMAIL VALUES PRIVACY!* Permissions requested only when needed (and no locationpermission needed). * Android Q+ requires the call blocker role toblock calls. * Free visual voicemail, spam or call blocker personaluse for 30+ days will be supported by ads served by Google andAmazon. COMPATIBILITY: * Compatible with postpaid plans to upgradeAT&T voicemail, Sprint voicemail, T-Mobile voicemail, Verizonvoicemail, StraightTalk voicemail and others. * Some prepaid plans,Boost Mobile, MetroPCS, Google Fi and Consumer Cellular don'twidely support conditional call forwarding which prevents customersfrom using YouMail. ACTIVATION: * Activation dials carrier specificcodes to forward a missed call to YouMail so we can block robocalls, block spam and provide visual voicemail. * BEFORE DELETING,Deactivate and Return to Carrier from Settings, otherwise callsstill go to YouMail even without the app installed! For more help,visit