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Wedding Wish Card Maker 1.0
Wedding Wish Card Maker makes your day easier when the weddingseason dash in. Not only wedding but nearly all occasions related.Instead of wasting time looking for the right picture, and tediousediting to get your personalized wedding wish on it, all you needis card making greeting maker!

Wedding Wish Card Maker is exactlyas what it’s called. It’ll make your cards for you at no time atall. You can even create multiple personalized wedding greetingcard using this maker in a very short time. It’s free to installand use!How to get your customized card with our app?1. Choose acard for the maker 2. Tap on 'Customize' to add a greeting message3. Type your message and your name/email, then tap on 'Done' 4.Preview your Wedding Greeting Card and tap 'Send' 5. Select "Sendby Email" or "Post on Facebook"You can easily share the greetingsyou made to your beloved, besties, neighbors or even your relativeswho are the wedding couple. As simple as that. You also have theoption to use one of the many ready made fashionable cards in ourcollection. The free Wedding Wish Card Maker has a large appealingcollection of pictures, wedding wishes and quotes. There are 36 tochoose from ranging from various themes: vintage, white wedding,elegant, pink to cute with wedding wishes as simple as a“Congratulations” and “Happy Wedding” to a hearty long wish or aquote on love and marriage from someone famous.Best of all, aftersending out so many wedding wishes, you can keep track of them inyour sent box. Just in case you use one of the design a little bittoo much, who knows right? This could be your wedding wishesplanner!For your ease, we also included 50 quotes on love andmarriage (source credit to: help with ideas as to what to write to your besties, cousins,anyone. Templates and cards prepared by Wedding Wish Card Maker aresuitable for wishing newly wed couples or celebrating a couplereaching their milestone-anniversary or even to give your ownspouse for your very own anniversary they are easily adjustable tobe wedding anniversary wishes too.We also include a simple puzzleusing a lovely wedding picture as a leisurely game when you’rebored.Now share your heart felt wedding wishes via Wedding WishCard Maker in sharing their joy and happiness of their memorablelife event. May your wedding wishes reach them at the game of time.Creating a wedding greeting card is simple and does not involve alot of steps. Your card is reading within minutes. Share andenjoy!Rate and review! Your feedback is much appreciated for futureupdates.
My Grand Cafe 1.0.0
This is My Grand Cafe story.How nice would it be to be able to say,This is my fantastic cafe where there are homemade recipes & somany stories heard by the four walls.I just opened my nice cozycafe in the busy city I live in where old recipes are popular &historical stories run deep in the core of the citizens. Servingall the usuals that a cafe has, from coffee to cakes, I feel likeit’s time to step up and rebrand my dear cafe to be world class.The cafe has to be classy and what’s best to ensure this is aclassy and ultimate menu. After all, it’s all about the taste!Withthat in mind, I took the risk to travel the world just for my veryown cafe for the secret ingredients of my special recipes &also to collect stories of the world to share at the cafe. +++++MyGrand Cafe is your challenging journey to expanding your cafebusiness to world class! Now available in Android store for you tocomplete all quests getting the secret ingredients for the recipesyou need to be the cafe spoken by all.Your mission is to collectthe grand ingredients from all around the world to be used in yourcafe’s menu. You will travel to different parts of the world tocollect the various ingredients needed for the chef to challengethe world class recipe you need. These are unique ingredients. Asthe founder of this cafe, you must withheld to the end to completeyour recipe quest.✫ ✫ ✫ ✫ ✫ ✫ ✫ ✫ ✫MAIN FEATURES of My GrandCafe:-For now, there’s only one stop. In the future there’ll be 5stops, 5 different countries in the world where you’re going tocollect the secret ingredients from world renowned chef. Each stophas multiple game modes and missions to be completed. So start nowwhile it’s easy!-With great graphics and soothing nature soundswhile you hike your way, enjoy your time playing this classicalgame of addictive fun! If peace and quiet is what you need tofocus, mute the sound out. No problem.-Complete the mission whileyou tour the world for the ingredients you need. Finish? Let usknow!-You can either play endlessly without stop (yes, that’spossible!) or you can collect as much as you can within thespecified time.- This game can be played offline. No matter whereyou are, waiting for the bus, waiting in line for your turn in thebank, turn on My Grand Cafe and fill up your time happily with yourcafe.-Most importantly, this game is FREE to install and play withno in-app purchases. So, rate and review so that we can furtherimprove the game in the future for better playing experience.✫ ✫ ✫✫ ✫ ✫ ✫ ✫ ✫My Grand Cafe is the classic game of a lifetime. A wordof warning: Game can be addictively fun!Bring your cafe to the eyesof the world by discovering the secret ingredients you need for thespecial recipes for your menu. Download My grand Cafe now and enjoya classic game of addictive fun. Join in the fun!Rate and reviewfor us to give you better playing experience!+++++
Ebook Horror Reader Stories 1.0
Looking for GHOST STORIES? Looking for a ghost e-book app?EbookHorror Reader Stories let’s you read ‘Famous Modern Ghost Stories’on the go in the Ebook format made for enthusiast reader. We’llreach 100+ perhaps for another app but for starters it’s acompilation of 15 plus 1 horror and scary stories in one app. It isa compilation of ‘FAMOUS MODERN GHOST STORIES’ specially selectedwith an introduction by Dorothy Scarborough, an avid writer of thesupernatural.Ebook Horror Reader Stories will give you the scareand horror that you may need to stay up all night. This Ebook isfree so that reader from all over the world can enjoy some classic,though not 100+ just yet, scary horror ghost stories in a bookapp.Ebook Horror Reader Stories features:☆Ebook format easy forreader to read☆Free read!☆Offline Reading; no need for theinternet☆Suitable for avid English readers☆Easy-to-useinterface☆Can zoom if you need extra bigger font: just doubletap!☆Mystically designed☆Compilation of 15+1 short ghoststories☆Each story is separated in a different pdf file so youwon’t have to scroll through hundreds of pages!Content of ‘FamousModern Ghost Stories’:1. Introduction: The Imperishable Ghost2. TheWillows by Algernon Blackwood3. The Shadows on the Wall by Mary E.Wilkins Freeman4. The Messenger by Robert W. Chambers5. Lazarus byLeonid Andreyev6. The Beast with Five Fingers by W. F. Harvey7. TheMass of Shadows by Anatole France8. What Was It? by Fitz-JamesO’Brien9. The Middle Toe of the Right Foot by Ambrose Bierce10.TheShell of Sense by Olivia Howard Dunbar11.The Woman at SevenBrothers by Wilbur Daniel Steele12.At the Gate by Myla JoClosser13.Ligeia by Edgar Allan Poe14.The Haunted Orchard byRichard Le Gallienne15.The Bowmen by Arthur Machen16.A Ghost by Guyde Maupassant*Book originally compiled and published byKnickerbocker Press. With Ebook Horror Reader Stories, don’t waitfor Halloween to tell and read ghost stories because you have thisbook app now. It’s always a good time for a good scare; for yourfriends and yourself included! This classic compilation of ghoststories and supernatural fiction will blow you away.AdditionalFeatures!
☆Snap photos through our app☆Play the horror puzzle☆Sharewith your friends stories you like!Don’t miss out! Download EbookHorror Reader Stories for the greatest fright tests of all time.Can you sleep now? Rate and Review. Would love to hear from you!
Beautiful Scenery Wallpaper 1.1
Daily life can be daunting especially when you work from 9 to 5 inthe city. To escape to the country side may not be possible formost as their time’s consumed with work. Enjoying live action oflandscape kind of wallpaper could be scarce because of this. So webring them to you on your phone.Beautiful Scenery Wallpaper givesyou a collection of picturesque scenic views as backgrounds foryour phone. Dream to be there? We bring you one step closer withthese amazing landscape for your phones wallpaper.If you enjoynature, you’ll definitely enjoy the collection of dream landscapeas wallpaper from Beautiful Scenery Wallpaper!There are manychoices of free amazing beautiful scenery landscape from severalcategories to choose from for you to use on your screen.BeautifulScenery Wallpaper is a simple application where you caneffortlessly set different wallpapers for your phone from time totime. The clear interface makes it easy to find, set and use thewallpaper provided. Most photos are of high definition landscapebackground.These panoramic photos are our best collection. Theysupport horizontal orientation and are absolutely great for bothsmartphones and tablet devices. Beautiful Scenery Wallpaper doesnot drain your battery. It has been tested, is compatible withnearly all devices and looks amazing on mostdevices.Notice:Beautiful Scenery Wallpaper is free for all. Containads.Rate our application and provide feedback for futureimprovement.These amazing fantastic scenery backgrounds are waitingto take your breath away!Enjoy this free and lively landscape!