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Your Voice
♬ It is the app for you if you have everwished to craft and create successful music on your own. Your Voicewill help you practice to be a better singer and performer and alsoshare your performances with the rest of the world.Description♬ Your Voice is a free Karaoke app that offers millions of songsfrom YouTube database. It will be fun and quite easy to sing alongto your favorite song. In fact, you can also record yourselfsinging or dancing in a video. At the click of a button, you cansend this video to all your friends and loved ones, as well asprofessionals in the music industry. Sharing videos is compatiblewith Facebook, SMS, Whatsapp, Google+ and many other options.Benefits♬ We use in an immense database of all the songs and music videosthat you could ever think of. We are constantly updating ourcollection of music from YouTube and cataloguing them each andevery day. This means that you will have an unlimited music librarythat you can use to create your own karaoke video and music tracksat your own pleasure.♬ Creating your own karaoke music videos has never been this easy,and the fact that you can easily share your own videos with therest of the world. This can be done through many social mediaplatforms such as Facebook, Whatsapp, Google+, among many others.You can also watch and rate other videos from other users of theapp.Download Your Voice today and tap into that hidden talent foramazing results!✉ For a questions or suggestions, connect us!yourvoice990@gmail.comVisit: us on Facebook: us on Google+: us on Twitter*We will promote the best video clips which will be uploaded toyoutube via this app