Youssef Mossoba Apps

This App is a Random number generator. It is a universal picker; itadapts to any lottery configuration. You may pick your numbers andsave them until you place your bets. If you allow your phone TTS(Text to speech) function, your picks will be also given in yourown phone language setup. I hope that you will enjoy picking yournumbers with this app and Good Luck.
My Lotto Picks EVENTS
This is the "Events" version of MyLottoPicks, a section has beenadded to draw prizes during any event like a professionalconference, a social gathering or any other event where prizes areawarded randomly. You still have the option of picking your ownnumbers for your favorite lottery. When you feel lucky, make yourpicks and save them! This App is a Random number generator. It is auniversal picker; it adapts to any lottery configuration. I hopethat you will enjoy picking your own numbers with this app and GoodLuck.
Weekday Date Calculator
This APP is a Date Calculator. Some of the questions it can helpyou answer are : On which day of the week I was born? Is thisa Leap year? How long since we met? How long since I left home? Howlong since I graduated? What is my exact age in years, months anddays? How many days left to go on vacation? How much time left toretirement? I would like to make an appointment 3 months fromtoday. Maternity calculations : By entering the Date of thelast period, you can calculate the dates of the end of the 1st and2nd semesters and your Baby's due date.
Tally Up Multi Counter
What it offers Setting-up a list of activities in a pop-up menu.Counter with an increment from +1 to +10 (default +1), -1 andchrono, manual reset with a safety lock/unlock button. Automaticreset when the Tally is saved. Saving the data with a Date and Timestamp. Sharing (e-mail, blue tooth, etc.) and / or deleting :- All files at once; or - One file at a time What it is used forAttendance in a Gym, Conference or Reception Hall - Gymexample  Cardio, Weight room, Spinning, Zumba, Yoga, Tai Chi,etc. - Reception Halls example  Diamond Hall, Saphir Hall,Pearl Hall, etc. Inventory : Home or Business
Party Prize Draws
This APP is a tool to draw « Door prizes » or« Attendance Prizes ». It is useful for Party organizersfor small or large crowds; it replaces the conventional TicketRaffle drum. It allows you to draw randomly winning numbers from atotal of 2000 tickets per Roll, for a grand total of 4000 tickets.One or two rolls can be used. If two rolls are used, then each rollmust be identified with a letter in order to avoid confusion whensame numbers are used in both rolls. Identification letters are Aand B by default, but they can be edited or changed by the user.Winning numbers can be saved for future reference and can also beshared.
Fling Flung
You have a set of 10 balls on a table and you Fling the stick tosend the balls into 6 holes. The fling speed and duration of thegame are measured. After completing successfully the first round,the player finds a second set of 10 balls but on a longer table.
My Chrono Data
This APP allows to: Chrono or Stopwatch events, with a safe DeleteButton to prevents unintentional discarding. When data is saved aDATE and TIME stamp is added. Data can be searched by Date. Datacan be shared (e.g. sent by e-mail) and/or Deleted: - All Data -Data pertaining to one Day Resolution: Milliseconds Optional:Setting the screen time out while using the chrono Adjusting thescreen Brightness (to save battery energy)