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Railroad signals, Crossing. 1.1.4
In the game "Railroad crossing " the childwill feel like a real traffic controller. The game will please bothboys and girls. The game has a railroad on which trains travel alot, and across a railway crossing moves a lot of different cars.The young traffic controller needs time to raise and lower barriersto cars quickly, on time and safely passed across the railwayintersection. But we must be careful, because with each level thegame becomes more complicated, and therefore need to be careful andcautious! Ensure that the vehicle can safely move to the railroad,and only then open the barrier. It all depends on the trafficcontroller, when you need to open the crossing. Opens the railroadcrossing by clicking on the desired barrier. The game developscare, fine motor skills, responsibility, perseverance. Cheerfulmusic, colorful pictures, great graphics and a variety of cars andtrains will love your baby and carry away your child permanently.Railroad signals.Railroad crossing, kids race - this funny.children's train - for small baby.Visit us at: Site: http://yovogames.comYoutube:http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCZruadkJJTuD4Bgb1F6pa3ATwitter: https://twitter.com/YOVOstudioFacebook: https://facebook.com/yovogames
Piano for kids 1.0.1
All young children simply adoredifferentmusical instruments, and many of them dream of learning toplay thepiano. But not all parents have the opportunity to putthiswonderful tool at home. Now you have a wonderful opportunitytotranslate your dreams into reality. Meet our new developmentalgame- "Children's Piano".This new music game will help you and your kid feel likerealcomposers and learn how to create their own uniquemusicalcompositions.Developing games such as playing the piano is anentertainingcreative process that will not only enthrall your youngcomposerfor a long time, but will also enable the child to knowwhat awonderful musical instrument like a piano is like. In theform ofthe game, your little one will know how this instrumentsounds, canlearn the notes, understand what tone, octave and muchmore. Avariety of instruments and beautiful live sounds will helpyou tospend an unforgettable free time.Playing the piano is the best way to unlock the inner potentialofyour baby, develop his musical abilities, musical ear,imaginationand attention, creative thinking and fine fingermechanics, andcolorful and colorful keys will help you learn thecolors.We learn to play the piano with the whole family! Developyourmusical talent with the baby, compose songs together, get a lotofpositive emotions, playing our piano for children.It is for this purpose that we create developmental children'sgamesand other applications for kids that help them in theircreativedevelopment, knowledge of the world, learn new things,develop theirinner world, immerse themselves in an unforgettableatmosphere ofcreativity.All you need is to download for free and install our virtualpiano,and after that - start creating your firstmusicalpiece. ----------------------Be sure to visit our website at http://yovogames.com and alsoweat:Youtube:http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCZruadkJJTuD4Bgb1F6pa3ATwitter: https://twitter.com/YOVOstudioFacebook: https://facebook.com/yovogames