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Dragon King Fishing Online-Arcade Fish Games 7.0.1
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The Dragon King Fishing is the latest free fishing platformlaunched by YUEGAME2019. It is including two of the most populararcade games in Asia - "Mermaid" and "Qcean Dragon King". This is areal online fishing game where you can find fun playing withplayers from all over the world. 🌈Game Features 1. Real-timeinternet fishing game🎉 You can play the same game with your friendsand use voice chat to talk with them. 2. Classic gameplay🎰 Retainthe classic gameplay of "Mermaid" and "Sea King" classic gameplay:Classic BOSS, arcade sound effects - to take you back to the arcadegame hall. 3. Send gifts to friends👬 The valuable items you get nowcan be gifted to your friends. 4. Free gold coins non-stop💵 Lotsand lots of activities like sign-in, daily quest, and A LOT OFevents, so you can play FOR FREE.🎉 5. Support multiple regions andlanguages🌏 Currently supports Simplified and Traditional Chinese,Vietnamese, Burmese, Indonesian and English Game Introduction🧜‍♀️《Mermaid》 1. The fish you hit will be deliver by a bubble. 2.Hit "Monkey King", "Pigsy" and "Iron Fan Princess" to get afull-screen bomb and have the opportunity to x8 the gold. 3. Hit"Red Baby", "Kirin" and "Fire Phoenix" to get a half-screen bomb.4. Kill the mermaid BOSS to get a random double, up to 250 times.5. A lot of special ways to play: Black Hole Fish, Crab, ElectricFish, Double Dragon,... 🐉《Ocean Dragon King》 1. Lightning shark,which will trigger the chain of lightning, and the chain oflightning will continue to fish automatically until time runs out.2. Fury fire dragon, appear randomly in the game, kill to get100-250 times reward. 3. Drill guns, laser cannons, serial bombs,flame storms: hit to easily get high scores. 4. The crocodileclone: after killing the BOSS, four small crocodiles will berandomly to help you fish, and the score will be x4! 5. LightingDragon, Fire Turtle🐢Ancient creatures on the bottom of the sea,killing can get more gold coins and double the score There are alot of interesting gameplay waiting for you to explore🐙!