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Candy Lands - Lollipop Crush 1.6.3029
Candy Lands: Lollipop Crush is a nice match-3game, full of fun to pass time!This is the episode I of our Candy Lands games series, Lollipopcrush is the major theme.The game has wonderful and cheerful background music, lovely andcreative sweetest candy, very delicious chocolate ball and colorfullollipop. some time you also need crush the addictive jammedcookie. hope you can recall your luscious dream in childhood!Candy Lands Game Play:- Swap and match 3 or more sweet candies.- Match 4 or more luscious candy to create powerful boosters.- Match 7 candies to create the remarkable special candy, give youa greater surprise!- In the soft candy clouds on the challenge level, you can alsofind a lot of gift.- Special levels has cookie cake, you need crush them, then collectyummy cookies and candy- Crush the frozen lollipop to collect it!Candy Lands Features:• Classic match 3 game play- Easy to get started• Lovely and powerful game boosters- 5 Interesting game boosters give you power to pass thelevels• Tons of creative levels, more one the way- Over 300 awesome levels! Updates will be continued in everymonth!• No limited time- Play at your wisdom to get high score.• WIFI Free, you can play anywhere anytimeFollow us to get the up to date Candy Lands news and share youropinion, we will do it well: Acquire up to date Candy Lands game news and update- Special rewards and events all the time, such as game worldrank- Seamless sync across multiple devices
Birds Mania Match 3 2.6.3151
Birds Mania is a very addictive free casual game. This game isdifferent from other match 3 games, such as smash candy or cookie,Birds Mania gives you a new casual game world, this game can helpyou to pass time with lovely birds, cats and bears, also coolboosters and crazy explosion!* In the mysterious wonderland, playwith 6 distinct birds to achieve the goals! * You also need thebirds’s ability to blast the forest devils! * Mania Birds can crushthe ice and get the fish and then feeds the lovely cats, This is avery interesting.* Mania Birds also can help the bear to harvestits fruit or yummy nuts!The Birds Mania features:* Unique gameplay:swap and match 3, get brilliant boosters to beat the fiends or feedthe cats !* Over 180 of gorgeous match-3 levels, more on the way*Numerous of in-game characters , hope you will love them* lovelypets and game boosters that is always assist you to crush theobstacle* World Rank, claim your scores on the global leaderboard*Different chapters with unique scenes, forest, riverside,fountains* WIFI free ! You can play anywhere * A community thatplay with your Facebookfriends!*
Sweet Candy Forest 9.00.0002
You will act as a candy chef! Aslo we called candy artisans. Afterhundreds of mysterious puzzle levels, candies are then carefullywell crafted. You will feel a little tickling sense of magic andamazement.You would swap delecious and addictive candy elements,such as traditional jellybeans, chocolates color balls and treasuretrove of tasty treats! Enjoy these sweet treats with many enticingflavors of the classic candy you crave. Have Fun! Easy Get StartedGame Play • Swipe to match 3 or more candies. • Collect thecandies, break the obstacle and complete the levels! • Wisely usethe colorful and powerful boosters, pass the devil levels! • Enjoystory-line and various task! • Try to get 3 star stage clear!FEATURES • 3 MATCH CANDY PUZZLE - Colorful and delicious candies. •TONS OF CREATIVE LEVELS - Over 240 creative levels, full of fun andamazing challenges! • STUNNING GRAPHICS - splended animations andcheerful backgound music • NO TIME LIMIT - Play with your wisdomand get the best score • WIFI FREE - Any time and anywhere with nocelluler data requirements • Dailyly and weekly Game Events -frequently get more gifts and play with friends!
Fruit Candy Smash - Juice Splash Free Match 3 Game 1.4.3107
Sweetest and joyful vacation through wonderland of fruits, Makecombinations of the delicious fruits. Free the lovely bear friendsand taste the icecream on the beach.Smash fruits to get the magicfruit juicy cans, they will help you to get through the hundredspuzzle levels. You can try to crush the fruits with wisdom, 3 starstageclear will get special prize! HAVE FUN!This is a brand newfree match-3 puzzle game designed by Yunbu, the creator of BirdsMania, Magic School.GAME PLAY• Swipe to match 3 or more juicyfruits.• Collect the fruits, crush the frozen fruits to free thebear friends!• Wisely use the mania fruits and powerful boosters,make the kids happy!• Try to get 3 star stage clear and get therewarded magic fruits combinations!FEATURES• MATCH-3 CLASSIC PUZZLEGAME- Colorful and delicious fruits. • NUMEROUS OF CREATIVE LEVELS-Over 400 creative levels, full of fun and amazing challenges!•JOYFUL THEME- Lovely animations and joyful backgound music• TIMEFREE- No countdown, Play in your pleasent pace• WIFI FREE- Nointernet connection requirements
Crazy Candy Bomb - Sweet match 3 game 4.4.3
THE GORGEOUS MATCHING 3 PUZZLE GAME WITH MAGIC BOOSTERS ANDSWEETESET CANDIES! ♥ Start the happy and mystery journey withvarious candies in sweet wonderland! ♥ Play the most relaxing andsplended match-3 puzzle game, along with coloful candies andlollipop, no time limit, free and powerful boosters and CUTE TOYSmagic will help you to enjoy and feel relaxed! Smart move or clevercombination will be rewarded! Apply your talent to solve all thepuzzles to get 3 star for prize! Candy Bomb Booster Feature 🍭-Lollipop: Sweet lollipop help you to smash the any candy you wantto crush. 🍭- Bust rocket: Help you to crush a vertical column ofsweet candy. 🍭- Magic wand: Magic wand allows you to re-arrange thecandy interface. 🍭- Magic gloves: This glove from the hands ofmagician, you can let you exchange any two candy. 🍭- Spacecraft:This ultimate skill can help you collect all the same candies atonce. Candy Bomb Gameplay 😊- Move and match 3 candies of the sametype to burst and win points, 4 and more crushes genarates apowerful booster!. 😊- Get four or more of the same candy togetherand make a magic bomb. 😊- Special Levels need crush numerouscandies, use booster to activate the magic bottles. 😊- Try to reachhigh scores and get 3 stars on every level, get special prize!Notes: * WIFI FREE! TIME FREE! * Hundreds of exciting puzzlelevels, more on the way * Facebook sync, you can login yourFacebook account and play with your friends! Privacy Contact with us
Magic School – Mystery Match 3 Puzzle Game 1.3.3029
The Magic School will lead you to the mystery puzzle quests. Youwill find five magic skills in the charming wonderland.Broomstick,Cauldron,Mystery Gloves,Exploding Crystaland Wizard Hatwill give you ability to pass through the charlenging quests. PLAYFUN!Find the hidden fiends!This is a brand new free match-3 puzzlegame designed by Yunbu, the creator of Birds Mania, Fruit Smash andCrazy Candy Bomb.GAME PLAY• Swipe to match 3 or more magic stones.•Collect the magic stones, crush the skill book and free the lovelybats!• Wisely use the mysteric bat and powerful boosters, gethigher score!• Try to get 3 star stage clear and get the rewardedof magic boosters!• Pay attention on the number after you crush themagic stone. Good strategy is your wisdom choice to pass thelevels!FEATURES• MATCH-3 CLASSIC PUZZLE GAME- Mystery and splendedatmosphere . • NUMEROUS OF CREATIVE LEVELS- Over 100 creativelevels, weekly updated new levels!• MAGICAL THEME- Mestry graphicand magical backgound music• TIME FREE- No countdown, Play in yourpleasent pace• WIFI FREE- No internet connection requirements• PLAYWITH FRIEND- Facebook sync your game progress and play with yourfriends
Mix 11:Number puzzle game 2.1
Mix 11 is a creative number combination game . The player needcomplete the permutations of the same number of the adjacent, andfinally make the numbers merging to 11, once you start playing youwill never put it down, this is also a burning brain game, inviteyour friends, see who is the best!Features1.Creative game play,combined number crush game fascination.2.flat and streamlinegraphic, different and personalize style, give you different visualexperience3.Unique music by the professional music producer for thegame produced a lot of different music, every time you can enjoydifferent music. back ground music is quiet and elegant, combinedwith the personality of the visual design, can give you a relaxedand enjoyable experience
Word Zen : Connect & Build Words 0.91
⛳ How big is your vocabulary? ⛳ How many words can you find in thisgame? ⛵ With 2800+ levels and in 11 languages, this is the mostinclusive and challenging word connect game in the market. Come andchallenge it, especially if you are a bilingual or trilingual.⛳Features:1. 2800+ levels, 11 languages2. Cooperate mode: Connect tothe same Wifi, and play with families or friends nearby.3. Contestmode: Compete with people all over the world to win coins!4.Japanese style graphics and soothing bgm.⛳ How to Play:1. Tap andconnect letters to form words2. Use hints or shuffles if you getstuck3. Connect to the same Wifi to play with families and friends⛵If you travel to Japan, you will marvel at the beautiful and exoticasian / eastern scenes and decorations. You got it! This word gameis designed to bring you a Zen exprience as if you are traveling inJapan.⛵ This is a word puzzle game different from any other wordsearch or word connect game. It is an amazing exprience, like youare on an exotic journey, like you a wandering in the sky. You willfind the Japanese elements such as samurai, kabuki, sumo,ninja,katana so amazing and attracting. Imaging you are traveling inJapan, and play word game in a luxurious spring hotel near MountFuji.⛵ Come and feel WORD ZEN: word connect & word games!
Cookie Blast - funny match-3 game 1.9.0000
Cookie blast is a Classic match3 game that can make you relaxed.and the wonderland is full with all kinds of cakes and cookies.Youcan produce sweet chocolate, and cream, sweet cookies can not onlymeet your appetite, but also bring you endless joy. Come ahead oftime!A new interface style designed by a creative master will giveyou a different experience!Have fun!HOW TO PLAY:• Swipe to match 3or more cookies• Collect the cake and cookie,complete the levels!•Enjoy story-line and various task!• Achieve 3 stars to get morecoinsCookie Blast FEATURES:-FREE• This is a free game and you canplay it all the time-EASY AND FUN PALY• You can easy to play ,justswap&crush&match-TONS OF CREATIVE LEVELS• Over 240 creativelevels, full of fun and amazing challenges!-NO WIFI IS NOT PROBLEM•you can play offline!
Fish Crush 2020 - blast&match3 adventure🐟🦈 7.8.7000
Enjoy the exciting and adventurous game with your fish,challengeyourself with every interesting task.totally free to have the wholefun. So much beautiful fish that you can collect! Easy Get StartedGame Play • Swipe to match 3 or more fish. • Collect the fish,break the obstacle and complete the tasks! • Wisely use thecolorful and powerful tools to pass the devil tasks! • Enjoystory-line and various missions! • Try to get 3 stars in everymission! Features: • Rare fish that live in deep ocean • Over 240creative tasks, full of fun and amazing challenges! • Splendedanimations and cheerful backgound music • No time limited! Playwith your wisdom and get the best score • Any time and anywherewith no celluler data requirements • Dailyly and weekly Game Events- frequently get more gifts and play with friends!
Fruit Crush 1.5.0
Adventure in this wonderful fruit garden.Crush the fruits tocollect the much exciting tasks are waitting for you.useyour wisdom to complet the missions.get 3 Stars by every missionthen you will get gifts! GAME PLAY • Swipe to match 3 or morefruits. • Collect the fruits, crush the frozen fruits to make thetasks! • Use the tools wisely • try to get 3 Stars by every missionthen you will get gifts! FEATURES • MATCH-3 CLASSIC PUZZLE GAME -More new colorful and delicious fruits. • LOTS OF CREATIVE EXCITINGCRAZY MISSIONS - Over 400 creative missions, full of fun andamazing challenges! • RELAXING RHYTHM - Lovely animations andjoyful backgound music • TIME FREE - No time limit, Play wherever& whenever • WIFI FREE - No internet connection requirements
The mysterious ship - Find the clue 16
Fog floating in the cold sea. A cry came from the depths ofdarkness. A fishing boat drifting with a smell of blood. Whatexactly happened to them? You reproduce one after another horriblestory when finding the truth. Anyway you must be careful! and Donot get lost in this extreme panic! This is a classic puzzle gameand you will be addicted in it! Features: - Unique hand-paintedstyle. - New puzzle! Multiple complicated cases and esoteric anddiverse puzzles require you to think boldly and carefully... - It'sa amazing challenge of not only your brainpower, but also yourcourage! - You will have a totally different gaming experience withso many mysterious missions... - The game is totally free to play.What you should do is passing the missions for the final victory!you also can earn the gift and coins during the gameplay. - Ready?
Sudoku Game 1.0
when you want to stay active or want to spend your free time happy,SudokuGame is a good choice.Play with Math and numbers! Awaken yourthoughts with SudokuGame! Stimulate your nerves! You no longer needto use paper or pen to complete Sudoku, download it to your phonenow and enjoy Sudoku anywhere!feature  - Easy to use level,easy to use, suitable for beginners and advanced players  -Highlight rows, columns, and boxes related to the selectedcell  - Auto check function, check your own error at anytime  - Highlight duplicates to avoid duplicating rows,columns, and numbers in the block  - In case of difficulty,you can choose hints to help you pass the level  - Statistics.Track the progress of each difficulty level: analyze your best timeand other achievements  - Unlimited Undos. made a mistake?Hurry up and put it back!  - Pause the game at any time, savethe game data at any time.Challenge the brain together!
Diamonds Crush 2020 - jewel collect & blast 8.0.9000
Have fun in this amazing Diamond's world, Free to crush all thediamonds! there are various jewels to accompany you to travel inthis wonderland! Try to Challenge the amazing levels! Enjoy theexciting and adventurous game with your Diamonds,challenge yourselfwith every interesting task.totally free to have the whole fun. Somuch beautiful jewels that you can collect! Easy Get Started GamePlay • Swipe to match 3 or more jewels. • Collect the jewels, breakthe obstacle and complete the tasks! • Wisely use the colorful andpowerful tools to pass the devil tasks! • Enjoy story-line andvarious missions! • Try to get 3 stars in every mission! Features:• Rare jewels that exists over the world • Over 240 creative tasks,full of fun and amazing challenges! • Splended animations andcheerful backgound music • No time limited! Play with your wisdomand get the best score • Any time and anywhere with no cellulerdata requirements • Dailyly and weekly Game Events - frequently getmore gifts and play with friends!
Chess 1.0
It's never too late to learn how to play chess - the most populargame in the world! Learning the rules of chess is easy:Each playerstarts the game with 16 pieces: one king, one queen, two Rooks, twoBishops, two Knight and eight Pawn each.Chess is a two-player boardgame utilizing a chessboard and sixteen pieces of six types foreach player. Each type of piece moves in a distinct way. The goalof the game is to checkmate (threaten with unescapable capture) theopponent's king. Games do not necessarily end with checkmate;players often resign if they believe they will lose. A game canalso end in a draw in several ways.Features:Battle withcomputerBattle with another playerBattle historyBattlestatisticsReady to start playing chess? Download for free and startenjoying the game!
Find The Differences
Time to challenge your eyes!Find the differences with timelimited!Sharply and efficiently improve your observation abilityand eyesight so that your brain potential is stimulated whileplaying!• 3 kinds of difficulty can be challenged to meet yourdifferent needs! Come find out the difference!•time limit! Superstimulating gameplay!• High definition pictures of mobile phonesand tablets!This game is free to download, without any networkconnection, pick up the phone anytime, anywhere to enjoy!
Candy Crazy Bomb - Crush Candy Free & Match 3 game 1.1.3107
You Don't Have To Pay Anything* TIME FREE! WIFI FREE! TOTALLYFREE!*Hundreds of exciting puzzle levels, more on the way*Facebook sync,you can login your Facebook account and play withyour friends! Playthe most relaxing and splended match-3 puzzlegame, along withcoloful candies and lollipop, no time limit, freeand powerfulboostersand CUTE TOYS magic will help you to enjoy andfeel relaxed!Smart move or clever combination will be rewarded!Apply your talentto solve all the puzzles to get 3 star forprize!Candy Bomb BoosterFeature 🍭- Lollipop: Sweet lollipop helpyou to smash the any candyyou want to crush.🍭- Bust rocket: Helpyou to crush a verticalcolumn of sweet candy.🍭- Magic wand: Magicwand allows you tore-arrange the candy interface.🍭- Magic gloves:This glove from thehands of magician, you can let you exchange anytwo candy.🍭-Spacecraft: This ultimate skill can help you collectall the samecandies at once.Candy Bomb Gameplay😊- Move and match 3candies ofthe same type to burst and win points, 4 and morecrushes genaratesa powerful booster!.😊- Get four or more of thesame candy togetherand make a magic bomb.😊- Special Levels needcrush numerous candies,use booster to activate the magicbottles.😊- Try to reach highscores and get 3 stars on every level,get special prize!
Candy Mania 1.4.0
Are you Super into Sweet and delicious candy ? Match 3 or morescrumptious candies in Candy Mania. Use various of boosters toachieve highest score and win 3 stars in each level. have lots offun in the candy mania wonderland! Enjoy these sweet treats withmany enticing flavors of the classic candy you crave. Have Fun!Easy Get Started Game Play • Swipe to match 3 or more candies. •Collect the candies, break the obstacle and complete the levels! •Wisely use the colorful and powerful boosters, pass the devillevels! • Enjoy story-line and various task! • Try to get 3 starstage clear! FEATURES • 3 MATCH CANDY PUZZLE - Colorful anddelicious candies. • TONS OF CREATIVE LEVELS - Over 240 creativelevels, full of fun and amazing challenges! • STUNNING GRAPHICS -splended animations and cheerful backgound music • NO TIME LIMIT -Play with your wisdom and get the best score • WIFI FREE - Any timeand anywhere with no celluler data requirements • Dailyly andweekly Game Events - frequently get more gifts and play withfriends!
Endless Highway - Finger Driver 1.1.02
You will be addicted to this funny game if you like driving.Driveyour car by Spinning the steering wheel.don't touch the edge oryour car will explode.Collect the coins for more cool cars! It'salso a good time-passer.Keep it on the road as far as you can.moveyour fingers for Higher record. - Easy to play everywhere everytime- No wifi or Cellular network needed - Endless Mode.get higherrecord - Different cars for collecting - All ages suitable - Freshand simple gameplay
Cat Story™ 1.1.6
Cat Story™ is a super fun cat Match 3 crush game that gives you anunexpectedly happiness and cute cats world! Move and match 3 ormore pillows to collect them and increase the value of adjacentpillows. Cat Story™ will take you through hundreds of amazinglevels. It's easy to learn, but it's challenging to master! Can'thelp playing the game with the exciting levels! The cat's favoritepillow and fishes look good! Cat Story™ features: - The matchingpillow will collect tools. Grab them all and beat every level -Collect more pillows to earn more points and stars! Can you meetthe 3 star requirement? - Win more to decorate your cat, the kittenwill grow into a big cat.Also There will be more and more differentkinds of cat appearing in your game career. Game promotion andrewards! - Puzzle game is a little easier to help! A wide range oftools to help you quickly collect pillows - Match more pillows toreward you with better scores and more challenges! Cat Story™ issuch a wonderful puzzle adventure match 3 game and just like theother best things in life:it's totally free to play. Notes: * Playanytime anywhere! * Hundreds of exciting puzzle levels, more on theway * Facebook sync, you can login your Facebook account and playwith your friends! Privacy Contact with us
Puppy Blast™ : Journey of Crush
JOIN THE FANTASTIC JOURNEY OF BLASTER TEAM RIGHT NOW!! The mostcharming magic cartoon world is available !! Explore and solvehundreds of challenging puzzles with Tommy, Judy and Bobby! Matchthe same cubes to blast the barriers on your way to the next level.Create sorts of boosters and bombs to trigger massive explosion!Welcome to the amazingly fun world! 😋▶ Puppy Blast™ Official FanPage : Just to match, just to have fun!FEATURES: ● Various gameplay, numerous combinations of boosters orbombs to blast cubes. ● Unlimited possibilities with finite moves.To pass levels in less moves and earn rich rewards. ● Join guildand have fun with your friend! Compete with other puzzle mastersaround the world! ● Powerful and magic equipment help you to crushthe tough obstacles. Dice, UFO, Sand glass… ● Solve puzzles tounlock star chest and treasure bag to collect valuable coins andprops. ● Three lovely cartoon friends stand by you in the gorgeousjourney. ● Very easy and quick to pick up.Come to challengeyourself for peak!!
Ball Bang- Arrow Fight 3D 1.114.1
Grab your weapon now! See fun and insane characters flight! Chooseyour own exclusive archer, start to aim and shoot. Blowing yourenemy away, you are the master archer! Have fun with this Compete1-on-1 epic fighting game! GAME FEATURES ► Dozens of insane funnycharacters are ready for your call; ► All kinds of archery weaponssecure you every match. ► Awesome physic throwing effect, crazyfatalities with rag-doll physics. ► Coolest character movements andreactions in 1-vs-1 combat. ► Epic duels with your friends, becomethe Ball Bang master, party time with your friends and family!Endless rewards for your trophies, best addictive trick shot game!Download for free NOW, don't miss the fun, master your weapon,ready to win a fight!