Pumpkin Rush 1.5.2
In Pumpkin Rush, you can play as a wide variety of charactersrunning away from a ghost! Watch out, though! If you hit agravestone, it's game over! Collect pumpkins to buy even morecharacters from the ever growing list, like King, Witch, Scarecrow,and more! In the future, you will also be able to use thesepumpkins to buy power-ups.The controls are simple. Just tap theright side of the screen to go to the right, and the left side togo to the left. This may make the game seem easy, but it won't beas your character speeds up! This will make beating your friend'shigh score require a lot of skill.Pumpkin Rush is a retro stylegame right down to the core. The graphics are in awesome 8-bitstyle, with bright colors to match the exciting game play. Theretro chip music is eerie and exciting at the same time, making thegame even more fun! Even the sound that plays when you grab apumpkin is completely 8-bit.Download Pumpkin Rush for a fun,gravestone-dodging experience!This game was made using GiderosStudio:
Mr. Square's Graphy Adventure! 1.0
Help Mr. Square on his graphy adventure!Move by typing incoordinates using the arrows, and pressing "Go!" to make Mr. Squareglide to that location.Be careful though! If you touch a redsquare, you will have to start the level all over again!!!Mr.Square's Graphy Adventure is an educational game that teachesstudents about graphing in all four quadrants. This game isrecommended for educational purposes for 6th and 7th graders.Note -This is the beta version of the game, not the full version.
Fly Rocket Fly 1.1
In this 8-bit arcade-style game, you try to get as far as you canby maneuvering your rocket through a variety of enemies likemeteors, ice cream, broccoli, and more! You can use your blaster todestroy enemies, but you have limited ammo. After each stage,choose which path you should choose. Should you speed away from thealiens, go through a treacherous path guarded by many enemies, orshould you go where the enemies are much fiercer? You decide!Thisgame was made using Gideros Studio:
Jumpscare Math 1.0
In Jumpscare Math, you are given a series of math problems withaddition, subtraction, multiplication, and division of largenumbers. Answer them right or be jumpcared! This will help youspeed up your equation solving. This game is not recommended forsmall children because of scary images and sounds. Because of loudnoises, headphones aren't recommended.WARNING! - FlashingLights!This game was made using Gideos Studio:
Integer Invaders 1.0
In Integer Invaders, you tilt the device to steer and tap to shoot.A math problem (different operations based on the mode you choose)involving negative and positive integers will appear at the bottomof the screen, and you have to shoot the correct answer. If you get3 incorrect answers, or the numbers make it to the bottom of thescreen, you lose!Integer invaders has 3 different modes to practicedifferent skills. You can choose to add and subtract, multiply anddivide, or all 4 operations. Try to get the highest score possiblefor each individual mode!Integer invaders is an educational gamethat is aimed at 7th graders, though anybody who wants to practiceoperations with negative and positive integers can use it!This appwas made using Gideros Studio:
Flappy Spud 1.0
Join The Spud on his Journey to fly away. Be careful though, if youhit a fork, you might get eaten!Flappy Spud is the solution to allof your problems. Bored? Play Flappy Spud! Having a bad day? PlayFlappy Spud! Nervous for a big test coming up? PLAY FLAPPYSPUD!!!Flappy Spud is a simple one tap app. Tap anywhere to makethe spud fly higher! Avoid forks to beat your high score! Simple,fun, and addicting.This app was made using Gideros Studio: