Dark Stories: Midnight Horror 1.0.10
From developers of 100 Doors and 100 Doors: Parallel Worlds Horrorand mystical crime story! Gregory Ross is a detective from LosAngeles homicide department. He doesn’t have much friends andprobably will never won popularity contest in his police station.It is all because Gregory has a gift – he is connected to the worldof supernatural. Gregory can see things, hidden from others andsolves the cases which couldn’t be told about for a cup of tea.This detective investigates dark stories. Play Dark Stories:Midnight Horror for free! Features: - Two different finals of thegame - Dialogue system - Huge and beautiful game world - Supportstwo languages (English, Russian) - Alternation of day and nightFollow us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/zenfoxgames
100 Doors: Carters Manor 1.2.1
Presenting a new mystical story fromthedevelopers of 100 Doors and Hidden Escape series. Solvepuzzles,explore mysterious locations, fight with wild beasts andhelpAlexander uncover the mysterious death of his uncle.Features:- addictive puzzles for your smartphones;- high definition graphics and unique room designs;- dialogue revealing the story as you advance;- 100% free now and forever;Like 100 Doors games? What to test your brain? Play The SecretofCarters Manor now!Have any problems with the game or have an idea? Feel freetocontact us!Follow us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/zenfoxgames
Train Escape: Hidden Adventure (FULL) 1.0.2
You are taking a part in classic detective story, in which themaincharacters will face complex intricacies of the passengers fateinthe most respectable train of the Great Britain. Luis White andhisfellow travelers are on a mission to find out how all thesepeopleare connected and reveal the secrets of the tragedy thatengulfedthe train. Will you be the one to solve the crime?Features: -Incredible detective story; - Excellent graphics; -Thematicmusical accompaniment; - Fascinating puzzles and cleverlyhiddencaches; - Only free tips; - No advertising. Solve all thepuzzles,find evidence, interview the passengers and find out howtheperpetrator managed to commit the crime. Follow the news aboutnewgames, levels and updates on our pages in socialnetworks:Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/zenfoxgames
Train Escape Mystery: Hidden Object Detective Game 1.0.3
Are you ready to go on a thrilling journey and deal withunsolvedmystery? Become a true detective and help to find themurderer!With the main character of this detective story you embarkonexciting adventure through England in one of the mostrespectabletrains, where you become involuntary participant in ascandalousincident - a murder of the passenger. You play thisdetective gamein a the role of Louis White - a famous writer ofdetectives.Together with former police chief Harry Morgan andfamily doctorRoy Fisher, you have to find out what connects thepeople on thetrain. What secrets do they keep from each other? Whois a liar,and who is only a victim of circumstances? The answersare waitingfor you in the end of this mystery game with hiddenobjects! Ourdetective game features: - incredible detective storywith crimeinvestigation; - tricky hidden object games; -fascinating puzzlesand hidden caches; - excellent graphics; -thematic musicalaccompaniment. Follow Mr. White in search ofevidence, find and usehidden objects, interview passengers andlearn more and moredetails about the incident. Can you become a proin crimeinvestigation hidden object game? Solve the mystery andfind outthe truth in this detective game! If you're having anyproblems orquestions feel free to contact us atgames@zenfoxmedia.com Followus on Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/zenfoxgames
Dave’s Quest: Spaceship Escape 0.0.3
Life turns into a real chase, when the cosmic police of threeworldshunt for you. You can’t hide from them even in the mostremotecorners of the galaxy. Is there a chance to escape? Togetherwiththe main character Dave, you have to leave the spacecraft andgo ona long journey, full of complex challenges and cleverpuzzles. Willyou survive? Everything depends only on you!Features: A greatvariety of puzzles; Excellent graphics; Abilityto SKIP levels;Regular updates; A fascinating plot; All levels areFREE; PlayWITHOUT ADS. Are you ready to immerse yourself in theexciting worldof the space quest, puzzles and mini-games? Pass thelevels, opennew planets and watch the fascinating story unveil.Start the gamenow! Our events on Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/zenfoxgames