ZIG Trinity Inc. Apps

Memorize 1.2
Test your memory! Tap the appropriate shape (Triangle, Square orCircle) in the correct order to advance. Compete against the worldon the leaderboards. How high can you go?
Bladefish 1
Blue battles against countless hoards of deadly sea beasts.AScore-based Arcade game with an action-heavy core. Play as Blue,aswift blue marlin as he faces some of the Caribbean's mostpowerfulsea creatures. Tap anywhere to dash, cutting throughenemies alongthe way. Build up a combo streak by defeating enemieswithouttaking damage. Aim for the top score on the leaderboards.
Melody Duel 1
Melody Duel is a rhythm game where, instead of playing to thebeatof a song, you play to the beat of your opponent. Take turnsbeingthe Melody composer or the reciter. If your opponent missestoomany notes, you win! You can play locally andonline,cross-platform with the Web and Windows version found onitch.io.