Color Tunnel 2
Can you SURVIVE inside the Color Tunnel?using your fingers (orthumbs) press each side of the screen to spinner left or right toavoid disaster!Race at super speeds through an ever-changing colortunnel packed full of many finger stubbing obstacles includingballz, bricks and blocksHow far can you go inside the colortunnel?Can you keep up with the race?fight for the podium
Death Date 3.0
Death Date is a mysterious app where you will find out when you aregoing to die... but do you have the guts?
QUACK: Lost Ducks 1.0
Assist Mother Duck locate her ducklings throughout River Quack!Butwatch out! don't hit the river banks else the search is off :(Easyto play! Only requires ONE finger!Tap and hold your finger on thescreen to direct Mother Duck left.Release your finger to turnMother Duck right!
Save the Planet 1.0
Tap and hold the screen to Warp time and increase the ships speedto move quicker!
Color Drop 1.1
What will your high score be? can you beat 350?!The one fingercolordropping game!drag or tap to match the color!
Tunnel Ball 1.0
With one finger (or thumb) navigate the ball through theblockedtunnel!be careful.. the moving walls have can changedirection atany time!