FunNow - Fun On Demand 2.7.1
FunNow - Life is for living. Fun on demand app. FunNow provides youwith a solution that satisfies all your instant cravings! We arefun and spontaneous, and most importantly, the quality willdefinitely not let you down. Important features of FunNow: -Guaranteed - Lower price and high quality services - Time Effect -Hand-picked locations for your convenience - Immediacy - No queueneeded, have fun whenever and wherever Location: Taipei, Taichung,Hong Kong, Kuala Lumper, Okinawa, Tokyo, Osaka, Bangkok (TBD)Lounge bars, beautiful bistros, massage & SPAs, magnificentmotels, boutique hotels, pampering manicure pedicures, smokingeyelashes, group games, you name it! FunNow offers a variety ofservices, so just have fun now!
BossNow - Merchant side system for FunNow app 2.0.15
Merchant side system for FunNow app. With BossNow, you are able to:1. Manage the availability of your store 2. Check bookings 3.Redeem the orders