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EXE to APK converter prank
Prank your friends that you can convert an EXEfile to APK.
Dress Up Games for Girls & Kid 1.0
The best dress up games for girls and kids isnow freely available for download.This app compiles a list of the best dress up games for girlsand kids.Features:Dozens of dress up games for girls and kids listed in oneplaceMove through the listSearch for dress up games for girls and kidsView best rated dress up game for girls and kidsIf you have any questions on the best dress up games for girlsand kids, please let us know on the email in our page
Theme for Windows XP 2.0
The best Theme for Windows XP is now availablefor free downloadTheme for Windows XP will give your phone or tablet the oldclassic Windows XP look and feel.Theme for Windows XP acts as a launcher for launching andmanaging all your apps and other phone or tablet featuresIt has the following features:Manage apps e.g. add/remove/uninstall etcTurn on or off phone features e.g. bluetooth, wifi, gps etcIncrease/reduce phone brightnessRuns on top of other apps hence you can minimize or still makeit maximized and open other appsMany other cool featuresHow to install Theme for Windows XP:Download it from Google PlayLaunch the appSelect Enable Task BarYou can also select the apps to include/exclude and change thestart button.For any questions on Theme for Windows XP, please use our email onthe developer page.
Finger Print Phone Lock Prank
Lock your phone with this prank finger printscanning app.Please note, this is a prank finger print phone locking app
Destroy Iphone 6 Prank
Destroy the most popular Apple Iphone 6Play the best and most realistic destroy Iphone prank game forfreeDestroy Iphone is a prank game where you will destroy Iphonetheme with the available weaponsDestroy Iphone 6 has the following weapons:GunsHammerKnivesAxes etcUsage:Install Destroy Iphone 6Click on StartClick on select weapon to select your weaponStart the destruction with the weapon(s)For any questions on Destroy Iphone 6 , please contact us via email(Contact us form is available inside this app)
Launcher for Infinix Note 2 1.0
The best Launcher Theme for Infinix Note 2 isnow available for free downloadLauncher Theme for Infinix Note 2 will make your phone or tabletlook like Infinix Note 2Enjoy the best user interface with Launcher Theme for InfinixNote 2The theme supports the following launchers:ADWNovaApexActionHow to install Launcher Theme for Infinix Note 2:Download it from Google PlayLaunch the appSelect Apply ThemeEnjoyFor any questions on Launcher Theme for Infinix Note 2, please useour email on the developer page.
Dragon in Phone Funny Prank
Watch dragon moving all over your phoneordevice. Prank your friends into believing there is a real dragoninyour phone!FeaturesEnable/Disable dragonShare appView other pranksYou can go on using your phone while the dragon is moving onthescreen.
Realistic Fire on Screen Joke
Fire on screen is an app that showsburningfire on your screen. You can use your phone while the screenis onfire!. Remember, this is a prank app, your phone screen won'tcatchfireFeaturesShows realistic fire on top of sreenYou can use phone and other apps while fire is on screenShare appView other pranksEnjoy