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[ROOT] LG V20/G5 Mod Installer 2.4
Moves ModControl app to /system/priv-app/ andinstalls required system mods.ModControl: be installed first)INSTALLS:- LGSystemUI- LGSignBoard- 3Minit Battery/Clock Resources
[ROOT] LG V20/G5 Mod Control 7.4.6
This app was originally created as a methodfor controlling a set of modifications I made for rooted LG V20phones. The options require you have my mod installed!This app MAY NOT WORK on Asian variants!This app requires ROOT! It will not work without it!This app will NOT work on deodexed ROMs!This app is ONLY for Stock LG-based ROMs!This app needs to be moved to /system/priv-app/ to function!This app in a work-in-progress; it is not complete. Please reportany isues on the XDA thread.Please consider installing the mod from the XDA thread: Installer app:
SystemUI Tuner 320
Support me on Patreon! For $1/mo, you get access to all of my paidapps, along with development updates and more! READ THIS BEFORE INSTALLING: USERS ON ANDROID NOUGAT (7) and OREO (8) READ THIS: YOU ARE ON ANDROID 11 OR HIGHER, USING ADB REQUIRES ACOMPUTER! SystemUI Tuner is not magic! It simply exposes somehidden options in Android. Different manufacturers may remove orchange these options, which SystemUI Tuner CANNOT work around. ADBCommands for more convenient copy-paste (ADB is not root): - adbshell pm grant com.zacharee1.systemuitunerandroid.permission.WRITE_SECURE_SETTINGS - adb shell pm grantcom.zacharee1.systemuituner android.permission.PACKAGE_USAGE_STATS- adb shell pm grant com.zacharee1.systemuitunerandroid.permission.DUMP For some reason, a lot of manufacturersseem to have a problem with us customizing our own devices, to thepoint where some disable the built-in Android System UI Tuner. Thisapp aims to fix that problem, by providing a replacement. For themost part, this is a replica of Android's System UI Tuner; however,there are a few extra goodies that Android's solution doesn'tinclude by default. Using this app you can: - Control which iconsappear in your status bar (not every toggle will work on everydevice). - Customize Demo Mode. - Control the importance level ofnotifications (7.0+; doesn't work well on Samsung). - Enable somehidden features of Android. - Toggle Immersive Mode. - Change QuickSettings options (TouchWiz 7.0 users can change the grid size). -Customize animation speeds. - And so much more. Most featuresshould work on most devices. Heavily customized OEM versions ofAndroid (such as TouchWiz/Samsung Experience/One UI, EMUI, MIUI,etc) will have fewer available. There is nothing that can be doneabout this. THIS APP WILL NOT FUNCTION PROPERLY ON ALL DEVICES!This includes most versions of MIUI, while Samsung's TouchWizMarshmallow (6) will not work at all! Now for some notes: - Thisapp does NOT require ROOT, but you will need to grant somepermissions using ADB (instructions in app). ADB IS NOT ROOT! - Ifyour device is rooted, the app will attempt to gain root access.You can deny access if you want, but you will need to use ADB togrant the permissions. - This app should work on any device runningAndroid Marshmallow (6.0) or above, except most devices runningMIUI and devices on TouchWiz 6.0. - This app is not a magic wand.SystemUI Tuner is simply exposing hidden options available inAndroid. If there isn't an option for something, or an existingoption doesn't work on your device, there's nothing that I can doto fix it. - Immersive Mode is finnicky! Don't expect it to workperfectly, and don't expect me to be able to do anything about it.Again, it's an option built into Android. I have no control overwhat Google or your OEM does to mess it up. - Changes you make arepermanent! Uninstalling SystemUI Tuner WILL NOT and CANNOT undoyour changes. On Android Oreo (8.0) and later, there is an optionto reset most settings, but it is YOUR responsibility to keep trackof what you change. If you have a problem, visit the XDA thread,send me an email, or visit the Telegram group. However, make sureyou read this description and any warnings present in the appbefore asking a question. XDA: code: Telegram: Help Translate: _____ Thanks to AndroidDev for the feature graphic!(
Lockscreen Widgets
Zachary Wander
A (very) long time ago, Android introduced a feature to allow youtoshow certain widgets on the lock screen. For some reason,thisuseful feature was removed with the release of Android5.0Lollipop, confining widgets to the home screen only. Whilesomemanufacturers, such as Samsung, have brought back limitedversionsof lockscreen widgets, but you're usually limited to thewidgetsthe manufacturer has already created for you. Well, nomore!Lockscreen Widgets brings back the functionality of yore, withsomeextra features. - Lockscreen Widgets appears as a paged "frame"ontop of your lockscreen. - Add a widget by tapping the plusbuttonin the frame. This plus button will always be the last page.- Eachwidget you add gets its own page. - You can press, hold, anddrag awidget left or right to reorder it. - Tap the frame withtwofingers to enter the editing mode: you resize and move theframe,and remove the current widget here. - Tap the frame withthreefingers to temporarily hide it. It will show up again oncethedisplay turns off and back on. - Any home screen widget canbeadded as a lockscreen widget. Inside the app, there are afewsettings you can change: - You can make the widgetframe'sbackground opaque if you want to overlay lockscreenelements. - Youcan have the widget frame hide when there arenotificationsdisplayed on the lockscreen. - You can have the widgetframe hidewhen the notification shade is down. This probably won'twork onheavily customized skins like EMUI or MIUI. - You can havethewidget frame hide when the security input view isshown(PIN/pattern/password/etc). This probably won't work onheavilycustomized skins like EMUI or MIUI. And this is all withoutADB orroot! All the necessary privileges can be granted withouteventhinking about using a computer. On the topic of privileges,theseare the more sensitive permissions that Lockscreen Widgetsneeds tofunction: - Accessibility. In order to display on thelockscreen,Lockscreen Widgets' Accessibility Service must beenabled. You willbe prompted to enable it if needed in the initialsetup, and anytime you open the app. - Notification Listener. Thispermission isonly required if you want the widget frame to hidewhennotifications are displayed. You will be prompted if it'sneeded. -Dismiss Keyguard. In order to improve the userexperience,Lockscreen Widgets will dismiss the lock screen (or showthesecurity input view) when it detects an Activity beinglaunchedfrom a widget, or when you press the "Add Widget" button.This willnot compromise your device's security in any way. Andthat's it.Don't believe me? Lockscreen Widgets is open source! Thelink is atthe bottom. Lockscreen Widgets only works on AndroidLollipop 5.1and later because the necessary system features fordisplaying onthe lockscreen didn't exist in Lollipop 5.0. Sorry,5.0 users. Ifyou have a question, send me an email or join the TGgroup: Please be as specific as possiblewithyour problem or request. Lockscreen Widgets is also availableonXDALabs: XDAthread: source:
Zachary Wander
DISCONTINUED: As I no longer have the LG V20, I can'tproperlydevelop this app. The source is available on GitHub andlinkedbelow, if anyone wants to fork and improve it. Ever wish thatLGhad given the V10/V20 more widgets in the second screen? Well,wishno more! BoredSigns adds many more widgets to your SignBoard(getit? SignBoard --> BoredSigns?), ones you may need and onesyoumay not. The best part about BoredSigns? It doesn't needroot!That's right; you can get some brand new widgets on yourcompletelyStock V10 or V20. In the future, ADB may be necessary forcertainwidgets, but right now, you don't need your computer at all.Youcan even select which widgets will appear in the AOD! Thereare,however, a few problems with this. 1. The AOD only updatesaboutonce every three minutes 2. The AOD will scroll back to thedefaultscreen automatically after a while. This can only be changedwithroot. Current widgets: — Information — Current Weather —ForecastWeather — Image — Navigation Bar — Developer Info — CPUInfo Ifyou're on a rooted V20 and looking for additionalfunctionality,consider installing mymods: is open source! If you aren't willing to pay $0.99 to buyit,feel free to build it for yourself. I only ask that it notbere-distributed without substantial modifications (i.e. morethanchanging the theme and name).GitHub: XDADiscussion: Feelfree toopen an issue on GitHub to suggest a new widget!
Widget Drawer — Use your widgets almost anywhere
Zachary Wander
Do you use widgets frequently? Are you maybe tired of having togoto the home screen just to take a quick glance at your inbox?Youcould just open the widget's app, but then you have to wait fortheapp to open and load. Widget Drawer aims to take care ofthisconvenience issue by adding a way for you to access yourwidgetsfrom nearly any app or screen. When enabled, Widget Drawerwill adda handle to the side of your screen. Simply swipe thathandleinward and you will be presented with an area to add widgets.Thishandle will stay on the screen whether you're on the homescreen,browsing the internet, or reading a book. Widget Draweralsoprovides certain customization options for the drawer itself:-Change the height of each widget - Set whether a widget shouldtakeup 1 or 2 columns in width - Reorder widgets - Choose whetherornot widgets should have an opaque background The handle has afewoptions as well. It can be moved vertically or even to theotherside of the screen by long-pressing it and then dragging. Thesizeand color can even be personalized from within the appitself.Widget Drawer makes use of the following permissions:-SYSTEM_ALERT_WINDOW - Used to show the drawer over other apps-VIBRATE - Used to provide haptic feedback for certain actions-FOREGROUND_SERVICE - Used to start a foreground Service tokeepWidget Drawer running - BIND_APPWIDGET - Used to host thewidgets -INTERNET - Used by Firebase to track crashes and gatherlogs Thisapp is open source!
LTE Band (NV) Calculator for Qualcomm Devices
While there are a couple NV calculator apps out there, a lot aresomewhat limited. Some don't work reliably, while others havelimited band selection. This app, LTE Band Calculator, allows youto select all LTE bands currently in use, and outputs a proper NVvalue to enter into field 06828, based on which bands you'veselected. On top of the basic calculation, you can also enter analready-calculated value to see the LTE bands it represents.
Insomnia 1.5
Zachary Wander
Insomnia is essentially a remake of LineageOS' Caffeine Tile,butwith a few extra features. Caffeine is a feature that allowsusersto force their device's display to remain on for longer thanthecurrently set timeout, but without actually changing thattimeout.If the display is manually turned off, Caffeinedeactivatesautomatically. Insomnia works on the same principle.Through theuse of a Quick Settings Tile, you can use Insomnia tocycle throughpredefined screen timeout overrides: 1, 5, 10, 30 andinfiniteminutes. However, if you want to set your own timeout (say1 or 2hours), or you want to remove some of the predefinedtimeouts, youcan do that! Simply long-press on the added Tile andInsomnia'sconfiguration will appear. Insomnia doesn't need root oreven ADBcommands; it barely needs any set up at all. If youdownload fromthe Play Store, it's completely plug-and-play. Justadd the Tile toyour Quick Settings and activate it! Insomnia uses adisplayoverlay (SYSTEM_ALERT_WINDOW) in order to work. The overlayis asimple single, transparent pixel that is positioned offscreen,andyou shouldn't even notice it's there. If you need help, watchthisquick video which shows how to add theTile: Your interface may not look thesame,but the general process applies to all devices running Nougatorlater. PLEASE NOTE: If you are using an ASUS ZenFone, you mayneedto reboot after installing Insomnia for the Tile to appear.This isa bug in ZenUI! Insomnia is open source! Check it out onGitHub: Insomnia is alsoavailable onXDALabs:
Ever get tired of opening up the calculator app every time youneedto do a simple operation? Do you want to be able to domultiplecalculations at once? HomeCalc lets you do both. This appis asimple home screen widget, which allows you to makebasiccalculations without opening any apps. You can even addmultiplesof it, and have as many calculators on your home screen asyouwant! Simply add the widget to your home screen to getstarted.HomeCalc is opensource! XDALabs:
Nacho Notch — Notch Hider 32
Support me on Patreon! For $1/mo, you get access to all of my paidapps, along with development updates and more! IMPORTANT: The launcher icondoes nothing useful! Don't open it if you read this! This app worksthrough the use of a custom Quick Tile. Add the tile by opening thenotification shade all the way, tapping the pencil or "EDIT," anddragging "Hide Notch" to the active area. Check the "Promo" videofor a visual guide, or follow this link: ALSO IMPORTANT: Android preventsscreen overlays from showing on the lockscreen, so this app willnot and cannot work when the device is locked! PLEASE READ THESETERMS. They describe how Nacho Notch works, and will likely answermost questions. 5 USERS: After installing, if the tile doesn't show up inyour quick settings menu, reboot. This is a ZenUI bug! Maybe youhave a phone with a notch, maybe you don't. If you do, you mightalso be annoyed by having this black blob in the middle of alight-colored status bar most of the time. If this description fitsyou, you probably want this app. Nacho Notch colors the status barblack while the device is in the portrait orientation, making itbetter fit with the notch (thereby "hiding" it). Even if you don'thave a notch, but still want a black status bar, you can use theapp too. It dynamically finds the height of your statusbar, so youwon't be dealing with too little or too much height, or finnickymanual sizing. Icon color force option by Lee Shawn Idea by MishaalRahman of XDA Developers (article:
Root Activity Launcher
Zachary Wander
Don't want to buy the app? Support me on Patreon! For $1/mo, yougetaccess to all of my paid apps, along with development updatesandmore! There are afewActivity launchers on the Play Store, but none quite like thisone.The other launchers only let you launch enabled, exported,andpermission-free Activities. Even if you're rooted, they don'tletyou start hidden Activities. That's where Root ActivityLaunchercomes in. Not only can you use root to start unexportedActivities,or Activities with permission requirements, but you canalso startServices. As if that weren't enough, Root ActivityLauncher alsolets you use root to easily enable/disable Activitiesand Services,and you can even specify extras to pass in the launchintent. Youcan also filter components by their state:enabled/disabled,exported/unexported. Launching hidden Activitiesand Services tendsto require root. There's no way around that,unfortunately.However, if you don't have root, you can still enjoythe cleaninterface and the ability to pass extras to Activities andServicesyou are able to launch. Root Activity Launcher is opensource! Ifyou can't or don't want to pay, just clone the repositoryintoAndroid Studio and buildit.
Autofill Changer 1.0
Support me on Patreon! For $1/mo, you get access to all of mypaidapps, along with development updates andmore! Android Oreo(8.0)introduced the ability for password managers to autofillusernames,emails, and passwords in nearly any app on the device. OnmostAndroid devices, you can change your autofill provider fromtheSettings app. However, some heavily customized versions ofAndroid,such as Amazon's FireOS, hide the option to change theautofillprovider. Hidden doesn't mean gone, though, and that'swhere thisapp comes in. Autofill Changer is a super simple app tochange yourautofill provider. That's it. Tapping the launcher iconwill bringyou directly to the native autofill selection screen. Ifthatscreen can't be opened, Autofill Changer will tell you why.PLEASENOTE: If Autofill Changer can't open the autofill screen, itmeansyour manufacturer has disabled it. There's nothing I can doaboutthat. This app is open source! Check itout: