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ZALORA - Fashion Shopping 8.6.0
ASIA'S ONLINE SHOPPING FASHION DESTINATION ZALORA is Asia’s OnlineFashion Destination and the leading name when it comes to shoppingwith style, carrying an ever-expanding line of local andinternational brands tailored for consumers in Asia just like you.From day dresses to shoes and heels, beauty needs to makeup, giftsand accessories like watches and luggages, there’s something foreveryone with an eye for fashion. We offer a seamless customerexperience from start to finish, through our trend-led edits,in-house designs and products, as well as weekly highlights. Browsetop brands and featured categories while keeping your eyes peeledfor app-exclusive flash deals, festival picks and sales like ouriconic Singles’ Day takeover. Don’t forget to add everything thatyou love to your wishlist for easy reference, especially during theshopping spree frenzy. As always, we offer free and expressshipping options, 30 days free returns, a variety of paymentmethods, including cash on delivery, and unparalleled customerservice. The ZALORA app lets you do the following as well: * Shopby Category Finding something specific like a pair of vintageindigo jeans, lifestyle sneakers or an accessory for your outfit?Home in on exactly what you need with our sorted catalogue, so youcan browse, add to bag and checkout in record time. * Do a VisualSearch Spot an outfit you like? Snap a picture of the apparel andwe’ll find you something similar that’s sold by us. Tap the cameraicon on the search bar to get started. * Receive Push NotificationsBe the first to know about our latest arrivals, exclusive offers,flash sales and updates to your order. We promise to deliver thegood news straight to you. * Seek New Inspiration We’ve integratedour magazine into the app, bringing to you the best reads in theworld of fashion. From the latest Korean trends to tips on dressingup and other lifestyle stories, our magazine has them all. * GetRecommendations Tap on ‘Just For You’ to discover style picks basedon your preferences. The more you browse, the better ourrecommendations get. It’s that simple! * Browse our Outlet StoreSearching for something affordable? We have past season steals thatare cheap in price but high in aesthetics and value. Expect hugediscounts and marketplace finds at amazing prices - no coupon orpromo code needed. Don’t wait, download the ZALORA app and changethe way you shop today. SEA Awards: * 2016 Markie Award - BestMobile Experience * TOP BRAND Online Apparel Gen X Winner2014-Influential Brands * Best Choice Online Fashion Store-BestChoice Awards 2014 * ONLINE SHOPPING SITE OF THE YEAR 2014Award-Vulcan Post Readers’ Choice Awards Got a question? Contactus... - Singapore: || 3157 5555 - Philippines: || /(02) 858 0777 - Hong Kong: || /+852 3999 4200- Indonesia: || - Malaysia/Brunei: || /03 2035 6622 - Taiwan: || /070-1016,
ZALORA Seller Center 1.3.10
★Handy tool to be in control of your merchandise, keeping track ofyour stock and its prices★ Whether you are an aspiring blogshopowner or you run a successful business, as a seller, you must belooking for a way to reach out to more customers and to connectwith them on marketplace. For a platform that is efficient, keepsyou constantly informed of your products and user-friendly, checkout the ZALORA Seller Center App! It is a handy tool to be incontrol of your merchandise, keeping track of your stock and itsprices. This app helps you to oversee and organise your shop fromwherever you may be. With data being provided to you in real time,this places you in a better position to be in-charge of yourday-to-day operations. Easy access and Visualizations Just launcheda new line of printed shirts and you need to know their overalleffect? Just click tap on the dashboard which gives you the totalsales over the period of a week. From there you can track if theintroduction of your new items had made you a profit! Swipe over tothe orders where you can keep an eye on the pending orders anddirect which ones to ship out, all at your fingertips! Need toupdate your product listings or make some price changes to boostits salability? No more third party personnel or a middleman! Youcan do this on your own. Any decisions made can now be executedquickly. No fuss, no time wasted! Which gives you moreopportunities to divert your attention to solidifying your brand.Get your business skyrocketing with this app today! Growing yourbusiness with the ZALORA Seller Center App As a merchant, you candirectly enhance the shopping experience of your customers. Howexactly does it do just that? As a seller, we understand thatflexibility and reports on your products are crucial to running acompany.You can now take charge of your business easily as it isaccessible on your mobile! You will receive alerts instantly fornew orders which provides a better chance to respond to the marketand the changes within it. All you need is your mobile and you canrun your business from it! Sounds simple enough? It sure is. First,you should get an account on Seller Centre and you are on your wayto making effective decisions. This makes navigating marketplacemuch easier. Don’t wait, get this app now!Pick your home countryand create your seller account now at: ● Singapore - ● Indonesia - ● Malaysia - ● Hong Kong - ● Philippines - ● Taiwan - features: ● Monitor yourrevenue and performance in real time ● Orders management ● Manageinventory ● Control pricing of products ● Get alerts for new orders