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Nick Shooter Reloaded 3D 1.1.1
Zazzy Games
The Streets are fully packed with enemies. Don't worry Nick shooteris here. He will straighten them out with his snipers andshotguns.Nick Shooter Reloaded 3D presents a fast paced shoot em upstyle game with a lot of action to enjoy.The game environment is acomplete destructible city with loads of roof mounted guns and oiltanks and many many more weapons and vehicles to enjoy. The gamemainly focuses on endless destruction and mayhem. The loot dropsare more than enough to always keep you filled with all the weaponsand ammunition you need to destroy anything that comes in yourpath. The game offers multiple levels with increased difficulty anda number of boss fights to enjoy. The game also offers many landand air vehicles to enjoy and use while causing mayhem in thecity.Don't forget to check out the shop which is filled withawesome gadgets which can assist you even further in destroyingeverything in your path. Blow up cars, take down jets, killthousands of bad guys, be the crazy nick shooter.
Street Run 3D Halloween 1.1.1
Zazzy Games
If you like endless running games with lots of hurdles andbarricades then lets get started with Street run 3D - Halloween.Street run 3d is an endless, free running game featuring beautifulcity street environment filled with cars, containers, hydrants andlots of buildings and houses. The colorful environment brings avery soothing feel to the game along with a very beautifulbackground music.Since the Halloween is upon us the environment ofthe game has been made to co-op with the event. Dark and nightenvironment with a full moon where the beasts reveal themselves.Bats with red blood thirsty eyes and pumpkins that have gone evilfill the streets.The game features very simple single touch andswipe controls. You can change lanes and jump over obstacles. Runfast like the wind and perform parkour stunts leaving all theplayers frozen with your moves. Your target is to achieve thehighest score among your friends by collecting coins and keep goingfor as long as you can share your score with your friendsand the rest of the world online by logging into G+ within thegame.The game features 3 different power ups that can be pickedwhile playing the game. The power ups include magnet which collectsall the nearby coins automatically. A Multiplier that multipliesthe number of coins picked by 2 and a double jump that allows youto jump higher.Run run run to have more fun in your homeland andunblock all the characters. Collecting coins in the game enablesyou to purchase character from the shop. The game feature 4different characters.- Ninja Vampire- werewolf in jeans- PumpkinHead - Mariachi Santa Claus★★★ features ★★★✔ full 3D street run✔ HDgraphics✔ Achieve maximum coin collection target ✔ excellent &amazing Places✔ 4 special coin collector characters✔ surprise bonuscharacters✔ mission modes with fully action✔ developed specialpowers and abilities✔ frozen surprise bonus gifts ✔ daily tasks andnice surprise gifts✔ impressive interface✔ amazing street runner✔soft background music Track✔ classical night Time graphics✔ greatdevelopment✔ night coin collecting characters✔ attractive Idea✔powerful designing✔ user friendly✔ lightweight app✔ fast speed✔ funplay and exciting✔ 100% free game.✔ best every 3D environmentEnjoythe game and share it with your friends and family and challenge tobeat your score. Yolo!
3D Auto Parking 1.0.6
Zazzy Games
3D auto parking presents user with unique situations in all levelswhere they have to show their skills of car driving.each levelpresents a different type of situation and difficulty level. Youhave to find your way to the check points evading the hurdles inthe way. If you hit your vehicle 3 times you will fail the test andwill have do it presents 3 different types of vehiclesto drive and 40 different driving tests. You have to be veryprecise while driving through the narrow spaces and find theparking space in the city and park your car at the rightposition.The game features lamborghini gallardo as the first carthat the user can drive. as you unlock and complete level, morevehicles get unlocked as well.Test your skills and see how good youreally are.!
Moto Racing Extreme Rivals 1.0.1
Zazzy Games
If you love to drive fast bikes and sprint across the highwayweaving through traffic cars and trucks, leaving your challengersin the dust while having only the finish line in your target, thenMoto Racing Extreme Rivals is the right choice for you.Moto racingextreme rivals presents the player with an option to choose hisride from 4 unique motorbikes with different properties and paintjobs. The player can then either drive in an open highway on thecountry side and enjoy the greenery and the scenery or drive in anurban area contested with fast moving traffic racingextreme rivals offers eye candy graphics and really easy to use andintuitive controls to take the enjoyment of the game to the maximumlevel.Test your driving skills in this bike racing mania and see ifyou are upto the task of completing the challenges of this game.
Hill Top Tourist Bus Mania 1.0.1
Zazzy Games
Hill Top Tourist Bus Mania is a simple yet addictive bus drivingsimulation game featuring 3 different buses including a 2 passengerbuses and 1 school bus. In this game you have to drive your bus andclimb to the top of the hill starting from the bottom. The road tothe hill is steep and bumpy and has deadly sharp turn where if youlose track of the speed, its absolute that you will fall from have to maintain your speed so that you can get to thetop in time and also keep an eye on the track so that you can brakewhen its necessary.Hill Top Tourist Bus Mania presents 9 differentlevels. Each contains a different mountain and a different trackfor you to test your skills can always use the screencontrols to restart the level if you fall from the mountain to adead end.The game offers 3 different types of on screen controlswhich can be selected from the settings menu present at the mainmenu of the game.The game is simple and easy to play. So sprintyour way to the top and see how far you can controls a largevehicle.
Extreme Stunts : 3D Car Demolition Legends 1.0.2
Zazzy Games
Get ready to master the art of demolition destruction.ExtremeStunts 3D car demolition legends features realistic vehiclephysicsand specially destruction for the players to enjoy.The gameis notjust about destroying the cars but also features a lot ofamazingstunt levels and a great number of hurdle filled levels.Thegamefeatures 4 different vehicles for the player to unlock usingthecoins earned by completing the hurdle challenges. The gameincludes:-- Toyota Supra- Hummer- Mitsubishi Evolution- JeepThereare 2types of control settings that you can choose from. The gameallowsthe player to repair their car by using the repair button onthetop right of the screen. The repair button will reset thecarposition to the last collected checkpoint. If you do not wanttorepair your car but your car is upside down, you can use theflipbutton on the top left of the screen to just flip the car.Makesure you let the vehicle come to a stop before using theflipbutton.The game features ramps, half loops, full loops,straight upjumps and many many more stunts for the players toenjoy. Also itincludes hammers, fans, compression pushers for theplayers to havefun with.The game allows the player to choose freeroam mode sothat player can enjoy driving in the huge environmentand havetotal fun of the stunts and car demolition.The game makesitimpossible to complete the levels without gettinghammereddown.enjoy the game and go crazy with derby demolition.P.S.Thegame features advertisements which we need in order to keepmakinggames. Using the repair button 3 times will executeanadvertisement once.