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Pilot: Speed, Memory and Reaction trainer
This game is well suited to increase concentration, memory,reaction and orientation in space. Trainer for reaction used bymilitary pilots of many countries.
Catch food and try to avoid garbage! Discover new skins andenjoyit!
Sacred Element 0.81
Year 1075. Suddenly, the elements of nature go out of controlandchaos begins. Earthquakes, floods, hurricanes andvolcaniceruptions ... You are in charge of the Elementalist MagesGuild andhave to restore harmony to the world ... or destroy it.Control theelements of nature with one finger movement. Managingthe elementsof nature has never been so easy. But be careful: thissimplicityis deceiving. Something mysterious is happening in themedievalworld. For some reason, natural disasters and naturalcataclysms donot stop. No one remembers how it started. No oneknows how to stopit. And no one can explain why do you come backhere again andagain. Nothing happens by chance here, so considereach decision.Each event may cause either victory or defeat. Anyonefrom yournetwork can be an enemy and a traitor. Here is thestruggle forpower, conspiracy and intrigue, mysterious events andcharactersintertwined in one fascinating story.